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  1. Dealing with small town utility, was told the other tenant has to pay their past due account in order to establish a new account in my name. We are moving into a new address but they asked for the rental agreement to show any other adult in home and name came up- so now they are requiring that he pay up before new account can be set up or a deposit be given. I was told that would apply to anyone wanting to open an account at this new address- because at this point they are assuming the tenants are trying to defraud the company because they know of a debt owed to the utility company. What laws apply here? I know some might say have the deadbeat pay but at this point it is the principle. There is no written contract that involves the 3rd party on file so how can they hold it as a given fraud in order to collect the other collection account? HELP>>>
  2. I been gone for awhile, and about to embark on another phase of credit repair. Anyone still offering & Doing daily pulls?
  3. I had something similar happen to me recently with Wells fargo. I opened with them in June 05 and got my debit card canceled one day and recieved a letter few days later saying I had been reported to Chexsystem- NEVER bounced them or anyone a check- old deposit from cu from 1997- that ended up getting reported! To say the least I took my $ elsewhere once I cleared that up- but the salamanders were going to take 10 days to cash me out - so I sat in their office for 30min before they issued me the cash. I now have "notes/comments" in my probably all bank accounts! as difficult!
  4. So, let's suppose I "prepay" into my card about 5k. I use it for misc purchases totaling hmm 500$. Wonder if they will report balance high as 5k or only my current balance avail of 4,500? That will definately UP my utilization, thus raising my score-correct? Might be worth looking into. However I wonder if fees will be less than a "secured" card. Also how does the "installment contract" rate for pts- similar to car purchase?? Anyone willing to crunch those #'s?
  5. But has anyone successfully had the multiple inquiries from a single creditor removed? I had GMAC hit my report 3mos in a row!! I know I authorized them the first time and probably somewhere in the fine print is where I OK them hitting it whenever- but has anyone gone in depth review on that?? Maybe some loophole we can counter to have these removed? Claud
  6. Actually only way to get these people to DO their job and remove it- is to contact the CPUC. The CPUC oversees utilities and such and they have to adhere to certain guidelines if not they face fines CPUC=California public utilites commission If you aren't in california look for your state Utilities commission.
  7. That's what I am trying to figure out, I need something for online purchases that will not affect me if it gets lost or stolen.. But if it helps with bringing my scores up why not!? eh
  8. Euphora https://www.eufora.com/sco/apply.do?member=...80&refTag=B5KYP They are offering a prepaid card that reports to cra's is this the same as secured? Anyone familiar with this comp?
  9. So where are all the ugly people??
  10. have you actually sent in a letter disputing this as not yours? or sticking to the phone?? What happened to the DO NOT CALL!!!!! or did that get thrown out the window..
  11. Can you do a simple not mine dispute? Even though technically it was opened, however short that was.
  12. They are reporting incorrectly, ask for removal based on that. Kind of account Actual date reported/charge off Status of account
  13. Based on that approach I was wondering if I could apply it to my CRA disputes ... For instance I have 1 CA which is reporting three medical accounts from a 2000 surgery to each CRA. If I dont provide the CRA with enough information to actually verify a specific TL what would they do? "I nevr have count wit dat place for dat mount on dat date , it not true so move it now, thnx." Would they simply match names and forward a canned response, ask for more info, or might they delete all three TLs for that company? I imagine MWV, but interested in whether or not others think its even a valid attempt. They will either: 1- match name 2- reply with canned response 3-start hounding you for opening that can of worms OR by some fluke& miracle from above they might remove Sometimes it works better if you dispute through the big 3- as not yours.
  14. I would wait til that BK falls off completely. That will give time for your scores to creep up.
  15. Have you written them asking them for validation? If not I would definately follow up asking them to provide you the documentation otherwise give them 15 days to remove.

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