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  1. So I'm thinking about gettig a HELOC to do some property improvements. Here are the basic stats. Bought condo in 2012 (investment) and put my in-laws in it. $35k balance. What I didn't know at the time was that the neighborhood didn't have FHA cert which depressed the values. Now it does. Current equivalent units are selling between $100k and $125k depending on condition. Looking to do about 75% LTV or about $35k HELOC. Income and expenses should be in the clear for ratios. Anyone doing these on investment properties?
  2. There is ONE more master thread I would really like to see... How about a master list of consumer data aggregates and links, methods or address on how to lock and delete your data from them? Companies like Intelus, Lexis-Nexus, Acxiom, etc...
  3. That didn't happen. As I said it was outside the recommended method but worked for me. Not advising everyone to jump on my method. My particular case revolved around Sprint billing for roaming and texting on a plan that clearly included it and charged me a termination fee after cancelling due to a material change in contract terms. I did have a documentated and solid defense on it anyway if they did "validate".
  4. I've had several dealings with these people with regard to Sprint (and others that collect for Sprint). I was able to get rid of them quite easily by donig something that is probaly a little unorthodox in regard to the dispute process. When I would get the dunning letter I sent a combo validate/pay for delete letter. I would basically request validation or offer a pay for deletion in lieu of validatoin in the same letter. 99.9% of the time I would get a letter back stating that they do not do pay for deletes or cannot remove negative remakrs from my credit file. Of course their response would address the PFD request and never send back any validation information. I would just send them back another letter advising them they failed to validate as requested and demand removal from the CRA's and cease collection attempts on the account. Accounts would disappear from the CRA's and never would hear from them again.
  5. Just a follow up. The forclosure did process fully and I verified the 4 week notice. The house did not sell and the bank regained full posession. Unfortunately when they changed the locks they did not lock the exterior garage door or secure the interior garage door. Someone gained unlawful entry into the house and trashed and/or stole some of what belongings were left. The same evening my in-laws discovered the break-in a bank representative called and proposed a cash for keys offer to clean out the remaining items. I encouraged the in-laws get a police report on the stolen belongings and they brought it to bank reps attention. Fortunately everything they actually wated to keep was already gone. Most of what was left was really junk and clutter. Broken toys, old clothes, etc. Nothing of personal or real value. The bank rep agreed to go ahead and pay them the $1800 for losses and not require the clean out so the in-laws are satisfied. They were already out with what they wanted and had a little extra cash to boot. Now just have to try and help protect them from any future deficiency judgements against them. They really don't have any cash or assets so I imagine they should be in good shape.
  6. They all seem to have oddball rules of some type. I found out the hard way that PenFed has a default daily limit of 12 transactions on their credit card. Have hit that a few times while traveling or on vacation. I recall my Alliant account limiting ATM withdrawals to $1000 maximum per day and/or $2000 daily maximum signature or debit point of sale limits. If you don't have credit card with a good limit you can hit that fast when making travel arrangements, home improvements, car repairs or making work related purchases.
  7. I keep all my due dates for ALL accounts in my Outlook calendar with reminders. Also have a generic list showing due dates by day of the month as a backup for something that gets deleted from Outlook. I do not rely on autopayments, mailings or paperless statements. I make sure to actively check the accounts. Even the accounts I do not use just to make sure some "fee" or unauthorized charge didn't pop up. No excuse to not know a bill is due. It is TOO easy to setup reminders in your email, phone calendar or whatever means you use to keep schedules. I actually just added a notification to check a Priceline Visa I opened yesterday. I don't even have the card yet but want to get it on the list of items to check.
  8. I'm familiar with the dispossesory process from working with an investor on rental homes. Probably filed 20 of them myself to help recover rental houses. Wasn't sure if it was a requirement in Georgia for post-foreclosure if the home appeared vacant. As mentioned, utilities are on, yard is maintained and there is some furniture in there so it isn't obvoiusly vacant. There is no possible way to have a writ of posession after dispo hearing in the two days since scheduled foreclosure. I'm trying to decide if I should have the in-laws file a police report for breaking and entering against the person or company that changed the locks.
  9. The public notice ad has run four weeks as of August 3rd. The forclosure was supposed to be on August 7th and the locksmith was there changing locks today on the 9th. There has been no dispossesory notice or hearing yet. There hasn't been time to schedule a disposessory hearing yet. That's why I'm wondering about the lock change now. Or maybe the house WAS sold and the investor was there changing the locks. I'm just trying to figure out how to find out the status of the property.
