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    Fidelity AMEX 12k


    NFCU Mortgage (0 Down 5%)


    BMW Financial Auto Loan (0.9%)


    AMEX Everyday 3x to 18k


    Citi Dividend CLI +3k

    Looks like you really thought all that through. All of those are very nice accomplishments. I aspire to have an NFCU mortgage someday, & I wish that I could get a sub 1% auto loan.


    I prefer electric cars so I can't really get anything close to zero percent financing all in all though that I like. I like the BMW i8, but a bit pricey for me. The whole point of having an electric car is mostly to save money lol if you can afford and I ate, then you don't need to worry about gas prices lol


    I have been very happy with my FIA American Express 2% card.. One of my favorite accomplishments. Some places don't take Amex though, so I had to get the city double cash for those instances



    Yeah, my goal all along was to get a mortgage, but along the way I got bitten by the rewards bug, and then the high limits bug.


    When I joined this website my FICO's were below 600 across the board, now I'm in the high 700's / low 800's


    I pretty much got the FIA AMEX for SERVE

  2. NFCU Homebuyer's Choice 100% Financing Mortgage Approved


    225k @ 4.5% / 30Y


    Scores between 761 and 776 based on disclosure


    23 Inq on TU, 25 on EX, 3 on EQ


    2 Accounts newer than 6 months


    3 Accounts reporting balances


    Highest Util 10.93%


    Overall Util 0.82%


    AAOA 6.2Y


    Have 25k CC and auto loan with NFCU for 11 months


    Another BOA Cash Rewards CLI

    12.5k -> 22.5k

    HP on TU


    Got me to my goal of >100k available credit on 5 cards.

    just got there myself, Nirvana... but some of it is secured and some of it is AU so it doesn't really count.


    glad to know about BofA CLI's... didn't know. Is there a time limit involved??



    I'd wait 6 months between requests


    Even though it's always a HP

  4. I had my Cash Rewards linked to Serve for awhile for Bill Pay


    Switched my linked card to CSP to meet min. spend


    Today I switched Serve back to Navy and it was recognized as a debit card


    Added as debit, test loaded $1.


    Doesn't appear to have processed as a cash advance yet


    Have to see if CB earned when it posts



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