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  1. I contacted executive office and got a refund.
  2. Yes, they really suck. They said they’d listen to the call and make good, but afterwards they said I should have looked at my statement and made the switch earlier. However, earlier would violate the sign up,bonus. i should have looked at the statement, but most companies will give you some goodwill and make a compromise. I’m still gonna try retention department. I got no response from executive office. the big issue is the rep gave the wrong info and they don’t care.
  3. I’m had the Business Spark card with first year fee waived. At renewal downgraded to a no fee card. Rep said pay fee since it’s already billed and get fee refunded at next billing cycle. Next statement came and no refund. Called and was told rep was misinformed and no refund. Supervisor told me to pound sand. Has anyone had success dealing with this?
  4. You need a card that pays more in rewards than the cost. ex: a 2% card will pay $20 for $1k in purchase. If it cost $12to buy gift cards and money order you make $8. don’t quit your day job.
  5. You should talk to a BK attorney to see what the laws are. Selling your house to pay unsecured debt is a bad idea. Depending on the limits you’re allowed , you might consider having a trusted person put a lien on your house so you don’t have any equity. First you need to find out what the law and asset limits are.
  6. I only do 1000 at a time. Only been asked for ID once. A few weeks ago had a supervisor deny me saying GC were not allowed. Went to a different Walmart and no problem. I think it varies by who you deal with. i try to swipe the card so they can’t see the name on it. Now I use a marker and black out the GC name.
  7. I haven’t been able to drain anything at a grocery store for over 6 months.
  8. Apply for food stamps. In my state you get $15 even if they turn you down.
  9. Does Wegmans allow cc to purchase GC? I’ve never seen GC there.
  10. Keep them open. You never know when you may be in a cash crunch.
  11. Don’t keep any money in the Chase account because they can take that to settle up any debts. Same thing happened to me in 2008 and once it charged off they became real eager to make a settlement.
  12. Walmart raised money order fee to .88 cents in my area. No more 499.30. Now it’s 499.12.

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