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  1. This month I settled a $937 synchrony chargeoff for $455. They said it will take up to 30 days to be deleted. They emailed me a letter stating they would be deleting and the account was settled and closed.
  2. It's $9.97 for the The Suppression Blueprint. Online data furnishers ($97 Value): This simple step will show you how to silence the top 12 data furnishers reporting any information about you to the credit agencies in a matter of minutes. 95% of Americans don't even know these companies exist yet they hold the majority of all your credit and financial data. This blueprint is designed to help you end that today. Offline data suppressions ($97 Value): This process will show you how to silence the top 5 offline data furnishers that report credit, bill payment information, property records, court judgments, rent-to-own reporting, auto lending (and leasing companies), loan providers, and telecommunication accounts like cell phones, internet and cable. Suppression Request Template Letter ($47 Value): Plug and play template with the exact verbiage you need to communicate when making your suppression request. Simply impute your information and send it directly to each data furnisher.
  3. to learn the step I had to give the guru money, so I closed it.
  4. I saw that to. I clicked to find out the step I've been forgetting.
  5. eazy_money

    Zoro Card

    https://zorocard.com/ Now anyone can build credit Build credit with a debit card. Stay out of debt. Absolutely Free. They say they are better than a secured card.
  6. Can you tell me why this advice is a bad idea?
  7. Why is this horrible advice? A YouTube guru gives this same advice. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
  8. No I did not check LTV. I asked for $14,500. Looks like I need to get to 10k or less.
  9. Declined. The good news is soon I'll get a letter saying why. I get to fix those things and try again.
  10. update. first round of disputes is over started with 11 collections. down to 4. made the first three car payments already, not due again until February. Will keep making a payment every 2 weeks. joined nfcu in November applied with nfcu to refinance this morning 12/12, awaiting a decision. have 4 collections (the bureaus, LVNV, cavalry) left reporting. sent out PFD letters. vantage in signature
  11. It was a p71. The inventory sticker from the county sheriff is still in the door jamb. I bought it for $150. Wouldn't upshift after 2nd gear. I took it to a transmission shop for the free estimate. Had it rebuilt for $2706. (more mark behavior). It had less than 100 miles on the rebuild, I hardly drove it once I got it back. I started at $3500 and reduced the price by $500 every few weeks trying to sell it. Lots of showings, test drives, no offers.
  12. When I go to sell my next car, where should I do it? I've been using facebook marketplace, CL, and offer up.

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