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  1. So, if I freeze all 3, will USAA still pull all 3? I know EX works, but what about EQ and TU?
  2. EQ clean this morning! and I didn't even have to wait till 11:16 for my MPM pull. Now I have to make the dreaded cancellation calls. :/
  3. How old were the child support accounts? Did EX remove? The accounts are still open, I'm paying monthly but they were reporting 120+ days late every month, from payments that were late back in 2007. I disputed CRA's first (once online, once by mail). TU deleted. EQ and EX deleted after CFPB complaint.
  4. I had to file CFPB complaints for EX and EQ to remove child support. TU removed with a letter.
  5. MPM screwed me out of a pull one day earlier in this cycle, so I switched from 24+3 to 24+5 minutes to be safe.
  6. very true. this cycle, MPM has been crapping out on me just about every other day which means I've had to add in some Q* pulls as well and still likely won't get full B* before C* next week. it sure was easy to have 4 pullers and not even have to work at it. Q* is making a killing.
  7. EQ B* is such a PITA since ECA stopped counting. This month I've been pulling C$/CCMP/MPM daily + ECA to monitor my SP's. Knocked off first HP today and 2 older SP's. If MPM doesn't crap out on me, I should be clean before the axe. After this cycle, I'm cancelling all my pullers except CCMP, and calling it quits on the B* game. It was fun, but no longer worth it.
  8. I was able to recon a denial, but they offered me a $500 CL, with no intro APR, and no initial spend bonus. I did have a couple of medical collections at the time, but was feeling confident after Chase/BOA approvals that day. I said no thanks, I'll call you in a year, maybe.
  9. I have one card at 60% (Barclays Apple), but my overall util is ~5% with 3/7 cards reporting. 3 new accounts < 6mo. I think it's due to new accounts. I only have 1 CC > 2yrs and my 1978 AMEX hasn't reported yet. I don't think income was a factor
  10. Called today and asked for 10k on WM Discover. Got a US based CSR. They countered with a $500 increase 4th statement posted today, TU FICO 748 Didn't dare try for an increase on PayPal card
  11. +22 726 to 748 Probably due to B*, and less cards reporting balances
  12. Apparently we CB'rs are an unethical bunch according to that forum. Fight fire with fire I say. Not like the banks/CRA's/CA's/JDB's have any morals... While there are sometimes useful info/datapoints over there, it's mostly a pity party, or 30 people congratulating someone on their $500 Express SCT approval.
  13. gdale6 beat me to the punch
  14. I got an HP on EQ when I opened my Cap1 360 checking account.
  15. Chase Freedom is back up to $200.00 with 500 spend. If you've gotten one within the past 90 days, send them an SM asking to match the current bonus.
  16. Well, I went to the OC Bank, and found out they did not sell the debt. So I promptly paid the OC. They pulled the debt from collections, and Chex Systems entry will be removed within 30 days. Feels good to pay them back, hopefully my Chex will clear before my Chase checking intro bonus offer expires.
  17. I think insurance scores penalize you more for new accounts also
  18. The scores on credit karma are fake, but FICO insurance scores are calculated differently, like all industry-specific FICO's. http://www.bankrate.com/finance/insurance/how-credit-affects-your-insurance-score.aspx
  19. Check your profile again in a couple hours. Mine was updated right after I got the email saying my card was mailed out.
  20. I don't know, it's been pretty fun, exciting, and enlightening for me. Kind of like a cross between chess and a scavenger hunt. Not to say I haven't been frustrated at times, but that's part of the game.
  21. I can afford to pay, but I'd rather pay the OC, not some CA. Paying a CA doesn't make the OC whole, so I'm morally ok with not paying them if I can get away with it. My main concern is potential AA if this hits my reports. Do they need to wait 30 days for me to DV before they report? By the way this is on my Chex, with a balance. That's next on my list.
  22. Update on this: The debt has been sold? to another CA. This collection was deleted from my reports when it was first reported by the first CA. New CA softed my EX on the 15th. Got dunning letter today. Within SOL, and CA licensed in my state. Is it safe to DV? How likely is it that this will be reinserted?
  23. Same here, looks like a printout from the MS-DOS days.
  24. The little fake card they sent with the letter had a very prominent EMV chip. I wonder if it's their WEMC? I actually did not have a card from them 5 years ago, which didn't go over limit, and didn't not get paid. Guess they don't hypothetically blacklist
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