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  1. I tried to find out about score drop and effect on my approval, waiting to hear back. I know verizon said they sold it, Good idea to at least give it a try. Would only help if they told afni. It is from a long time ago and past sol. Juss11 I can't help but think these underwriters are one way AFNI can continue to be so brazen. They don't care if it's valid or even yours. I was thinking of using a cash card and only put exactly what's owed to pay them. I can see them taking forever with "it's in processing" before they update. Sorry you both had to go through, am dare still going through the same nonsense.
  2. I agree. I did request validation twice much earlier this year, no response from AFNI. I do wish I had been more aggressive sooner and was going to send in disputes but was told it might cause problems with anyone pulling for approval. Did not know then that it would take so long to get everything I needed submitted, there would have been plenty of time to get dispute completed. I had been told paid receipts were all I needed, now at zero hour they insisted the collection agencies also had to show a $0 balance. These were paid months ago only they refused to update their records, even after several requests from the OC and myself. This AFNI was not though because I was so sure it wasn't mine. I did not realize that, even with the LO hearing all these discrepancies directly from AFNI, that they would still insist it be paid.
  3. They want me to pay it now. I had thought of trying for a PFD, with something like this is clearly not mine but from what I've read here, they just don't do PFD at AFNI. They were due to fall off in a few months, then they re-dated to 2010. Also read of people sending them all kinds of proof it wasn't their account and they laugh it off. The only thing I have going for me is that I have two witnesses who heard the AFNI rep say they thought the person who had account was deceased and that it was from 2007, even though they had 2010 on my reports. Seems to me they just tacked it on, they've been known to play with the facts.. I mean really, why is it on a CRA if the account holder is deceased? I would hope that the bank wouldn't hold a score change against me since they said they require a $0 bal. Does anyone know about that? I suspect if they get payment, it won't be long before another AFNI shows up on my reports too.
  4. My underwriter wants this to show $0 bal. A verizon that AFNI has. I have a Fax # for dispute resolution. Was going to send proof It isn't mine. The have 2011 on my CRA's changed from DOLA of 2007. I had Verizon in 2003 and am sure I paid. I know SOL is passed and they insisted I made calls in 2007 in one state, the landline phone # they gave is in another state Did I mention they thought The person was dead? Regardless, underwriter still wants it paid so is there any way to minimize the damage?
  5. Everything got sorted out and verified except for this AFNI collection which is an old Verizon. The address they had was not where I was living at that time and the phone number for the bill was never my phone number. This was a landline and the number was in another state. They also said the person who had the bill was deceased which makes it even more confusing. Looks like they grabbed an old address of mine and attached this bill to it and now expect me to pay a dead person's bill. They absolutely refuse to budge unless its paid, even though I have proof I did not live there at that time. It's hard to willingly pay this to get my bank's ok.
  6. Forgot to mention - In 2013 my credit report showed AFNI Verizon with 2007 as DOLA. In 2014 they re-dated it to 2010.
  7. My loan officer told me these collections need to be taken care of to close. Two are paid with receipts given to LO. One I paid the medical center directly, the bank requested a 0 balance statement, which I gave them. I paid over a year ago and despite the medical center calling several times and me writing the collection agency is not removing it. My LO wants a $0 balance from the collection agency. The medical center was not on my reports, only the collection agency. The amounts are the same. They want proof that the CA is not for another account. Another one is an AFNI collection for a Verizon. Just showed up on my credit report. I wrote and never heard back, still on CRA.I finally spoke to someone in the right dept of Verizon who said they had sold it to AFNI years ago. They didn't show an amount to compare with what AFNI claims. They did show an address where I lived 12 years ago! I honestly don't recall any Verizon accounts but that was a long way back. I know not to call CA's but given the circumstances I did and was told they have nothing under my name. They could not look it up with the partial account number on report and wanted me to get full number from CRA's and call back. My LO wants to do a conference call with AFNI, which is really freaking me out. Call is bad enough - letting them know I'm trying for mortgage approval can only bring more problems. SOL has long passed, I have no idea where a receipt might be to prove I paid.
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. Our rental owner recently sold the rental so we need to find something quickly, which is why I wanted to stay with this lender. I'm mainly trying to avoid a situation where it falls through at the last minute for something I could have avoided. Rentals are hard to find in the area we're living, esp on short notice - plus mortgage will be only bit more than half what a rental costs. shifter..what did you do when that happened? I will definitely keep in mind what you've all said about cc balances.
