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  1. Most of these on the list only pull one report. Can anybody point me in the direction of the ones that will pull EQ?
  2. There used to be a link to all the trial sites you could go and get a one time pull to help with *B. I have the big 3 USAA, MPM and EC. Just looking for some other little ones to help with a last minute push. Chopped 12 of 32 so far. In the home stretch!!
  3. If My Privacy matters pulls Transunion, how does it help with Equifax bumpage?
  4. Its been my experience that if any daily puller will put you on the chopping block. I was just using USAA before reading this forum and I noticed using the inqury counter that Equifax was chopping me once a month just using it. Now I am going to use 3 pullers to see if I can beat the next chop.
  5. For purposes of getting pre-qualified for a certain amount do they take the amount from my W2 or from my pay stub? My paystub shows a much higher gross pay for the year. My W2 shows the wages minus all pre-tax deductions. For example my last paystub showed $65K for the year but my W2 wages show $49K. Which number is used?
  6. Thanks for the help! That makes sense. I live in NC. Any idea when choppage will occur? Does choppage only affect soft inquries?
  7. CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS: 01/01/12 (1)CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140: 12/31/12, 12/30/12, 12/28/12, 12/26/12, 12/25/12, 12/23/12, 12/09/12, 11/28/12, 10/31/12, 09/23/12, 08/31/12, 07/31/12, 06/30/12, 05/31/12, 04/30/12, 03/31/12, 02/29/12, 01/31/12, 12/31/11 (19) C* Detected!EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES: 01/01/13 (1) Using the B* counter this is what I am looking at. My question is that I have used USAA daily for most of the year. I am assuming that CreditExpert is USAA pulling. Why does it show only once a month? I am assuming that it means I got chopped but is there any rhyme or reason as to what is chopped or do they just chop stuff randomly?
  8. Okay so I am not very computer savy and I am a bit confused with how to start using the spreadsheet. I understand to put a "y" in the coloumn everytime I check my report but I have questions about the top entries. 1)Calander begin date: Do I set this for the day I start pulling daily or for the date AFTER choppage occured in my state (NC) 2)EQ Tally month #: Keep getting an error that says it can not be the same month date as the calander begin date? 3)TU start date: what date should this be? 4)Grand total offsets: What are these and what numbers go here? Sorry for the questions just can't seem to figure it out.
  9. Okay after reading the message boards I think I am ready to begin. I have signed up for USAA and EITP to pull daily. I need a 3rd puller. What is the best one to help with Equifax bumpage? Also is there one that I could add to help with TU? Still confused about choppage though. Is there a certain time of month I should not pull daily or just keep pulling and hope for the best?
  10. Okay so as my new years resolution I have decided to try and tackle my 21 inquries I have reporting on EQ and want to start bumping them. I have a few questions though. I have read through the forums and saw that 3 daily pulls are needed to achieve this. I currently only pull from USAA. What are 2 others that I can use that pull daily? Also I am totaly confused about choppage. I know that it means your soft inquries can be chopped off and you have to start all over again but my question is how can you go about determining when or if it will happen? I also see that it happens at different times in different states (I am in NC). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I have a collection with Hunter Warfield that is scheduled to fall off my report later this year but I would like to have it removed earlier. According to EX it will be removed in July/2012, and for TU Sept/2012. When would it be removed from EQ? Can I dispute as being obsolete? I went to TU site and looked to dispute it as being too old, but it was not an option, I assume because it is listed as an open account. Does this mean they will not allow me to dispute it as being obsolete? I disputed earlier as "not mine" but they all came back verified. DOFD was 10/2005.
  12. Here are some of the specifics: Date Opened: 10/2004 Date Reported: 3/2012 Date of Last Payment: 5/2005 Date of First Deliquency: 5/2005 Date Closed: 8/2005 Current Status: Pays 61-90 Days Activity Description: PAID and CLOSED In the payment history it lists a 60 day late in July 2005 and now a NEW one for Feb 2012. So what the heck is going on? I disputed as being obsolete. Like I said Experian removed the 60 day late and Transunion deleted the entire tradeline. The mortgage was paid off when we refinanced our loan with another lender.
  13. So during my credit report clean-up I disputed and old mortgage that had a late payment. This account was set to fall off my record in August, 2012 but I disputed it as being obsolete. Experian removed the one 60-day late that was showing and now reports it as a positive account until 2015. Transunion completely deleted the old mortgage. Now for the problem. I got my dispute results back from Equifax and now it shows a NEW 60-day late as of Feb, 2012!! This account was paid and closed in August of 2005!! How can they report a NEW 60 day late 7 years after the account was paid and closed??? Can I file a new dispute??
  14. I just read that. It seems the way they have it worded that only accounts in dispute must be paid? Or is my understanding wrong?
  15. Brian, How do I show they are out of SOL? They are from 2007 and 2008. 3 year SOL in NC.
  16. Would like to apply for an FHA loan around Sept. of this year. Have worked hard to clean up my report. I currently have one collection left that is due to fall off in Sept so I am not worried about that but I have 2 charge-offs (Credit One and HSBC) that will be on my report when they are pulled for mortgage. Both are outside the SOL and are for small amounts ($800 for one and $500 for the other). Are these chargeoffs going to be a problem? All my scores are around 640. Also I have 3 small credit cards that I just opened in January. They all have $300 limits and I am using them very little. I leave a $5 balance on them. How do I look?
  17. Yes in the comments it is marked as disputed. But the investigation is over, why does it still say disputed by consumer? Will that comment stay there forever? I got my scores from Credit Sesame and USAA. My EX score is usually spot on with credit sesame (+- 5 points).
  18. Yes in the comments it is marked as disputed. But the investigation is over, why does it still say disputed by consumer? Will that comment stay there forever?
  19. So got some disputes back from Experian today, results said 2 reamined (unchanged I guess) and 3 were updated. I got a 61 point increase in my FAKO from 588 to 649. I am confused about where the points came from though. I looked at my old credit reports and can't figure out what was "updated". They all look the same to me. Also even though I have 5 collections listed on the report, it tells me I have no deliquent accounts and only 2 collections. I am lost.
  20. Have a month old card that is not reporting. Have called and they said they report the day after my statement cuts. That would have been December 16th. How long should I wait before I bug them about it again?
  21. I need one to help build my credit. Which one is the best to use? One that reports to all the credit bureaus and perferably on that will graduate. Non-military person.
  22. I know you are supposed to be notified within 5 busniess days. But when is that 5 busniess days from? Is it from the time I got my deletion letter or from some other future time? I've heard sometimes items get deleted just because CA don't verify in a timely manner. So there is no timelimit for them to verify a dispute? I mean they could verify 6 months down the road and the items could be re-inserted?

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