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  1. I'm in the same boat. If you look at your last few payments, I bet they were transferred to and deposited by West Asset Management. Mine were by my CA (before I even got a collection letter from them). Now I'm wondering if I can pay the balance with Hippa Insert A and get a total deletion?
  2. Hey WhyChat, Had a baby last year. The hospital lumped together six accounts into one bill. I had been paying $50 a month to the OC and was still turned over to collections. I paid off accounts #1 and 2 before being turned over to collections. The last four accounts are on my credit. Two payments were received by OC during the time they were in the process of being turned over (and I was unaware). These two payments were enough to pay off accounts #3 and 4. The bank says the OC did cash them. My original collection notice did not initially show the credit. However, a subsequent notice did. I assume I can deal with this later. My issue now is I owe $27 on account #5 and $2400 on account #6. I want to pay #5 off using the HIPPA, but can't pay the last account in full just yet. Will this trigger the CA to sue me for the $2400? I can keep making payments to the OC on the $2400 and will be able to pay the balance in full in February. Can I do this and still use the HIPPA with the final payment? Or should I avoid making payments and wait til February to pay in full with HIPPA? I don't want my husband's wages garnished. And I don't want to mess up the process. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I just received two collection letters for two bills. They are from December 2011 and are from my deductible. They are NOT on my credit yet. It's my understanding that I need to: 1.) Send your letter seeking validation to CA If get validation (which I assume I will since they are recent with the correct amounts), THEN 2.) send full payment via cashiers check with restricted endorsement directly to OC with Hippa letter insert A sent CMRR. Just double checking that this is correct. Thank you for your time.
  4. I have searched this forum and haven't found an exact answer to my situation. Any help is appreciated. I owe $2,600 from emergency c-section ( in July 2011) and have been making $50 payments every month to hospital. Got a letter from a CA. Did not call them. Did some research on CB and found that I should not start HIPPA process because I can't pay in full, the amount is over $1,000, and it's a new account. Doing so, may trigger being sued. Wanting to continue making payments, I mailed my $50 payment to OC by cashiers check with restricted endorsement but no HIPPA letter since not paying in full. They did cash the check (I got a copy) and it does not appear to have been assigned to anyone. Got another letter from CA stating thank you for the $50 payment received 3/16/12. (The cashier's check was cashed on 3/12/12). Please call us to set up payment arrangements or send payment directly to us. Does it sound like I bypassed CA with my method of payment and they are just trying to get me to contact them? Or am I fooling myself? I do want to keep paying but don't want this on my credit for years with payments. Not on credit yet. What do you think? Any advice?

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