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  1. Recieved my first pre-approval offers this quarter, PR Visa Sig and various Auto/Other Vehicle loans. I have been a member since October 2012 (just a savings), and I applied for and was approved for Platinum Rewards January 2013. I might take advantage of the auto loan if I can find something I like, but all I wanted was a CLI for my PR. I'm not too fond of opening a new credit card account for the Visa Sig at the moment. I'm on the same boat. Did the approval result in a new tradeline?
  2. May 2013 CS 760 (+2) PSECU 773 (+3)
  3. April 2013 CS 758 (+1) PSECU 770 (+8)
  4. The reward structure between the Signature and the Platinum is the same. The only thing that affects rewards is the application link.
  5. The link via Barclays has always given the 1% version. Go through Priceline and it's 2%.
  6. IME: EX and EQ after the first statement cut. TU after third statement cut. I don't know why there was a delay on TU.
  7. I don't think I'm going to make it into the 800 club for 2013. I might be going car shopping, followed by a mini app spree in August/September.
  8. If you're using EQC you should be able to see your softs. That will indicate how far along you are, and whether you've experienced C*.
  9. 1) I think it's every quarter, so there should be an update in April. It's a FAKO so don't lean on it too heavily. 2) Quizzle. All these sites provide FAKO scores.
  10. Hit up the GECRB UW for a CLI, and start paying down the balance. Getting below 20% will get you at least halfway there, if not all the way there.
  11. Hitch

    DCU FICO Score

    The opt in message should be in your mailbox immediately. The first score come in on the last Friday of the month.
  12. Both work, I've never had a problem. They are faster and more reliable than certain cashback sites. I go with whatever gives me the best discount.
  13. Is that a question? MPM doesn't sell directly, so you have to sign up through EIDT. I don't think the other two options work anymore. EIDT handles the billing MPM handles the reports
  14. Join through EIDT (eliminateidtheft). It takes a few days to get your MPM info.
  15. March 2013 CS 757 (+2) PSECU 762 (+1)

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