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  1. In my late teens I was out on my own and very troubled. I used to need weekly therapy visits and other various medical services, and though I had insurance through the community college I was going to, I often couldn't pay the copayments. I let the bills stack in a high pile in my living room, and going near them put me into a panic attack. Around 7 years ago I decided enough was enough. I checked my credit reports and found that my scores were in the low 500's, and I had 5-7 collections on each report. I also had a credit card with a $2k limit, which I had maxed out for car repairs years prior and was only able to make minimum payments on. In addition, I had some delinquencies for a Sallie Mae student loan, who offer zero forbearance options. And then I found creditboards and decided to do something about all of this. Updated all personal info, removed old info Opted out of marketing and pre-screening WhyChat's HIPAA process for removing the medical collections Waited 2+ years and disputed Sallie Mae lates Paid off Auto loan with no late payments Disputed other small non-medical collections like one from Verizon (they barely gave me time to pay an overdue bill one time and went straight to the CA's) And finally, used my tax return refunds and job raises to pay down the credit card 7 years later, all collections from my reports are gone. All delinquiencies are gone. My credit card debt is zero. Unfortunately, I have a huge amount of installment history due to my student loans (around $70k total) but they are all in good status. I recently checked my FAKO and FICO scores just to get a general idea. 7 years ago: All scores in low 500's After years of certified mailings, phone calls, and research... Jan. 2014, before SallieMae lates removed and CC not paid off EX: 691, EQ: 730, TU: 673 July 2014, all collections and lates removed and CC paid off EX: 780, EQ: 779, TU: 782 My medical debt was the biggest and worst part, I had over a dozen collections. WhyChat's process helped me. Thank you, WhyChat and creditboards!
  2. Interesting... it states that forbearance may be granted in 3 months increments, but doesn't seem to state the total amount allowed over the life of the loan.
  3. Just want to bump this with what worked for me. Very simple: in one of my routine online dispute "clean ups", I claimed that I was never late on my SallieMae loan. I figured, couldn't hurt to keep trying, right? By this point I'd already disputed this maybe 3 or 4 times, and SallieMae verified my 60-day late every time. But this last time, it completely worked. My 60-day late was from 2012, which somewhat confirms that 24 months is the magic number for getting a SM late taken off. What's interesting, is that now for that TL on my reports, it's only reporting the last 24 months of payment history... it's as though they don't bother reporting far back enough to where you would have paid late. It used to go all the way back to when the loan originated, but now only goes back to mid 2012 in my report.
  4. Does SoFi offer any forbearance/deferment features other than the 12 month "help you find a job" thing? I have 3 private loans with high interest rates - around 10% - and 5-7k each, but they offer me 2 to 3 years of forbearance which is an amazing thing to have in case the job market gets awful again. I'm not sure I'd be willing to jump ship for the less interest, when they're only going to give me 12 total months of forbearance and in 3-month intervals.
  5. When tackling the collections on my CR's, I deleted ALL my old addresses. Last year I moved from east coast to west coast... during one of my routine "clean up" sweeps on my reports, I deleted all my east coast addresses, so only my new west coast address remains on all three reports. Won't this look suspicious to lenders who check my credit history? They're going to see all these east coast accounts, college loans, etc... plus in conversation I'll surely mention that I've moved from the east coast. But all they'll see on my CR's is a west coast address. Won't that look/seem strange?
  6. Hi, I disputed some personal info in February. For a couple months I've had trouble logging in and getting reports (or disputing) on the EQ and EX websites. This week I got a letter from Equifax stating that they've added a fraud alert to my report. I've also gotten a letter from Experian that they've now added an alert. Nothing from TransUnion. Can the CRA's do that? I thought only the customer could add a fraud alert. My plan of action is: 1. Send letters + ID documents to EX and EQ, requesting my free reports (might as well get some new reports out of this orderl) 2. Then send letters + ID documents requesting they remove the fraud alert
  7. Sorry not to derail the thread here, but just wanted to say I recently disputed a SallieMae 60-day late with TU and Equifax and they both REMOVED the delinquency... So my advice is: keep trying. I have no idea why they removed it this time, SM always verified it in the past when I tried. It has not been close to 7 years.
  8. It was to the CA =( It was stupid but the bill wasn't gigantic and I just wanted to pay it off to avoid having it reported to the CRA... which of course happened ANYWAY, so now I'm refusing to make the remaining payments. The CA is Renton Collection in Washington... they lie about who is the supervisor and who isn't, and are clearly lying about not being willing to pay their attorney to sign a simple Pay for Delete letter... or they're telling the truth and it really isn't worth their time or money (yeah right) in which case getting the TL deleted should be a piece of cake, if they can't even keep their figures straight.
  9. Thanks EnC, I agree... I've had good luck with TU as well.... plus, this CA really doesn't have their stuff together, they constantly give me different balances, and claim that my accounts used to be with another company and they're not able to find out who, etc... basically, I have very little faith they can validate this. They didn't respond to my validation letter. The problem is, I HAVE made payments to them, but it is NOT paid in full... does this mess with my chances?
  10. The account with them that I Pre-HIPAA'd was with TU. And it was deleted. I'm now being pestered about the OTHER account, and apparently it's not worth it to them to do a pay for delete... supposedly. I'm thinking of waiting until my current move goes through, updating my address with TU and doing another pre-HIPAA. I'm sick of these people.
  11. I'm in a ridiculous (but fairly simple) situation with a CA right now, for 2 medical accounts. First of all, and this may be important... I've already successfully had them DELETED with a previous pre-HIPAA letter for one of the accounts. They are now reporting the OTHER account, and claiming that the "Acct info disputed by consumer" on the report. I've been dealing with one of their collectors who has actually been VERY polite with me. When I saw the account on my TU report, I asked her about a Pay For Delete... she had to give me to a "supervisor" who claims that it isn't worth it to them to pay their lawyer to do that paperwork, I would have to trust them to delete after paying... which obviously I am not doing, I demanded paperwork up front, which they are refusing to do. The balance on the report is 329, they are giving me different figures over the phone. Does the very fact that they don't consider this worthy of getting their lawyer involved PLUS the fact that they failed to validate in the past mean I have a good shot at getting it deleted with another pre-HIPAA letter? I'm also wondering if it's better to do a pre-HIPAA or tell TU that I've already disputed with this CA and had the account deleted... unfortunately this is technically a different account number (one was a doctor bill, the other was hospital, you know the deal).
  12. trader... frankly, I would have the old addresses deleted anyway just as an extra precaution... yes, it may take another month or so to go through but unless you're in a huge hurry for a loan or something, those debts aren't going anywhere on your report... may as well get into as optimal a situation as possible. But make sure all your GOOD accounts are updated first.
  13. Bump! Am interested to see if anyone has had luck with Sallie Mae and Goodwill letters with them.
  14. bleutatoo, did you go through the CRA's only or did you attempt contacting Sallie Mae? I ask because the big 3 all got my Sallie Mae late verified... so I figured my only option is to send Sallie Mae a GW letter.
  15. Hi WhyChat (and everyone) Well, one of the accounts WAS reinserted on TU. I called TU and the woman was not helpful at all about the reinsertion and the fact that I received NO notification from TU or the CA. She said if I wish to dispute it, they would GIVE THE CA ANOTHER 30 DAYS TO VERIFY. I can't believe this, the CA already FAILED to verify, the account was deleted, and was reinserted without notifying me. I'll be using the letter WhyChat linked... let's see what happens.

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