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  1. I say invest it in a business and use your income to pay off your debt and you'll have money to replace or supplement your income.
  2. MAX IT OUT now....put as much as you can put in per year if you can, and watch your money grow. Wish I had of started earlier.
  3. I've done many searchings but not for presents--- well that was when we first moved in together lol Now the trust is there haha
  4. let's tall about Monay!!!! I strongly believe instead of focusing our attention on clearing debt, we should also be focusing on generating additional income
  5. I never even thought of doing that, just taking some time to call all of my creditors to see how I can save money annually. You're right every penny counts. Love it. Thanks for the share.
  6. I know for sure State Farm has loyalty programs
  7. I would say get rid of the high payments and then move forward. I wouldn't do anything until it's clear.
  8. four accounts: 1: Everyday spending 2: Play account 3: Bills 4: Financial Freedom 1: Spending money in your pocket for gas and eating 2. (5%) of income to treat yourself 3: (55%) of income for bills such as mortgage, car note etc 4: (10%) for building your fortune and cash reserve for a rainy day and should only be used to build you more MONIES!!! $$$$
  9. Thanks for the share, this is so true and is what I'm going through right now. Although I get their point on how this is sort of a negative thing. It can also be a positive, the male who goes out there to get the big toys evidentally works harder and earns more money. So earning more money can't be a bad thing right? I do believe their should be a budget, but certain things drive certain people.
  10. Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow RIch and The Millionaire Mindset are still my favorite.
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