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  1. Yes, it counts if you are married to the person who is the primary account holder. If you're an AU on your parents cards, or a friends, then no, it doesn't count.
  2. Date Opened is just referring to the date that the CA obtained the account - it's only reaging if they have changed the DOFD. Double check that. My guess is that it's still scheduled to fall off in Oct 2012. I'd just sit tight and wait for it to fall off. No need to spend the time fighting over something that will be gone in 4 months anyway (unless you're applying for a mortgage this summer or something!). Good luck!!
  3. Did you pay the CA in full? Credit one will delete an old charge off if you fax them the letter stating that the collection agency it was sold to was paid in full.
  4. When you say that the account has been "re-aged" - you're saying that they've changed the Date of First Delinquency. If you're referring to the "Open Date" listed on the account - that's just the date that the CA obtained the debt. Check the DOFD, if they have in fact changed it, you can get them for a major violation.
  5. If you choose to settle, make sure they report as PAID IN FULL. Although it doesn't make a difference in scoring, Paid In Full looks better than Settled under manual review.
  6. Is the debt yours? If it is - $111 isn't alot of money. Try a PFD.
  7. When I clicked on the link you provided, and typed in Midland - it came up as them having a license number and everything. Double check before you send the letter. I could be wrong.... Here's the link to their license info: https://www.dllr.state.md.us/cgi-bin/fin_reg_el/rel2/FinReg_search.cgi?calling_app=Query::PQ_query3&cat=04&num=5479&CGISESSID=b7d2db0445421ecc8b81c734b639e257
  8. The account type is being reported as "Open", and the status on EQ is "120+ days past due". I talked to EQ and they said that contrary to what LVNV said, they are not the ones who add that comment, as they have no way of knowing what the status is until it's reported. Thanks for your advice Jaymes, I appreciate it, and I'll definitely use it!
  9. So if I went back to LVNV with this definition from Blacks Law Dictionary - they're going to admit that they're reporting wrong? Or reporting as instructed by Metro2 standards?
  10. Open Account: Account where the entire balance is due upon demand or that has one payment due as scheduled. This Portfolio Type is used by credit card reporters when there is no credit limit and the full balance amount is due each month (e.g., no revolving terms). This Portfolio Type is also used by Collections Agencies, Child Support Agencies, Debt Purchasers, Student Loan Guarantors, the U.S. Department of Education and Utility Services' payment plans. Revolving Account: An account that establishes a maximum credit limit for a consumer, such as a credit card or charge account. A
  11. Definitely not a tough process at all. The first thing I changed was my SS, then just brought my marriage license to the bank, faxed it to my CC companies, and also faxed it to the Credit Bureaus. It was pretty easy!
  12. "Open" under account type means that the entire balance is due at once - it doesn't mean it's revolving. I just learned this lol.
  13. Thanks everyone! I'm going to prepare a response today - we'll see how it goes...
  14. I submitted a complaint with the BBB due to the inaccurate way LVNV was reporting a paid account on my credit reports (I had tried numerous times to get it straightened out with them first.) Here's the response I got Dear Ms. xxx: This letter is in response to your correspondence dated June 5, 2012 regarding the above referenced account. We have reviewed the credit bureau information submitted by Ms. xxxx Please be advised our office submitted a request to remove the “disputed” notation from Ms. xxxx credit bureau report on May 17, 2012. It can take the credit reporting
  15. The "Open" date that LVNV is listing refers to the date that LVNV obtained the debt. The date that you opened the account doesn't really matter - it's the Date of First Delinquency that dictates the SOL, and when it will eventually fall off your credit report.
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