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  1. ronkar

    USDA Mortgage?

    You can go to the USDA Rural development site. They have qualifications there and you can input the address and income to see if you meet qualifications. My son had a USDA loan.
  2. Ok I’ll relook at that and plan on paying as much as I can to largest interest rate amounts.
  3. Yes I’ve paid one off already. Plan to pay another off next payday. A third soon after. Once the small ones are paid, I plan to put more on the couple with larger balances.
  4. Yes I understand. I’ll just work on paying the debt down. Maybe have to wait a few more months but. Thanks
  5. yes I understand. Ive read some will take up to 50%. But I’ll try to get that debt down.
  6. Ok thanks. I get the idea. We’re looking for under 125k so most a payment should be less than $1000. Right now between our rent and storage unit, we pay $570. So a couple hundred more will still fit our budget. we hope to refinance the Harley. But that’s not a certain at this point. Also 2 of those cards are small so I’ll be getting rid of $45 this month and hope to eliminate one more when tax return comes back. Thanks for the help.
  7. Revolving OLLO $27 Cap1. $25 Cap 1. $60 Walmart $28 HSBC. $25 US Bank. $34 Citi. $20 AA. $25 PP mc. $ 62 PP credit. $121 Total. $ 427 Installments Harley $694 Suntrust $577 Secu $331 Secu $293 Loan $301 Total $2196 2196 + 427=2473
  8. Do you want a summary (total limits, balance, monthly) or line by line info? I got the data from our Equifax reports.
  9. Inquiries and credit close to limit
  10. Well basically just want to qualify for the home loan. My scores are 668, 604, 622. Husbands are 635, 650, and don’t know his Experian. We gross 6312 monthly. I’ll have to add up monthly debt
  11. We are 66 and 67. Living in very small senior apartments. My husband is used to having a garage and living here is driving him crazy. We could move to a better apartment but it doesn’t help the garage situation. we went on a cross country motorcycle trip this past summer because we knew at our age we needed to do it now. It was kind of a once in a lifetime trip for us. we have owned homes before. I got the DTI from my Equifax and know it’s not perfectly correct because I have to factor my husbands in as well.
  12. Ok I understand. But I’ll not be able to pay it all off. So would a personal loan look better? If I can get the balances down to 46% or less, would it be okay? I appreciate all the help. We will be looking for USDA or FHA financing. Thanks
  13. Yes sorry. Auto spellcheck on my phone. DTI is what I'm talking about.
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