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  1. Long story short, I'm over Chase's 5/24 and am getting impatient (no new cards in almost all of 2019? Ugh!). I have a few cards that are closed that I would like to remove from Experian to get below 5/24 sooner. Is this something I can reasonably do? Everything was closed with no balance, with the OC, etc. If this is a possibility, what is the best method of attack? Everything I've found primarily targets negative items on the CR but these aren't technically negative. Thanks!
  2. The purchases that the CSR covered that this one doesn't include EZPass tolls and train rides into NYC but the Altitude considers the train not to be travel unless it is Amtrak. On paper, they both cover the same stuff.
  3. Hello! It's been awhile. I applied for and picked up the Altitude Reserve card back in April to replace my CSR. My biggest issue with it is the much more restrictive travel categories. Travel that used to count with the CSR is no longer counting and the reps don't see any way to manually apply it. At this point, I want to just spend the $325 in travel on a gift card to something and close the account. Does anyone have experience with what gift cards (if any) do count for travel? Worst comes to worst, I guess I'll book a vacation or something but I don't know if the travel would ever actually happen as plans are very fluid in my line of work. Thanks!
  4. Been with Penfed 3 years, I too have never received an offer.
  5. Although the terms of the card clearly say that an active membership must be kept, is this enforced? I like to get in on the "new member" promos so I plan to let my membership lapse in July. With the rebate checks coming out every February, if I can't keep the card, I'll stop putting spend on it. If I can keep it and still cash the rebate checks in, I'll continue to use it.
  6. My mangers at Gander Mountain tried this on all of the employees who were 18+. Needless to say, I got tired of their constant push for a subprime card to every breathing adult so I left.
  7. The chances of me coming up with $250k within the 12 months is zero. I have maybe $25k. I think the only reason the banker thinks I have money was me request for a CSR preapproval (which I did not have at the time). I'm pretty good at making it seem like I have money when needed though, but of course I have nothing to back it up with.
  8. A banker offered to meet with me to gover CPC. I am well aware the benefits and requirements but have no idea why he thinks I qualify. As a millennial, I have much less than the rumored $100k required. Is it worth it to go through with the appointment or should I cancel it? Any chance I could fake my way into CPC? That'd be fun but seems unlikely.
  9. You can't find a drug store to buy VGCs? And how do you liquidate these VCGs? Buy MOs. Are you buying MOs direct with the card or going CC > VGC > MO?
  10. I know I can't get a Freedom Unlimited without a PC or another preapproval so I have to choose between the 5% + DC or 2.25% on all non-bonus categories from other cards.
  11. I have been checking with my local branch at the start of the month, every month, since the CSR came out. I finally had a preapproval yesterday and was instantly approved with a 24.5k CL. I am somewhere around 16/24. A question I have is whether to convert my Freedom to Freedom Unlimited and to then use that instead of my current daily spender, the Citi Double Cash.
  12. Is it possible to get into USAA via a Backdoor method? They supposedly have the lowest auto insurance in the area but I doubt I can become a member. Grandfather served but isn't a member.
  13. Ironically, the Slate card was the only pre-approval I had. I'm surprised they haven't given me any travel pre-approvals, I have a score of 780+.

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