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  1. They dropped me down to 16.95 for daily. I guess I'll call in again in a month to see if they'll lower it
  2. I waited about 18 days for my card. It's still not on my reports yet, though. 27 days, and first statement cut this Friday
  3. +1 funny, this pre-auth only shows up on my Freedom though. When I'm using my BOA cash rewards, the actual amount shows up immediately.
  4. Yes It looks like you have to sign up for a monthly plan before you can pay for daily pulls. Use promo code Detroit for $8.80/mo. If you're pulling daily that monthly fee is the least of your worries. Daily Q* wasn't optimal for me financially, so I cancelled. Hopefully B* will still work whenever I get approved for an AMEX :/
  5. FL C* last night. EQ wins, I cancelled my Q* Pro and CCMP today and will probably freeze EQ. I'm not going to pay ~$120 for a full round of Q*
  6. Finally got my card this Saturday, that was a looong wait. I was about to have them reissue a new one. I wonder how long before it shows up on my reports..
  7. working on it. tough without an AMEX, but if there's no C* this Wednesday for me, at least I can lay off the Q*'s.
  8. It seems like this is becoming more and more common. It's not worth an EX inquiry to me though. I'll just pretend like it never happened.
  9. no dice. "the system won't let us, because EX is frozen". But they pulled EQ, and won't remove the inquiry.
  10. thanks virtualtreasure, I'll try that.
  11. So I tried again for the it card. Discover doesn't like me for some reason. Anyway, I have EX and ARS frozen, when I app I get a letter saying 'We cannot access your credit report.. frozen... blah blah. yet I have a HP on EQ from them.. what gives? I call for app status and they couldn't tell me what was frozen, only that I had to unfreeze any reports they can't use a pin. wtf.
  12. I used my EX's backdoor once.. got me in a world of trouble.
  13. I spoke to my brother yesterday, and told him about how Navy hooked me up. He's probably going to join when he gets back stateside. Question: when he joins, can I proactively confirm my eligibility by calling in and giving his member id? Or just leave it alone?
  14. I got one about 2 years ago, immediately regretted my decision and closed the account without activating. There were no fees, and nothing on my reports.
  15. Update on CKS Financial. Filed CFPB complaint 3/19. EX responded with 30 days to investigate message. Today the account has been deleted from my report. They haven't responded on the CFPB portal though. Looks good.
  16. Mine should be arriving any day now. Thanks for the heads-up!
  17. I updated Monday as usual, and just now after reading this. Usually it wouldn't update till Sunday at the earliest, but it did update now, date AND content. it shows my BOA HP from today.
  18. I have MPM and USAA, but no AMEX card. I am on the C* list. How can I achieve EQ B* besides paying for daily Q* pulls?
  19. Congrats! I had a pre-approval for the cash rewards card as soon as I logged in.
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