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  1. Thanks guys. I appreciate forums like this one.
  2. Thanks! I just found out that it caused a hard pull though. Also, the card account is only 2 weeks old.
  3. Hey all, I was recently approved for Navy Federal's Platinum card with a $14K limit. I transferred about $11,600 from my BOA MasterCard. I was concerned about high utilization on the card but I really wanted to take advantage of the 0% . At any rate, on the second call to customer service, I got a nice rep and explained my concern and she submitted a CLI request to the lending department with all the comments I had mentioned. I asked for 20K just to be safe. So, I check my account this AM and my credit line had been increased to 20K!!! This brings my available credit to $90K. And now my utilitization overall is about 11-12% now. Whew! I can stop sweating now lol
  4. Thanks for the reply! I am with you on this one. The interest I save over the first year at 0% by just making the same payment to NFCU that I make to BOA drops the balance a lot in that first year.
  5. How long did it take to receive the first billing statement? Does your bill cycle start the day of approval?
  6. So here is my situation: I have about $11,500 on my Bankamericard Mastercard at 9.9%. I did a BTF about 2 years ago and have paid a good chunk of that, but have incurred some purchases over the last year that were necessary when I didn't have excess cash. At any rate, I applied for both the PenFed Promise Visa and NFCU Platinum Visa because they both have no fees and good rates. I was approved for both! The PenFed Promise was given a limit of $12K and the NFCU Platinum Visa was granted a limit of $14K, which brings my total available credit to $76K. However, NFCU is the one that is going to process my large BT because they asked for the info while doing the app. My CONCERN is that if I transfer an $11,500 balance to a $14K card that my score will take a hit. My overall credit card utilization will be low, but this card will be at 80% of its limit. What are you all's thoughts??? Will my score be affected how I think it will be? Or no?
  7. I just applied and was approved for a rate of 1.49% for 60 months. My current auto loan is at 4.15% and has 57 months left on it. I figured why not!?
  8. My card came quickly. Now the first order of business is test it out by purchasing an extended warranty for my car...
  9. Congrats on your success!! Did you have a 3rd AMEX card as an AU from your Dad??? And his "member since" date is 1999??? And when did you get it? And so this AU card always reported on your CR's with the 1999 date?? So you are getting your "old" AMEX BLUE and new PREMIER GOLD D* to your "member since" date??? Nice.... When I started college my dad placed me on his AMEX as an AU just so I could piggy back off his credit and get my credit rolling along. His member since date is 1999 and on my credit report it shows me having the account since 1999 also. I got my own individual AMEX blue in 2007. But it is my understanding that my new PRG and existing BLUE will be reflecting the 1999 member since date from me being on my dad's account instead of my 2007 date. I logged into the AMEX online site today and my member since date has been updated from 2007 to 1999.
  10. Take home message: go to med school Definitely not the take home message! With loan disbursements occurring every semester (about every 6 mos) My AAOA is affected...
  11. Thanks for the congrats guys...still in awe at the simplicity...
  12. Quick question: Should I be concerned if the actual member since date hasn't updated online? Or perhaps I should wait to see?
  13. I applied for an AMEX Premier Gold Card today and was approved! I currently have an individual AMEX Blue dating back to 2007, but I am an AU on my dad's account which dates back to 1999 (I was about 12 at that time lol). At any rate, toward the end of the call after handling some other inquiries, I asked the rep could I get my member since date changed from 2007 to 1999. She initially stated that as an additional card holder I could not, so I told her that my dad's account actually reports on my credit. She placed me on about a 5 minute hold and came back saying "I can submit that request for you and everything should be updated to your 1999 member since date". I was surprised at how simple that was. After reading about other people having some issues I knew this would take more than one phone call, but it didn't! So now I'm just waiting to receive new cards and hopefully my credit report gets updated on the new gold card and my existing Blue back to 1999. As a med student, I need as large of an AAOA as I can get!

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