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  1. Yes, I agree. Without it reporting, there's really no reason to pay it. I would guess it must be outside of SOL and even CRA reporting timeframe since I haven't seen it on my reports for almost a year. I think -- and correct me if I'm wrong -- the best course of action would be to sit tight, do nothing, and hope there aren't any surprises between now and closing.
  2. There are no dates on the letter. It's been so long I don't remember exactly when I even had the account, but I checked my credit reports on myfico.com and it's not on any of them, but they only go back to August 2015. I don't have reports from earlier than that, but I know it's been at least 5 years or more since I had the account. I'm tempted to login to their website and get more info, but I'm pretty sure they track that somehow and would know I'm active and be a bit more motivated to do something (like report it to the CRA). If it does show up and is somehow legit (doubt it, it's been
  3. INFORMATION UPDATE: Let me add a bit more info to this since I've learned more, plus a bit of context. The context for receiving this letter in addition to what has already been mentioned is this: my wife and I were just cleared to close on my first home a few days ago. Everything is good to go. Unfortunately, the sellers did not want to move the closing date up so we will not close until May 12. The lender, like most, will, "recertify" about 3 days prior to closing. I'm very, very nervous/anxious and stressed about the wait time, as I'm concerned something may change/pop-up on my cred
  4. I'm not sure if FACTA applies, as neither the CA nor the OC are reporting anything on my CR. There has never been anything related to this alleged account reporting either.
  5. What should I do with this? Ignore it? It's from, "ARS National Services, Inc" and includes the last 4 of an account with a balance of $2,3xx and says is in, "Reference to your PayPal Credit Account". I have NEVER had a paypal credit account and I have NEVER had an account through the creditor, "Comenity Capital Bank". The letter is offering a 48% settlement. Obviously I'm not going to pay anything, but what should be the next step? I've managed to increase my FICO by a little over 100 points from Sep 2015 up to now and really don't want some BS like this screwing it all up. Should I call? Sen
  6. Thanks, this is what I thought and wanted to clarify. I'll ignore URS and keep trying USAA when I can.
  7. For married co-applicants, do they look at only the highest AE FICO? And what scores are usually necessary to qualify for the special dealer incentives/programs?
  8. There is some misinformation floating around this thread, so to clarify: USAA Charge Off is about 3 years old, still within SOL. USAA is reporting an outstanding balance of about $5,300 with a, "past due" amount of about $1,900, and is reporting every month as a 180+ late/CO. United Recovery Systems (URS) is NOT ON MY CREDIT REPORT NOR HAS IT EVER BEEN ON MY CREDIT REPORT. I received a letter from them a few days ago offering a settlement amount for about $2,100 as well as a 6 month payment plan. The plan isn't necessary, but hey why not use it if I go that route. Whatever depart
  9. Strange. USAA still retains the debt, which I have verified by contacting them. USAA has a specific department that handles stuff like this, and it is apparently very understaffed. They are open only specific hours during the week, and my work schedule does not afford me the luxury of sitting on hold for 40+ minutes at a time.
  10. I got a letter in the mail from a collection agency utilized by USAA. Per my credit report, USAA retains the account as they still report a charge-off with an outstanding balance. I have been trying to discuss with USAA directly a settlement but they are pretty much impossible to get into contact with, at least the specific person I must talk with. I've tried about 13 times so far and never make it past waiting on hold for up to 40 minutes at a time. So today I get a letter from "United Recovery Systems" offering a settlement for about 50% of the outstanding balance, which is what I was goin
  11. What does, "dw" mean? I see this all the time and still have no idea. What is the spouse has lower income but higher score? I think my wife's auto enhanced FICO is mid to high 700, whereas mine is 654. Would it make a difference?
  12. I'm working on improving my credit. Currently I only have a secured card for the past 18 months. I'm thinking of opening a new unsecured account (hopefully with a very nice limit) through NFCU but I'm not sure I should if we plan to try again in 6ish months.
  13. Yes, this place turned out to be very shady due to their, "10 day VA compliance rule" claim and many other things. They wanted copies of everything including social security card and driver's license emailed or faxed, and when I said I'd rather bring them in person and if that was possible they stopped responding to me completely. My credit was also pulled prior to actually completing the application; there is a vague statment when you begin to apply that you must click on authorizing them to review credit and financials, then you're brought to a blank application form. I completed some of the
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