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  1. I just got approved for Amex Delta Skymiles Gold in November. Received a CL of $1,000 initially. I put about $600.00 on it due to surgery in December. Asked for a CLI on Jan. 1, they increased the CL to $3,000. I plan to pay this down once I receive my employer short term disability payment this week. Then two days ago I receive an invitation to apply for Amex Jet Blue, which I was denied for a year ago. I am tempted to complete the invitation for the Amex Jet Blue to help with utilization for when I go mortgage hunting in a couple of months. I have several concerns and don't want to risk F/R with Amex. My concerns are: 1. Delta Amex Gold just approved in November. 2. Delta Amex Gold is not reporting yet. 3. Just received a CLI on Delta Amex Gold on January 2. 4. Approved for a Shell Mastercard in October with Citibank ($2,000.00 CL). 5. Approved for LOC with BOA of $15,000.00 in November (Used to pay some bills off for better utilization and surgery). 6. Asked for CLI on a card to help with utilization. With all that has happen in the last couple of months, just wondering if this will cause Amex to due a F/R if I apply for this Amex Jet Blue. I have another card that I would like to BT some to this card for utilization purposes. I really don't need another airline card. I have The Delta Amex Gold and a Juniper U.S. Airways. The Juniper has a low CL of $1,000.00 and has $198.00 balance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I have a lot of Shell Stations in my area too. I got an instant approval online for the Citi Shell MC with a $2,000.00 limit. I basically only use it for gas then pay it off. They pulled TU for me in FL. Good Luck.
  3. Sorry, It wasn't what you were looking for. I received an invite to apply for the American Express Gold Rewards Card today. I said what the heck, I will try. I received the same message. However, I went to the application status page and it told me that it was declined. So I said to myself, I'll try for the Delta Skymiles and hope they will use the same credit pull. I went for it. They approved me with a toy CL of $1,000.00. But that is fine with me. At least I got my foot in the door. Be patient and check the application status again later.
  4. That is what I thought. I think I am going to call them in the AM and ask them. I know I am not 30 date late currently.
  5. I have two student loans that I paid off a while ago. I would like to make sure that I am correct in reading the FCRA that it will be 7 years from the DOLA before they fall off? 1. Sallie Mae - DOLA & Paid off - December 1999 That means this will fall off December 2006 - correct? 2. Nelnet LNS - DOLA & Paid off - May 2000 That means this will fall off May 2007 - correct? I am looking to buy a house in the next 6 months and these are only 2 of 4 problems I have to clear up. Do I have this right?
  6. They totally tanked my Equifax score.
  7. I am so mad at them right now I could blow smoke from my ears. Patelco is currently reporting me to Equifax (only) as 30 days past due. I have paid them every month on time, sometimes early and twice a month. I think I know where they are saying I was late. My savings account didn't have enough for them to take the payment for my VISA and it was 27 cents short but I immediately corrected that the next business day which was Monday and transferred the 27 cents to the VISA to make up the difference on the payment. Should I call them to ask if this is why they are reporting me late and see if they will correct it or should I ask them to validate it? My daily pulls on True Credit didn't show this. They only way I knew was because I pulled my FICO scores because I am planning a big purchase in December. Thanks,
  8. I called them on Saturday and asked for a guideline increase. They gave me additional $500.00 which brought me up to $1,000.00 CL. But I only owe them $140.00, which I plan on paying off within the next month. My sister then called about 15 minutes after I did and she also got an increase too. Her increase was $1,000.00 which brought her up to $1,500.00 Hmmmmmm...inquiring minds want to know what's up.
  9. I'm in Florida and I got approved for the Shell Platinum Select Mastercard from Citibank on 10/16/06 with a $2,000 CL. They pulled TU for me. My FAKO was 634. I got a good laugh because I applied for a Kohl's card and got denied. They pulled EX. They stated lates. My last lates was 5 years ago. I am not going to bother asking for reconsideration. Not worth my time. However, I did get a free EX report.
  10. Is she current or in default?? If she is current, the answer is no. The loan including the interest is guaranteed by TGSLP. The originator will not take a loss. If she is in default, they will settle off of the some or all of the collection fees...this is quite common. HOwever her credit report will indicate paid collection/default. They do not do PFD. Plus she will be 1099'd on the settled portion. I believe she was in default and made some type of payment arrangements to pay a certain amount each month to bring her current. I didn't think they would settle for less if it was current. I 'll check with her and see. Thanks for the expert advice.
  11. My sister has a SL with Texas Guaranteed Student Loan. It originally started off at $11,000.00 and with deferrments and ignoring it for the last 3 years - the interest has added up $$$$. She now has the ability to pay a good portion of it, if not pay it all off. She asked me if I had ever heard of anybody getting a SL originator to take a lesser amount to settle the debt and mark it has paid on the person's credit bureau. I told her that I have heard of PFD's on credit cards but not on SL's. I told her that I never heard of anyone negotiating to pay a lesser amount for their SL's either. I always thought that you have to pay the amount plus the interest no matter how many deferrments. She really wants to straighten up her credit. Need advice from the experts. Has anyone ever had a SL originator take a lesser amount to settle the debt and mark it has paid on the person's credit bureau?
  12. I had no problem asking for reconsideration. I was denied on 1/14/06 because of too many accounts in CCCS. I have not been on CCCS for a while and my bureaus have upated to remove this comment information over a year ago. I spoke to a Debbie in a US call center, she stated to me that they pulled TU and it still showed on several accounts. She was nice enough to give me the names of the ones she said it was showing on. I pulled my reports for all 3 CRA and it was not there. I called all 3 CRA and disputed the ones she said had CCCS on her report. The CRA investigated and all notation were off by the end of January. (Fastest investigation I ever saw). My report updated at the end of January. (Got TC and Equifax SW alerts telling me so.) On 2/10 called for reconsideration again. Spoke to US call center rep named Carl. He put me on hold and came back and said I was approved. The only thing that pissed me off about them is that they pulled TU and EX several times. Someone told me it could have been because they were on the fence about approving me. Afraid to dispute inquiries. Good Luck.

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