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  1. Why haven't you tried to get a CLI on your Navy Biz CC?
  2. First Question: You obviously have 2 LOC from NFCU (Personal/Business) Second Question: You should be able to know which banks offer them since you are a customer of many banks Now with those answers, you can answer the question in the middle
  3. USB/Elan provides TU FICO 04 score when you apply for one of their CC
  4. First congrats on the CLI's...impressive job in a short time frame. I am curious, how did you convince BOA to give you a CLI with high util reporting? Regarding fico scores, you can get free fico versions from many sources. Here is the master list https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=519290&page=16 If you want to get all three fico 8 scores at once, you can sign up for $1 trial of CCT
  5. DROPR.They are just giving him a BS excuse that isn't quantifiable. Like too much credit, too many new accounts, and the always famous too many inquiries. Precisely. They nuked PB because of past indiscretions and nothing more, but they will never come out and admit that the way they did it was wrong. I could understand if they stopped him cold in his tracks with his first Chase application. They could have told him then and there that they were still sore about the loss and either have sent him to pound sand or else given him a toy limit. But, for one reason or another, they di
  6. How is that possible with all the new accounts in the past year or so?
  7. problem is... limits being liberal or conservative is very relative. IME PEnfed is very liberal yet a lot of folks have found penfed to be not so generous with limits. I agree PenFed is liberal to those with good thick credit profiles but a few years ago they weren't as liberal like they seem to have become in 2015 We just don't have much data to go on for many of the CU's on the list. For example Nasa sucks now, before it was easy to get approved up to 30k right out of the gate and now they decline with good credit profiles. I recommend anyone on CB steer clear of NASA
  8. An updated list is good to have but having data points for each CU would be awesome. Key Points to be included for each Is the CU open to everyone through some affiliation or restricted Who they pull Are they conservative or liberal like (e.g. NFCU) Criteria they are looking for to reach the max limit I can say from experience that Alliant, Andrews, Delta are conservative and will take effort to reach the top limit (potentially years)
  9. Nice! Congrats! What states do they lend in? southeast for sure. They have a pretty large footprint #10 largest bank How come you don't have a personal card with PNC?
  10. Nice! Congrats! What states do they lend in?
  11. I don't see it either, and I'm always skeptical until I see it. They probably are 1 cent each, but you never know. Exactly...Penfed points are a perfect example. Each point is only worth $0.0085 (it takes 11,760 points to get a $100 GC) I would take 8.5 cents per dollar redemption value any day
  12. Yikes you let a dealership "shop" the loan for you. The scores you mentioned in your first post...what credit monitoring service do you have?
  13. Looked up the credit union and it's not 5% CB. It's 5 points per dollar but no clue what the redemption value is per point. https://vantagewest.org/connectrewards/
  14. Thanks! You're welcome. I noticed the free FICO option last month and just checked it this morning for the monthly update. Still haven't gotten the updated score for this month
  15. Nope but you can be a GP? lol, you know you want to Me or Blake?
  16. NFCU offers monthly EQ FICO 9 score to members who have a Loan or CC
  17. yeah WF sent me an email about changing their SurePay to Zelle
  18. I got to 500k with carrying balances (0% APR) You should be able to double your current total CL in that time frame. I went from 250k to 500k+ in one spree
  19. They keep track of applications, similar to ARS. You can freeze both Sagestream and ARS but keep in mind sometimes freezing these 3rd parties can restrict/prevent you from getting a loan approved. What finance company did you apply with for a loan?
  20. I'm trying to understand this ruling in layman terms. Does the ruling mean that a JDB now has a legal standing to sue and actually win a judgement?
  21. Sounds like they didn't like the complaints filed against them 200k in payments to Citi? You must be a high roller
  22. Hmm so PenFed and WF took AA because of one time payment issue? It's not strange for Citi to reopen within 60 days if the utilization has went down significantly. Were you told this by a front line CSR or EO Rep?
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