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  1. Capital One QS1 3k -> 4k via EO. Asked for 5k.
  2. I keep all my statement close dates in my iCloud calendar with reminders 2 and 1 day before. I also use Mint, which notifies me when a bill is due in the next 7 days.
  3. Here is the body of the letter I sent them, removed from all 3 reports shortly after: I am writing in response to your letter dated XXXXX. This letter is to inform you that I dispute this debt in its entirety, and am requesting validation of this debt pursuant to the FDCPA. Be advised that I am not requesting “verification” that you have my mailing address, I am requesting validation; that is, competent evidence that I have some contractual obligation to pay you. Please provide validation by line item, with an explanation of each item, for the entire amount. Failure to provide validation within 30 days of receipt of this letter will be assumed an admission that this debt is not valid. Also provide proof that your company is authorized by law to collect this debt.
  4. I just tried this with a closed auto loan I had with GM Financial. I've sent them multiple GW letters to no avail. I figure it can't hurt. At this point I don't care they can remove the entire TL.
  5. I couldn't sleep the night after I asked AMEX to update my member date. Now I sleep with my PRG and CSP under my pillow.
  6. I'm trying to stick to three or less every 4 to 6 months. After getting in with AMEX and Citi, and a high-limit CSP, it's time to ease up
  7. furthermore, "It does not include investment banking or credit card operations."
  8. NFCU Cash Rewards 20k 3/30 NFCU Auto Refi 4.9% 3/30 AMEX PRG D* 1977 5/5 AMEX ED 2k D* 1977 7/31 CSP - 16.8k Woooo! Citi Dividend 6.7k. Time to chill.
  9. NFCU Cash Rewards 20k 3/30 NFCU Auto Refi 4.9% 3/30 AMEX PRG D* 1977 5/5 AMEX ED 2k D* 1977 7/31 CSP - 16.8k Woooo!
  10. Well, it's now off all 3, removed by the CA. They haven't sent back any validation. What are the chances that this will pop back up on my reports?
  11. So I've worked very hard over the last 2 years cleaning my reports, opening lines, and building relationships with "prime" lenders. I had gotten all 3 reports clean with the exception of a couple of lates > 2 years ago. Now Accelerated Financial Solutions sully's up my reports with some BS collection from 2010 for $554. I've never heard of the OC, and honestly don't recall any debts from that time, for that amount or otherwise. Sent DV, got the card back and disputed with all 3. What are the chances that my existing creditors will mess with me (cut CL's, change terms, etc)? Boy am I pissed. I know at the least this probably screwed my AMEX 61 day 3x CLI
  12. when you do the CFPB complaint, do it against each of the CRA's reporting, not against the State CSE!
  13. NFCU Cash Rewards 20k 3/30 NFCU Auto Refi 4.9% 3/30 AMEX PRG D* 1977 5/5 AMEX ED 2k D* 1977 7/31
  14. I was able to get Florida CSE removed from my reports via CFPB complaint.
  15. Hmm, I deleted and re-added the account in mint, but it only shows my PRG, not my new Everyday card. It's on my profile on amex though.
  16. figure I'd try asking here: does anyone using mint have multiple AMEX cards on a single login? do all your AMEX cards show up in mint? did you have to do anything special? thanks
  17. CAP1 QSOne 2.5k -> 3k Manual Review (EO) SP Chase Freedom 2k -> 5k Manual Review 2 HP (EX + TU) BOA Cash Rewards 2k -> 5k Manual Review HP (TU) GE Walmart Discover 2.5k -> 3k Manual Review Requested 25k (SP TU) BOA Cash Rewards 5k -> 6k LUV button requested 10k HP (TU)
  18. They refi'd my 2007 with 110k miles no problem. 8% drop in rate and I got the $250 bonus. Easy as pie. This was March 30th of this year.
  19. My PRG was opened on 5/5/14 and still hasn't reported 2nd statement cuts on Friday, hope I get lucky
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