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  1. Breeze, the problem with naming some folks is leaving out others. My apologies because certainly you should have been on that list as well. Of course there's Trever, Brian B on the Mortgage board, etc, etc,... Bottom line is CB is a great resource, and this community is awesome.
  2. fatherof5

    Thanks CB

    After 4 years, I managed to go from a 500 range nightmare to closing on my refinance this past week. There are a lot of good posters here but ICANHASUMUNY, BobWang, Hegemony and WhyChat were really instrumental in my success. This is such a valuable resource for those who will use it properly and have patience. Thanks to you four and the other countless valuable posters who aren't judgmental and are so helpful for the newbies! I could never bear to see what my score was at it's worst, they were realistically probably in the high 400s, but my three scores on the mortage pull were 719 (EX), 701 (TU) and 674 (EQ). Of course since I learnd to join PSECU and DCU, I knew where I stood. Along the way I got a D* Amex, a great 20/20 Combo and auto loan at PSECU, and learned so much. Don't let judgments, collections, liens, anything stop you. I weeded out 95% of my baddies and I am now saving $300 a month on my mortgage and knocked almost 8 years off the term by going to a 15 year. It's so awesome.
  3. After some very trying times back in 2006 my credit was a total nightmare. In 2010 I started to think about my credit. In 2011 I started working, by late 2012 I went from the low 500s to the low 600s. I joined PSECU, DCU, got a car loan and a couple credit cards. This week, I finally closed on my refi. My old rate was so high I am embarrassed to post it but it was in double digits. I was just getting killed but had no way out. My new rate is 3.25 fixed on a 15 year. I am saving almost $300 a month and knocked almost 8 years off my term. And I could not have done it without CB and Brian from this page. Now my question. It's a refi, and there is a 3 day cooling off period that expires Saturday. The mortgage broker says that the loan will be funded Monday - for sure - unless I cancel, which ain't happening. Am I really good to go and am I OK to apply for the two cards I've been holding back on now? They said there is no confirmation on the funding, it is just going to happen. They already pulled a 3 bureau pull in December when I applied (obviously) then hit me again with a 3 bureau pull this past Tuesday, which I was expecting. Apply or wait? Once funded, I will eventually know because I will get a settlement check in the mail, but that might push beyond the optimum window.
  4. Bumping this to see if anyone applied for this card now that the switchover has come. It seems like a pretty decent card overall.
  5. Then I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to get a mortgage there.
  6. Did you ask for a new card with 2007 on it? I'm not sure how it works with corporate cards, but it sounds like you're good. I'm sure BW and shifter will chime in. I did not ask. I wasn't expecting the card so soon and my wife met me for lunch and brought it to work. So I activated it from there but I can't hang out on CB there so I couldn't remember exactly what to say and who to ask. Not a Boy Scout today because I was ill prepared. I also want to add my wife as an AU but I don't want to do anything for her until I am 100% sure it is going to be D*. She has 2 cards for an AAOA on only 13 months. I can jack that up close to 3 years here with D*. Well half the battle is complete. Got my replacement card yesterday with the D* on it. Added wife as AU. Card should be in within a few days.
  7. Update Got all 4 mystery phone numbers deleted plus my cell phone too from TU with a letter. Still haven't done anything with wife's ancient address.
  8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I wrote the letter to the attorney going to mail that right now. I also made the complaint against Credit One and Mutal Funding. I will keep you updated. Thank you everyone. I am determined to fix my credit and get everything resolved. Remember, take your time and do it right. Cleaning your credit up is a marathon, not a 100 meter dash.
  9. +2 this month to 725 AMEX FICO from 6/9 only 682 on exact same data. Scoring model apparently means a lot more when you are dirty...
  10. BW, fortunately this was one thing I did right a few years ago and it was by reading a lot of posts from you and some of the other regulars. I I first started at the boards at the "other site" where there are lot of farmers gardners. Fortunately, I found a couple references to here and never went back. Like most people who are coming from zero, I really wanted some cards right away to get something going. I thought about secured subprime cards, Cap 1, Comenity, etc. Early 2011. I had a lot of baddies at first (19 on EX, a couple less on the others) and got rid of some but not enough, particularly a couple judgments. As soon as I got rid of those, I went to the local CU and talked to them. I hadn't bought a FICO but had USAA, CK and CS and figured it was time to try. I got in with the local CU for a VISA and an auto loan offer with a TU08 of 614. Just before then I had my daughter who was attending an eligible school join PSECU and I immediately piggybacked on. I got in there and with what turned out to be a little better report on EX, got the 20/20 combo and a car loan at 2.49%. I also got into DCU to keep track of scores. This was in the fall of 2012. Since then I've been laying low and haven't applied for anything until last week. I wanted an AMEX for D* (something I learned about here ) and finally went for one and got BCP. Through all of that I had a mortgage. At this point I have the three CCs, an auto loan and mortgage. My baddies will all be gone by 2016 and by then I will hopefully have a pristine report and strong scores. Could not have done it without this board and the regulars. Newbies, listen to BW and the others and get a strategy, not some tactics.
  11. +1 Rule #1 - Stay off the phone! Rule #2 - Read this board. Rule #3 - Do what ICANHASMUNY says. She knows more than seems humanly possible. This should probably be Rule #1. Rule #4 - Remember Rule #1. Do not talk to these people, Don't admit to anything to anyone at this point on the phone or by mail. Tell them to send you letters by mail. You need to actually get your credit reports, see who is reporting what and then let us know what sort of letters you've gotten (dunning letters from anyone). Then you can proceed from there.
  12. I already lamented that this morning. This month I was really interested to see what it was since I got an EX08 from my AMEX app on 6/9. That one was 41 points lower than my May PSECU. Nothing has changed on that report for several months and it's climbed pretty steadily. I am thinking someone was supposed to upload that this Friday and forgot. At least hoping anyway we'll see them tomorrow.
  13. You need to battle all 4... since the big 3 increasingly use LN for records Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk Yes Roger that. And don't forget Chexsystems which tracks problems wtih checks, and can cause problems getting into CUs in particular. Now back the the scores. If your scores don't say FICO somewhere, they are not real scores. All three bureaus sell their own "PLUS scores", etc, that are worth exactly ZERO
  14. Nothing is automatic. You need copies of your other reports. If you haven't gotten your free annual reports, get them via US Mail for the hard copy. Then dispute the items with each of them, again, preferably in writing. There are lots of instructions on how to do that. EX and TU don't care one iota what's on EQ. You have to battle all three independently.

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