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  1. Gave them the Donald Trump this morning the rep sounded like she has had to cancel a thousand memberships already this morning she was less than enthused
  2. Got at CLD letter today on my Chase Freedom never been late only carried a small balance.
  3. Interesting thread and just wanted to weigh in on my personal experience with D&B. I have been around Creditboards for a while and some (lostartworks,onmyway,etc)might remember some of my post in my early days here. I started a corp biz in 7/04 and purchased credit builder against other members advice. I must admit early on I thought it was the best business decision for me at the time. Built an 80 paydex in about 2 months with 7 tls reporting. Everything seemed smooth and I must say I was feeling like the other members here that had nothing good to say about D&B were just misinformed. I even got flamed by a couple. I thought to myself who cares what they think I am on my way! well I was wrong! So fast forward 2 weeks and I get call to buy another product "selfmonitor" I kindly declined. Around a week later I get a call from another D&B sales rep asking me to verify some business credit data, address, employees etc. I went to eupdate to do this and my password wouldn't work so I called and they said I was "locked out" my company data was not accurate. D&B went as far as to completely destroy my file with there own unfounded information. They coudn't find my biz address on file so they made up one. My file went to high risk status and I lost paydex and access to eupdate in just a matter of days. I spent hours on the phone over the next week trying to convince them that there info was inaccurate and that I could verify all my data. I even reminded them that I was a "creditbuilder" customer but they kept shooting holes in everything document of proof I submitted. Eventually I just got too tired to pursue the matter anymore. D&B can and will do that to you just wear you out. Alright fast forward ahead a couple months I decided to start a 2nd corp biz in around mid/05. I was determined not even to take as much as a phone call from D&B. I applied for the government duns and got it in 2 days. I literally built an 80 paydex file with them in under 30 days with not one cent paid or one phone call made. I have never had a problem with the second biz. I firmly believe I had no trouble because I never emailed them or took a phone call from them or paid one red cent to them, the less contact with D&B the better. I have nothing good to say about them personally, I would love to see them go belly up. Remember this is my personal experience and only my opinion. Not trying to give advice just want others to know it could happen to them too. Good luck to the OP.
  4. I would assume several factors would come into play like how much time elapsed since discharge, new credit established, good business plan, income, etc. that said with 6 years of pristine credit since my discharge it has been next to impossible for me.
  5. I'm in Florida and spoke to a bank rep today,she says they will approve a BLOC up to 50K with no docs, I applied over the phone they tried to pull EQ, it was a no go cause EQ is frozen, I was hoping for a TU pull.
  6. they tried the same here but since Ex was locked only got 2.
  7. Congrats! wish i was eligible to join
  8. Wrong. It all depends on the creditors. Exactly!
  9. No BK though right? they are not bk freindly,,I applied last year denied,,got my bk removed from TU and reapplied last month approved 7.5K on personal 15K on business.
  10. "Citibank, along with Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, JUNIPER and HSBC, were unimpressive in the survey. People were much happier with cards issued by credit unions". edited to add Juniper.
  11. sorry to hear, I could have been in the same boat I applied for 2 cards during the Juniper fiasco a few weeks back,after seeing all the backlash I'm starting to feel a little better about getting that "sufficient credit with Juniper" message. I would hate to have gotten a nice limit then stripped a week later or even worse close all my current accounts as well.
  12. not so in my case, I originally had a USAA 25K MC and 25K AMEX, I wanted a visa so they allocated 15K of my USAA AMEX limit to the new visa but ended up combing the visa to my MC for a limit of 40K,just hit the luv button on AMEX and now back up to 25K,but because of the high apr was considering at some point down the road moving AMEX limit to MC for total of 65K but didn't want to raise flags.
  13. Literally has changed my life, 2 years ago went from being declined everywhere to being accepted everywhere except for the bk haters, on second thought even most of them have now come around. Thanks CB!
  14. Currently have 2 USAA cards MC and AMEX, would like to combine to the single MC for the better apr rate. Anyone know if there is a cap on any single card?
  15. Recently applied for a surety bond with a bond company out of AZ,I'm in FL, checked reports and saw TU inquiry from M&I BANK. Anyone know if they pull TU for all there products? website list FL as one of there servicing states, there is only one entry in pulls database with a TU pull. Any info would be helpful.
  16. same here! I just closed on my home last month and I must say the whole process was fast and painless closed in 3 weeks, did everything over the phone without any glitches, they even had the appraisal ordered the same day I applied for the loan, hands down my favorite bank.
  17. sounds like you live close to me,,are you referring to those I-95 bridge dwellers that swamp your car at red light intersections?
  18. yep got the same screen "security verification" today as well.
  19. Why close it? use it occaisonally and if it upgrades great if not no biggie. If your looking for the upgrade on a daily basis it will drive you nuts.
  20. I pull every day with PM and TC, waiting for the inevitable email but not losing any sleep either.

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