  10. I need a little insight to the post foreclosure process in Georgia. This relates to my in-laws so I'll share what I know. 1) They aren't living there any longer. As an expection of them losing their house months ago and huge loss of income I bought a condo and moved them into it. 2) They are the type that like to avoid situations and would rather put their heads in the sand. I'm not sure what type of notifications they have received but they claim they received nothing. I'm inclined to believe they have been notified, they just ignored it or didn't read the fine print. 3) The forclosure on their property was scheduled for Tuesday, August 7th. I haven't been able to verify if it even happened. With that into my father-in-law went by the propery today to try and collect a few more items. He mentioned someone was there changing the locks. He didn't ask any questions due to his avoidance nature but he did let me know there were no notices posted nor did the guy changing the locks provide any notice or documentation. I would have expected there to have been an official posting on the door that the property had been foreclosed if the process went through. If not I'm taking a guess that the bank is just changing the locks to secure the property and help protect the investment prior to them actually completeing any foreclosure. If it was just the bank trying to secure the property before taking posession, what is stopping the in-laws from going back and switching the locks out again to gain access to personal items? The utilities are still on, the lawn is being kept and there are enough items visible inside where it doesn't look obviously vacant so it is a hard call to classify the place as abandoned by outward appearances. If they did finalize the foreclosure on Tuesday should there be a notice on the home? Is there some time factor between foreclosure and removal of personal property? How do I find the official status on the property? Thanks,
  11. It has been a few years but this is how I did it with them. This was on a used car purchase from a dealer and was fairly simple process. 1) Got pre-approved with them up to an authorized amount with established rates/terms. They advised their terms such as NADA limits, fees, etc.. 2) Negotiated deal with dealer and had price and final costs established. 3) Signed all paperwork on my end and put dealer finance department in touch with Alliant loan department. They worked out funds transfer, title info, etc. directly and handled that transaction on the backside after I signed the purchase docs. Was out the door in about the same amount ot time as any other auto purchase. 4) Alliant had my loan setup in my online account a day or two later so I could start making transfers whenever needed. This was about three years ago so not sure if things are different or not but they were relatively easy to deal with.
  12. Get em while you can... http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/SmorgasBoard/Thank-you-American-Express-and-City-of-Doral-FL-police/m-p/1171377/highlight/true#M26820 Case F-12-001638 http://www2.miami-dadeclerk.com/cjis/CaseSearch.aspx
  13. Just wanted a second opinion on this GFE on a owner occupied purchase we are doing. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary but would like a set of professional eyes on it. I thought I had read somewhere that the upfront mortgage insurance premium and montly premium was a slightly lower rate if I put 5% down. If so I'd just assume do that. FHA 30 yr fixed PurchasePrice $182,000 AmountFinanced $178,703 (3.5% down) Rate 3.500%for 360mths EstimatedPrepaid Items/Reserves $2,060.61 EstimatedClosing Costs $4,945.20 PMI, MIP, Funding Fee $3,073.53 ORIGINATION CHARGES Loan Origination Fee Fidelity BankBorrower 1.000% $ 1,756.30 Administration Fee Fidelity BankBorrower $ 695.00 OTHER CHARGES Credit Report $ 24.00 Tax Service Fee $ 89.00 Flood Certification $ 11.00 Up-Front Mortgage Insurance $ 3,073.53 Attorney Fee $ 450.00 Lender's Title Insurance $ 200.00 Title Search $ 175.00 Courier Fee $ 50.00 Post Closing Fee $ 100.00 Owner's Title Insurance $ 600.00 Mortgage Recording Charge $ 75.00 GA Intangible $ 537.90 Transfer Tax $ 182.00 Hazard Insurance Reserves $ 60.00 x 2 mth(s) $ 120.00 County Property Tax Reserves$ 160.00 x6 mth(s) $ 960.00 Daily Interest Charges $ 17.3739 x 15 day(s) $ 260.61 Hazard Insurance Premium $60.00 x 12 mth(s) $ 720.00
  14. Home path is much higher than conventional - at the time of this post thats where the rates were Did something change drastically in the past two months? I just closed a homepath loan on a condo at 4.75% and that was a non owner occupied investor purchase.
  15. I just noticed my 20k was there today. This was the third billing statement under the rewards program.

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