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  1. Thanks friend!! Im shopping as we speak. I appreciate you taking the time to help!!
  2. So I come back to this board every few years when Im about to start my mortgage journey, so maybe things have changed? Have app in with local credit union, this was unplanned purchase, paid off most cards (left a small balance so that we werent at 0% utilization) over the last 2 -5 weeks. However, due to the expedited nature of this sale the credit report they are using does not have the cards paid off and my mid score is shy 7 points from prime rate. I asked the broker for a rapid rescore for those tradelines on Equifax, literally 2 lines and it made her mad? She sent a really snarky email a
  3. If it get deleted early based on this early deletion method and Midland is still reporting it on a monthly basis, will it just pop up again the next month?
  4. Date of first delinquency : 09/2009 Date of Major Delinquency First Reported : 12/2011 Chase sold to Midland who is reporting a date opened of 10/2011, is this re-aging?
  5. Midscores over 660, (bank requirement for first time homebuyers loan we are shopping) Utilization on credit cards is. 10% . Have an unpaid charge off from Chase DOFD 10|2009 for $3995. SOL is 6 yrs in TN. Chances of getting approved or do I have to wait until it falls off next year. Btw....midland bought debt and has re-aged..sigh.
  6. It's deeded to the land and the current loan is conventional through Vanderbilt. We want to refi next year but they don't offer it. I was wondering how hard it would be to find another lender?
  7. Does anyone know of any companies that do a.refi on mobile homes and companies that insure them? Thanks!!
  8. It's a repo, owned by Vanderbilt.
  9. What does he mean by "change it" exactly? Like put it on foundation?
  10. The gentleman im.talking to in regard to this property, says they get structural guys to come in all the time to change it and that since its land/home it wont be chattel loan.
  11. Check out this 3 bd, 2.0 ba, 2,304 sqft home at 105 Holland Ln that I found on Zillow: http://u.zillow.com/p4Yimz
  12. Anyone have any experience with this? I'm reading nightmares abt Vanderbilt interest rates and shady practices. Any reputable lenders/insurance companies in this arena?
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