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  1. My problem with this is it does nothing for the inquiry. Like I said, now for the next two years I have evidence of a collection account.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Spot on what I was looking for. DV went out today citing NYC local law, which I'm a huge fan of. I'll wait for the green card and 30 days to open my complaint with the New York DCA (might as well catch them in as many violations as possible) but in the mean time I'll open a complaint with the CFPB about the hard inquiry.
  3. I did a search and didn't find too much, and didn't really see anything that had a resolution. I'm done with cleaning and rebuilding. Yesterday morning I get a call from DRS (Dynamic Recovery Systems) asking for a call back. Knowing this couldn't possibly be me, I called back. It's a debt from 10 years ago. Way out of statue, way out of reporting. I told her to send me a dunning letter, she refused. She said "it's moved beyond that". Unfortunately I wasn't recording the call (live and learn I guess). She got nasty with me when I told her I know my rights as well as their responsibilities and hung up on me. Not to mention she violated New York City law by failing to mention that the debt was out of statute. Now, here's the kicker. They pulled a hard pull on EQ AFTER I talked to them. I know because I pulled CCMP already before I spoke to her and it wasn't listed and low and behold there it is today. My problem is with the inquiry. Isn't this just a way around the reporting limit? I want to buy a house within the next year and here's an inquiry I've got to explain to a mortgage company. Any recourse (Besides B*)?
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about them not responding. Here's what happened with me: Submitted complaint, signed the paperwork that said they needed my authorization since it was a financial firm (whatever). 2 weeks later got the same letter you just got, saying they haven't responded. So I just waited. A couple days after that I got a response saying Midland was deleting. I used New York City local law in my complaint because I knew it was a bogus claim. DV wouldn't get rid of them, disputes wouldn't get rid of them, and if the BBB hadn't worked suing was my next and only option. Hope this helps.
  5. You can order a report for your kids. Takes a couple of documents proving you are their parent, but it's doable.
  6. They can't. It's not charging more for credit cards, it's offering gas for 6.00 a gallon, and a $2 discount if you use cash. In NYC proper it's awful. I have to drive way out of my way to a station that doesn't ding me for not wanting to deal with a cashier.
  7. Actually, interesting option. Call the member center and see? The dog had rank, got pay...I mean I'm sure he'd have to be living with you at the time, but I know they are considered military. Though you might get the whole "he's not eligible to join because he's a dog" line.
  8. I didn't ask for money. Just deletion of credit reporting and an agreement to not sell or transfer the account.
  9. I did mine online. I was very specific. They broke such and such law, and if they would settle through the BBB I would refrain from making reports to any agencies that would listen. Both gone within two weeks.
  10. I know I got lucky, but looking this morning they actually pulled TU on the phone (EX was the denial letter). I actually for my FICO quarterly monitoring report this morning, and TU FICO is 654. The new accounts are what I was worried about. My oldest CC is actually only from last August, with amazon this month, Barclays and Kay in October and Navy in Feb. My student loan was backdated to 04, so that helps my Age. The UW was super nice, he asked why I wanted the card and I told him I already use my chase debit card for groceries, it would be nice to get the rewards from Freedom. Had I known this call was coming I'd have waited to book the vacation and buy the new MacBook to keep my util down. Since I was planning on not apping for anything I actually applied for chase so that when I got a denial I'd know what to fix and what they were looking for.
  11. So after cleaning my reports as far as possible, rehabbing my Student Loans, and establishing some trade lines, I apped for a Chase Freedom. Forgot Ex was frozen, got 7-10 message. Unfroze, apped again, denial (150 paid collection). Get a call today from Chase asking to unfreeze my report and I tell them it is unfrozen, and I got a denial. He asked why and I told him, so he pulls up my report and Bam. 500 approval. Sub 650 Fico, (582 Fako on EX) 40% util (2000 on Navy) and 6 accounts under 6 months. I mentioned I was considering moving all my accounts to Navy since they gave me a card and chase wouldn't, not sure if that had any factoring. Still, it's a card I'm going to use for groceries only, so who cares. But stupid chase, screwing up my gardening
  12. This is just a quick thank you to everyone that makes this board what it is. I started in October with a 495 Fico, and as of this morning am sitting at 665. I went from 19 bad accounts to 1 (ERC, won't budge for < 200...) and when my student loan default came off today I saw the biggest jump. I now have: Barclays: 500 Cap 1 Secured: 350 Cap 1: 300 (steps to 500 soon...woohoo lol) Navy Cash Rewards: 6000 Amazon Store: 600 Kay: 400 I've learned a lot from old threads, new threads, beat both LVNV and Midland, and tried to help others. My AAOA sucks, I still can't get that AMEX (2 years when I can pay that ERC and get it off my report thanks to NY State's FCRA), but thanks. Now I'm in "building" mode.
  13. Print your name. The BBB won't help you if you don't return that letter. BBB worked for me, but I had some State and City laws to back me up.

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