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  1. Thank you for your response. I had thought that because I already have an ongoing online dispute with the CRAs that I could not begin the process normally and send disputing letters to them. I know I wasn't supposed to dispute online, I did so before coming across your site. I did opt out and delete old addresses. That was also done online but I got confirmation the addresses were removed and they no longer show on my credit reports. I will pull the EOMB statements for June. I do believe there is an ER visit from around that time that wasn't paid, but I have no idea as to the particulars. I had recieved and ignored letters from Credit Center LLC for a few months before they reported the debt to the CRAs. It was a couple weeks after the online dispute that I got this new letter from the law firm. So my next step is send initial dispute letters to the CRA. Even though I have an online dispute in progress on these accounts?
  2. I've read the guides on medical debt disputes but wanted to make sure I am correct in my understanding of what my next action should be. I have two medical collections showing up on my credit reports, being reported by Credit Center LLC. It says the account was opened 06/2018 and first reported 02/2019. I do not know if i owe all or some of the debt, i don't have documentation for it. I used the online dispute options at all three CRA's to request verification of the debt. I now realize this was not the best way to start the process. Since then I have received a letter from a law firm regarding one of the accounts. It states they represent the hospital and are requesting payment in full, to be paid to one of the laywers as a trustee. It says if i do not dispute the debt within 30 days they will assume it is valid and "may" file a lawsuit against me. The letter is dated March 6th. It is my understanding that i should now send the medical DV to the Law Firm? Should I also send it to Credit Center LLC? Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide.
  3. Thank you very much, I will visit the post office tomorrow. I greatly appreciate the knowledge you provide here.
  4. Hi, i recently (today) received a collection notice regarding an unpaid bill for blood drawn at a lab. This is a procedure i have to undertake about twice a year, and as far as i know i've always kept up with my payments, however it's not impossible i managed to miss one. I pulled my credit report yesterday (through experians "3-score" report), and saw no mention of this by any CRA. Having done some research in this forum it's my understanding that i ought to send this to the collection agency. This is frustrating because the debt is only 20$ and i'd much rather just pay it if i could be assured it would not harm my credit score. I realize collections under 100$ don't have a large effect on your score, however i already have a 80$ collection on there (library got me), and would rather not compound the issue.

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