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  1. What was the original offer they sent you for the credit steps increase? I have a $300 limit myself and credit steps offered me an increase to $500 in the next two months...
  2. Hey everyone, I currently have a Cap1 Quicksilver One with a limit of $300 (credit steps to $500 in a month or so) and I just got approved for a Cap1 Platinum with a limit of $500. I am also an authorized user on a Cap 1 Venture with a $15k limit. My questions are: 1. Would I be able to combine these two cards eventually? Platinum to Quicksilver One? 2. If so, how long should I wait before I request a combination? 3. Should I request a CLI on the 3 month mark for the Platinum card? 4. Would my credit report show a closed account when I combine accounts? Would it affect me negatively? Thanks ahead of time. P.S. I have been requesting a CLI for my Quicksilver One card but I keep getting denied because I have a credit card on my report that shows as being late (its a Discover card that went delinquent about 2 years or so ago). Should I just keep requesting a CLI at the end of every statement close date or should I just wait it out and garden the card a bit?
  3. Well, my third statement cut a couple of days ago and a asked for a CLI and got denied. I chatted with a rep online and they said they couldn't do anything because I am enrolled in credit steps. I guess I'll try again at the end of the next statement.
  4. Hey everyone! My fiancée, just got approved and received the Venture card and got a $15k limit. I'm currently rebuilding my credit, would you recommend her adding me as an authorized user to help me out?
  5. WOO HOO !!! Congrats! For the Capital One Quicksilver, is it the Quicksilver One or the non One? Did you hit the luv button on the three month mark or was it an auto increase?
  6. I have a Quicksilver One card, do the cash back rewards expire or have a limit?
  7. I got the email too. My limit is $300 on the Quicksilver One card and was offered $500 after five on time payments. I put all of my budgeted expenses and 3 bills are on autopay using the card and I pay in full every week and only let $3 report each month. I'm hoping that I get a credit limit increase after the third statement cuts.
  8. How long does it take for the documents to get approved? I've been checking the website every day and the documents show "under review". Will I still be able to make my scheduled payment with the documents "under review"?
  9. How much do you owe them Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk According to my credit report, $1,600.
  10. I filled out everything needed to rehab my loan. How long does it usually take to approve the documents once submitted? I know, with ECMC, I can't pay extra to speed up payment, but once another bank buys the loan, can I pay extra to pay off the loan faster?
  11. I ended up applying for the Discover secured card and I got declined. They pulled Transunion. My fico score with them is 579. Sadly, I do have Discover charged off. Last payment I made with them was back in April of 2013. I really want to reestablish my relationship with them... I was hoping that the secured card would be my way in. Oddly, my Equifax report shows that Discover is still opened and it is reporting a balance each month. Under payment status it says: collects/charge-off.
  12. How old is the charge off Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk It's about 3 years old. Date of last payment was April 1, 2013
  13. I want to try for this card but I have Discover charged off. Anyone think I should try?
  14. I owe about $7,500. I haven't filed my taxes. I sent them a copy of my W-2. I am not expecting a refund. I'm expecting to owe.
  15. Hey everyone, I've been getting emails from ECMC for a student loan that I default it on back in 2014. I want to start paying them off before they start garnishing my wages. They have a debt rehabilitation program that I want to enroll in. What has everyone's experience been like with the program? What lender did they sell the debt to? Did ECMC come off your credit report as stated?

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