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  1. So yeah, it was two days late. But the statement cut with a past-due amount, a balance, and available credit = 0. When I talked to the CSR rep, she told me that any time a payment is 3 or more days late the account is marked "delinquent" and they knock the available credit to 0.... but it just feels off. First, it wasn't 3 days late. The payment was due on the 5th. I paid with the now infamous invisibly reversed check before that... and with a phone pay against my own chase account on the 7th. Unless my math skills deceive me, 7 - 5 = 2. So, not sure how that could be seen as "3 days la
  2. So, a tale of woe: I recently made a payment on my Chase Sapphire Reserve - paid the balance in full. With my CSR, the due date is rather close to the statement date - just 3 days. I paid early and forgot about it. But on the 7th I log in to see that the payment is marked as returned... which is nuts because the account it is drawn from has > 20K. So I immediately phone pay the card. FYI, the pay-from bank shows absolutely no indication that the payment was ever presented, so I'm still trying to find out what happened there. Ok, so here is where it gets weird: My statemen
  3. It's not really confusing - it is estimating the impact of 12 months of on time payments, age of accounts, aging of derogatories (if any), aging of inquires, etc.
  4. For full disclosure, it didn't help that I was irresponsible back then with a capital "I". I was moving around about every 3 months chasing contract work, had no permanent mailing address and didn't even try to get one... and I just plain didn't bother dealing with stuff until it was way, way far along. So, I accept my own responsibility in the matter, and I've wised up since. I learned everything I know about finance and credit by being a complete knucklehead.
  5. Way back in ancient history, after 9/11 my company went bust and outsourced all of our jobs to India. My student loans then went into default because I couldn't pay them and I was too stupid to know there was such a thing as forbearance... and they didn't offer. So I eventually wound up paying one of the many sleazy collections agencies the government / servicers send after student loan debtors because I essentially had no choice - they administratively garnished me once I found new employment. But I later started to try and get smart... and I rehabbed these loans and then SM (now Navient)
  6. For anyone to seriously think a petition would shift Chase's policy on this... it's hard to fathom. Chase is going to make decisions based on risk exposure and on other factors concerning the health of their business. They gain very little value out of allowing users to churn their cards for maximizing the benefits, only cost. Plus, risk. So no - Chase isn't going to care what some people signing a petition think. If our goal is to give their execs a nice laugh: carry on.
  7. There are a whole other set of problems that arise from using billpay like this that have been well documented here, not the least of which is that your creditor will not credit your payment until they receive it from your billpay institution - they aren't going to care about when you initiated that transaction. Lots of people have been burned by that.
  8. It doesn't matter - it is still within SOL no matter how you do the math. What's the amount due? May is an eternity away - they could file next week (or never)... but it's not realistic to think that mid Jan - May is a 'short' timeframe in lawsuit land.
  9. The point is if he had cash to put in a CD he wouldn't need a loan.
  10. Too bad OP's scores aren't just a bit higher; with 640 prosper would be an option.
  11. It's only a matter of time before they get wise to this game.
  12. I'm sorry but yeah, you do have to be pretty stupid to take out 90K in high interest revolving debt to pay for a seminar. I'm sorry, but this is hard to dispute. Basic math applies here. You are right, though, that education and enculturation come to bear. But anybody capable of obtaining 100k in revolving credit should know better than to blow it on a speculation. That said, nobody taught me diddly growing up about investing or money management; my Dad kept his money in the freezer wrapped in foil. So what I learned, I learned via the school of hard knocks. So maybe these folks a
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