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  1. Thank you to you both. In two years I will have two years of rental income that I will be able to verify and document with tax returns. I will be looking for a broker or bank to speak to in order to get everything in order.
  2. Thank you, in your opinion are the easier than traditional banks? I’m watching some new developments outside of LA. I have been watching the real estate here as a whole and homes over 500K are losing value again. Even the Lennar homes are having price cuts. I’m not buying now, but I’d like to in a couple of years.
  3. Thank you, in your opinion are the easier than traditional banks? I’m watching done new developments outside of LA. I have Ben watching the real estate here as a whole and homes over 500K are losing value again. Even the Lennar homes are having price cuts. I’m not buying now, but I’m a couple of years.
  4. I came here about 15 years ago to get help buying my first home. I fixed my credit and my husband at the time and we got into our first home in Texas. We had issues and eventually divorced. I had the loan modified and managed to keep it, ofcourse the long process of modification left me with a lot of lates. I moved to California three years ago due to the better salaries for teachers. My quality of life and finances are MUCH better. I was able to make repairs to the Texas house and am renting it out now. I am looking to buy a house in California in the next two years. How will my Texas mortgage affect me? I want to keep it and yes it has equity. I am not interested in selling because it’s my safety net. I do not have much credit only about $3,000, a car loan (nearly done) and consolidated student loans.
  5. Did everything go well? I have seen some nice Lennar homes where I live. I am looking to purchase in the next couple of years.
  6. Dear DreDee0, Please read what is happening to educators across the country, after paying the 120 payments they are not being given the loan forgiveness. It is a giant mess right now. Also, you need to consolidate ONLY with a servicer who provides the program. NOT all of them do. I eventually went with Fedloans. They do offer the program. https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertfarrington/2019/06/04/why-youll-get-denied-for-student-loan-forgiveness/#678eb7315a1c http://neatoday.org/2019/04/30/loan-forgiveness-for-teachers/ I hope everything works out for you. M
  7. I am a teacher and work in a low income area teaching science. Guess what I can't get my loans forgiven because I got them after the cut off date. So even teaching wont get them for you if your first loan was before October 1998. I have written DOE, all the people on the education committee in COngress and Seante the vice and president. Everyone referred me back to the DOE who only sent a package outlining the program,. I tried to make them understand that I know the program but it is flawed, but no one really read my letter. Oh well guess I will be paying those things off myself.
  8. Both the lender and school show that I accepted and was disbursted the lower amount. As of yesterday nothing has been updated or corrected yet. I really do not want to have to withdrawal this semester. I am not going to be able to get a private loan either.
  9. Same thing is happening to me. The DOE needs to get their system straight. Basically you are being reported double of what you actually owe. It looks like you owe the consoldiation plus the loans you consolidated. I guess that is why they tell you to wait till you graduate because it messes everything up. I am really upset right now about my own situation. This also happened to a friend of mine. The system makes no sense. Did you check the outstanding priniciple column? This column was correct for me but that is not the column they were looking at the column that just stated how many loans I was rewared when a lot of them I never even took out the full amount. The priniciple outstanding shows how much was disbursed to you that you received for tuition and books. The very first column is only how much you COULD have qualified for. It is probably twice as much as the outstanding prinicple column when the consolidation loan is added in. Now I am no expert and I haven't the faintest idea of what to do, but I just wanted you to know your not alone and this is what I think is happening.
  10. I started my third degree in January 2005. I was offered 13,864 dollars. But I only acceopted 6,864. However, when it was reported to the national student loan database it was reported as the full 13,864. Now I noticed this last year and told the school that it was reported wroing and of course I got the run arouns. No one knew what to do. The lender blamed them they blamed the lender. anyways so finally one of the financial aid people said they would fix it. So I left it alone. Guess what It never got fixed. Now I am being denied my loan for this year. Now I still have a little left, not a lot but a little. Enough to get me through this year anyway. But this error has really messed everything up for me. ANd the financial aid office told me I should go ahead and try getting a private student loan. WHY should I they MESSED it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really mad because no seems to be able to help me or advice me as to what I should do. I called the lender who can see that they only gave me 6864. I called the DOE, no one has any clue as to what I should do there. The financial aid officer said she does not know when she will know anything.
  11. That is such bull. No one asks me to see my ID at Target you just stick it in the machine. I am tired of corporations having different rules in every city and or store. The eastside store doesn't want to see ID yet the westside store does, same type of thing. The rules need to be the same across the board.
  12. I am from a mixed cultural background. My dads American and mom is German. In Germany you set your shoes outside and on the Dec 6 St. Nick comes by and puts candy in them if your good and you get switches for your behind if your bad. So I totally believed in that especially after seeing St. Nick at kindergarten. Christmas Eve. I got to open my Oma's balconey door to let the angels fly in. You see in Germany angels bring the presents for Christmas, Christmas Eve. All the kids have to go to the kitchen and wait for a bell to ring because it means that the angles have came and left the presents and you could come out. So I totally believed that too because the room was chilly and suddenly there was all this stuff. Then we went home to out Quarters on the military base. And dad would tell us to get to bed because Santa Clause was comming. And I totally believed that as well. (Ok, Ok, Ok, My siblings and I were VERY, VERY, VERY spoiled kids.) Toothfairy was told to us by dad, cause mom just didn't get it. Easter thankfully was the same. I grew up believing these things and for us the large gifts came from our parents. I grew up in a household full of magic and mystery. It was GREAT!!! There were fairies, dragons, trolls, witches, princesses, evil queens, you name it. My daughter regularly phones her "Fairy friends" aka my sister. My son calls his "alien friends", played by me. Yeah I think they know, but they get a BIG kick out of it anyway. Of course they are going to find out one day. Shoot they probably already know thanks to cousins. But who cares we still play and have faith that there is a little something more out there. I think it is important to engage a child's imagination, from experience teaching, kids who are allowed to daydream are better thinkers and problem solvers because instead of thinking everything is impossible they have a spirit inside that tells them it just may be possible. It doesn't mean your lying to them and withholding the truth. Your teaching them to think creatively and not let the sky be the limit. Thats my two cents.
  13. I LLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE chocolate no matter what. But dark wins for me, nearly tied with milk. Gotta be in the mood for white. Although I will be trying those white chocolate M&M's in honor of Johnny Depps Pirates II. Those of you who do not like dark chocolate I have three words for you. Midnight Milk Way, now come back and tell me its bitter. Man that is the stuff. I love chocolate, DH likes beer and cigs, I have to have my chocolate. Ever had a chocolate Amaretto cheesecake? A dark chocolate truffle Birthday cake? (Why did I enter this thread. I am supposed to be on a diet.)

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