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  1. Lots of things not computing here, are you not sharing info you should? You are a sole proprietor but "have around 20 people employees that would bring on for sourcing". Are these actual employees? I have a hard time believing you have 20 employees yet haven't taken the step of incorporating/llc. I have a hard time imagining any cc company granting 20 businesses card to a sole proprietor! And if you suddenly become an LLC that's not going to be a magic bullet because there are clearly other things going on here. The fact that you were turned down for 2 other cards only a couple months ago raises flags. The Lexus Nexis statement also might be relevant, hopefully someone else can comment on that one. You state you have two credit cards with no balance. But you don't state who they are with or what the limits are? If they each have a thousand dollar limit, this is not remotely surprising, that means you have very little credit. If they are each 10K limits something else is going on. You need to provide more info. Also, you state they are "always paid off". What does that mean? If it means you don't use them, then it means you are not showing any payment history. You need to show payment history to grow credit.
  2. Bump. No one? Thought for sure one of the biz experts here would know. I've contested it with Experian, the last email was 3 weeks ago stating it was "awaiting being assigned to an agent". Nothing since.
  3. I checked to make sure this didn't have the date of April 1, sure hope this post is a really good joke.
  4. We had a business bill that was in dispute with a vendor. It was ultimately resolved and paid, however around the same time we paid the vendor directly, their accounting department had handed it over to a CA. Facts are as follows: 1. Paid the original vendor directly at same time collection was handed over. We have a receipt from the original vendor. 2. The collection now shows up on Experian Business with a status of "paid in full" and a "close date" of 3 weeks after the date of out payment receipt, and lists the name of the CA (who we did not pay) rather than the vendor. Are there any governing laws here that will help me get this removed when I contest it with Experian? Thanks
  5. Thanks hdporter and StarkRaven$ for your responses. No I did not try the prequalify, thanks for the suggestion!
  6. So it was exactly 3 years ago that I started this thread when Chase cancelled my cards. My payment history is still perfect. Anyone want to take a guess on whether I'd be approved if I reapplied? Or is some flag still going to be on there? My current personal cards are Amex, Wells Fargo and NFCU and I'd like to add another. Thanks
  7. Is this just a new change they've made as far as what they put on the cards and I can expect same when I receive updated cards? Because as I noted above, my card says from 2016 even though I've been a member since 1996. Thanks
  8. I have a low limit card of $5500 that I put a couple charges on that caused me to exceed the credit limit by about $20. Next thing I know I'm seeing a warning on my monitoring that I exceeded my credit limit and about a 30 point drop. Yes, I know that with MyFico the alert and corresponding drop are not necessarily even related. But there were no other charges that would have impacted anything. I paid it off in full as I always do, I use my cards as charge cards. Now it looks like my score went back up 20 points. So it looks like I took about a 10 point hit. Not a huge deal at the end of the day but it still peeves me. I'd have been more careful if I know a freaking $20 over the credit line would trigger their algorithms even though my other cards are at 0 balance. Anyhow, if I call the CC company, any chance of getting the over limit alert off my account? Or could they not do something even if they wanted to? I'm worried this will now impact credit limits if I go for some other high limit cards. How long will this impact me, if at all? Thanks
  9. Wonder if this could be done if I already have a card? If your card says member since, my guess is it will show up. My card says 16 so that's what shows up, even though the website says since 1996.
  10. It's worth the time because if they've gone to collection agencies and you just pay them, they'll still sit on your record as "paid" and depending on how old they are, screw up your score for years. Much, much better to go through the process and get them wiped, have a clean record, and maybe see a good bump in your score too. How old are they? Do you know when they will drop off?
  11. Sorry guys, my bad, thanks for your help! CV's last question prompted me to look closer and I realized that even though the MyFico alert says "total revolving credit utilization is at 80%" that when I expanded the alert, that "total revolving credit" was about one low CL card that is indeed at 80%, as I put a charge on it last month to make sure it kept active. My amex has a CL of 30K and is by far the highest, and based on the wording I wrongly assumed that all 3 cards were included in the calculation, in which case it was way off.
  12. Centex, nope, clean credit, no charged off accounts. cashnocredit, my point in mentioning the credit report is that all 3 bureaus have my credit lines correct, so if they are going off that data, I don't understand why utilization would be so far off? Is this common?? It's not a big deal because I usually PIF anyhow, so score drops will quickly rebound, but since the entire point of getting unneeded credit is to keep utilization low (not that 50% is low, I'm referring to most of the time), it pisses me off it's being based on bad data.
  13. Yep, thanks CV, all 3 are revolving. Tried to edit the post to reflect that but it's too late to edit.
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