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  1. I want in on a class action! But I didn't go through BK. It's completely true that the banks and CA and JDB are bottom feeders and holding people hostage via their credit reports.
  2. crap - i was late to the party. i even did a search before I posted. ICANHASMUNY rocks it that's for sure.
  3. OMG! Zombie debt still being reported even after bankruptcy will be deleted by these banks: BOA, CitiGroup, Synchrony Financial, GE Retail and J.P. Morgan Chase. Of course, this is not from the goodness of their cold hearts, but rather because they were facing mounting pressure from lawsuits. "Bank of America promised to go further, agreeing to fundamentally change the way the bank reports all the stale debts that are sold to financial firms. For all credit-card debts sold since May 2007, court records show, the bank will remove any marks on consumers’ credit reports. That way, a lawyer said, “should a previously sold credit card account go through a bankruptcy discharge,” the mark will already be gone." Here's a link to the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/08/business/dealbook/bank-of-america-and-jpmorgan-chase-agree-to-erase-debts-from-credit-reports-after-bankruptcies.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&bicmp=AD&bicmlukp=WT.mc_id&bicmst=1409232722000&bicmet=1419773522000
  4. DH had delinquent loan which has been paid in full but the OC (a small bank) is still reporting. The goodwill letter did not work and the bank said the information was accurate. The bank is saying once a report is given it stays on credit report for 7 years. So, they're saying there's nothing they can do. Is that true? What is an alternative I can request so they save face and I get this TL off the credit report? If I dispute with CRA, and ask the bank not to respond - then aren't they in violation of FCRA? Why would they agree to that? Thanks for any help.
  5. I have been working on credit repair on and off for the last 4 years and mostly off. After some disputes to CRAs, I *believe* OCs changed all balances to zero, because these are very old tradelines, well beyond SOL and slated for deletion in 2016. (Isn't this mandatory, and if so, where is the language for this rule)? However, my original post is mistaken as after looking at my credit reports - it shows the OC in question has faithfully been reporting a balance, despite a charge off in 8/2009. I do not know why I got an alert from USAA today - which threw me off. In any event, don't they have to report zero balance due? Should I dispute with CRAs that balance is wrong? Thanks!
  6. Got a nice alert today that an OC was reporting a balance on CR. This is new as on previous CRs the balance is listed as zero. Advice for what I do now? Can I get it deleted?! Yes, it is beyond SOL and should be off credit report in 2016 as DOFD is 3/2009. Also, a car finance company sent me a 1099 this week for old debt from 2009. I understand from ICANHASMUNY that I don't have to pay taxes on it, but how can I get it off my CR as it is still reporting a nice fat balance? Thank you!
  7. I'm in similar situation. @ICANHASMUNY? The question I have is - is sending a 1099c so long after a debt has been discharged and when the 36 months of non payment is complete, a violation on the original creditor's part?
  8. I'm pretty sure about the SOL. I live in FL. The date of last payment was 8/2009 - Credit Card. This is when the bottom of the economy hit... We have lived here since 2001 - the OC is Chase but the dumbass JDB has it as a different bank. Also, the balance has interest charges which have accrued since charge off. I think that's illegal too. I believe the terms are 2% but I don't know much about charging interest legalities. (yet).
  9. Probably not as most CA's and JDB's settle. The good news is you get to take a big bite out of their behind with thousands in attorneys fees and court costs plus a check for you too. Moreover, you will be on the computer list of consumers to avoid which is a bonus. It won't cost a dime of the OP's money. I'm apparently on that list since I successfully sued a major JDB. Believe me, it's nice. JunkBuyersWorstNightmare How much did you win? How long did it take? My DH is worried about the time off work - he's a workaholic. Did it require a lot of time off work?
  10. I will try to convince DH. If I got a letter like that - no question I would be running to the atty. I'd like to see a change where the violation would not be capped out at $1k. What a joke. JDBs ruin lives, ruin credit, and prey on the uninformed.
  11. @12lbrooster - how much time have you invested into the legal matter approximately? Will it go to trial you think?
  12. It's rigged I tell you. $1k is hardly worth the effort.
  13. Can I sue without demanding validation? http://www.dailyreportingsuite.com/banking-finance/news/consumers_can_sue_debt_collectors_for_misrepresentations_without_demanding_validation
  14. Oh Joy! DH received letter from Revenue Recovery Service that they have purchased a debt (1 full year beyond SOL) and he has 10 days to remit payment - or "we will have no alternative but to commence legal action against you." Rubs hands together - I am having fun counting the VIOLATIONS against this scumbag JDB. Here's my list so far: 1) Threatening legal action when a). the debt is beyond SOL, . Scumbag is not licensed within the State of Florida (where we live). So this is a violation of FDCPA and a violation of FCCPA - which would be $1k for each contact or call. (right now the tally is $2k). 2) Threatening to increase charges - "If we do not receive said payment, we will have not alternative but to commence legal action against you which will result in additional costs and expense to you. The legal remedies call for treble damages of your outstanding debt plus attorney fees and court costs. If you wish to discus an alternative payment proposal you may contact our office." Does this constitute an additional violation? This is the initial communication - that they have acquired the debt and the letter demands money within 10 calendar days or the legal action. Isn't that a violation right there? They do provide the verification notice but it is in smaller font and seems to be contradicted by the 10 calendar days demand for payment. I plan to send a letter of dispute. Is there any other obligation on my part? When can I "commence" legal action? If they don't respond?

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