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  1. That was not my experience with C1. ymmv
  2. Is this dixiedrifter thread, still the best way to deal with Experian responding to my dispute with the "we have already investigated this information" or would a CFPB complaint be better. The complaint would be based on the dixiedrifter letter minus the ITS. disputes were not determined to be frivolous or irrelevant. This is my fault. I sent generic, not mine, disputes, before I knew better.
  3. Your name Your address 11/6/2019 Re: 0000xxxxx(the account number on my credit report) Dear collection agency Be advised that this is a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 (b) that your claim is disputed and validation is requested. I sent this certified mail 701922xxxxxxxxxx to make sure you got it. Sincerely, Your name
  4. what does your fico say? for comparisons sake.
  5. I asked them for PFD, they said no. I paid anyway, planning to dispute again since they would now be reporting inaccurate information. They deleted, on their own, before I ever got the chance.
  6. NFCU used car loan $14,490.29 36 months. 3.89% Capital One Platinum $3,000
  7. 36 months. 3.89%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I understand no lending decision will be based of my vantage score.
  9. I snuck into the 700's for the first time ever on credit karma, 15% util. I will wait until kohl's and nfcu report in the next day or two, util will be down to 9%. I'll apply again for the refinance with nfcu.
  10. This month I settled a $937 synchrony chargeoff for $455. They said it will take up to 30 days to be deleted. They emailed me a letter stating they would be deleting and the account was settled and closed.
  11. It's $9.97 for the The Suppression Blueprint. Online data furnishers ($97 Value): This simple step will show you how to silence the top 12 data furnishers reporting any information about you to the credit agencies in a matter of minutes. 95% of Americans don't even know these companies exist yet they hold the majority of all your credit and financial data. This blueprint is designed to help you end that today. Offline data suppressions ($97 Value): This process will show you how to silence the top 5 offline data furnishers that report credit, bill payment information, property records, court judgments, rent-to-own reporting, auto lending (and leasing companies), loan providers, and telecommunication accounts like cell phones, internet and cable. Suppression Request Template Letter ($47 Value): Plug and play template with the exact verbiage you need to communicate when making your suppression request. Simply impute your information and send it directly to each data furnisher.
  12. to learn the step I had to give the guru money, so I closed it.
  13. I saw that to. I clicked to find out the step I've been forgetting.

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