  9. We were approved for a mortgage, but were told we had to pay some collections. I was able to pay 2 directly to the OC since they were recent. And I'm also getting collection letters in mail on old accounts, some past SOL. One of the 3 is Verizon home service DOLA from 11/2007(its on old reports , though on the recent report it has 2010. GLA collections.) I've tried several times to get Verizon to find out who owns debt but can't get a person. I told bank I'm nervous of paying and then finding out its not GLA and I'll have to pay it again later. I've also received letters from Assett on credit card DOLA 2006 with a huge discount offer - 80% off. Do not want to restart the clock. And another that I have no idea what its for, there's no original creditor listed and the amount is unfamiliar. Not sure if or how I should respond to them with mortgage issue. I'm afraid one of those will pop up on my credit report. Doesn't the bank pull again after approval but before closing? I don't want to inadvertently get old collections back on for another 7 yrs. And I don't want to start a dispute and have my CRA's unavailable should the bank need to pull again. I do have to pay the Verizon, should I write saying I don't believe this is mine, but I'll pay it so you'll leave me alone? Or some other way? I was thinking if I just called and paid Verizon directly then I could get CA off later since they have no valid reason for collection. Please advise. We're first time homebuyers and I don't want to mess up our approval, its taken awhile to get here.
  10. After some reading here I think I found the flaw - they said they would mark it paid but couldn't they sell the remaining balance to another CA? and then maybe using that $29 to restart the clock?
  11. I have two old American Express debts that Asset has been trying to collect. Last payment was July 2006. Had been resident of states with 3 yr SOL, current state is 5 yrs. I had tried to contact AmEx to make arrangements with them because we're hoping to buy a home within the next yr. They refused and referred me to Asset. Been getting 20% settlement offers from Asset for years now but this one is very different. For a $3,600 debt (orig.$1,400) they now offer a one time payment of $29. Letter states: "Benefits of accepting this (guaranteed)offer A $0 balance on your Am Ex account A paid acct letter upon request We will report your acct as paid to the credit bureaus The current balance was calculated on 1/18/12 and may vary due to payments/and or accrual of interest after that date" In light of the recent court decision, there is nothing about this payment re-starting the clock, or that its past the SOL. I searched the boards and haven't found anything about an offer like this so need help on how to respond or if this is just another of their deceptive tactics. I would think I'll get a similar letter for my other AmEx account soon.
  12. Thank you for the replies. I checked into the borrowing statute of NY and they have one - it looks like they would use the state where the default began (thinking date of last payment). If the other state SOL is longer, then they'll use NY. I read an article that wasn't state specific mentioned if the SOL has definitely expired before you moved to a new state, then they couldn't inititiate new legal action. Was an brochure that claimed to be quoting consumer law. This would be the situation in my case. I found part of the statute quoted but it was hard for me to fully understand and I'm not sure about the integrity of the brochure site so please check further if you're in this situation. Beli - thanks for the idea, I'll give that a try.
  13. I have old debts that I'm trying to work on by coming up with the full amt the paying them. Where we live now, they're all out of SOL - totals about 8,000 with all the extra interest/fees. We were looking at moving to another state that has 3 more years for the SOL. It's unlikely I'd be able to take care of these debts all at once. So if we move there, they all would be able to get judgments if they were inclined - is that correct? Its definitely something to take into consideration. If I have understood correctly, is there anything I can do?
  14. Thanks Tyra - The accounts are showing as new accounts under Asset - no mention of Amex so it looks like they were sold instead of Asset collecting for Amex. At least on the one report. I'm pretty sure these are my old Amex's except for the balances being so much higher. Wish I had received the "Regain membership" letters. We've moved so I never did. I don't see how either place can report these as "new" accounts. I opened my accounts with Amex and Providian...not Assett or Arrow. Seems pretty coincidental that these were "opened" a few months before the SOL was up. The DOLA is correct but is there a reason they might have done this? I don't want to do anything to re-start the clock though I would like to at least repay my smaller accts to improve my reports. For these 2 bigger ones - I'd like to pay in full but it will take time to come up with the money. In that time..they could be re-sold again to someone else. Don't have experience with credit cards that were written off, then re-sold a few times (like Providian). I've always worked with the OC and not CA's.
  15. Thank you trachkids and IcassI for your posts. That gives me some thoughts on how to combine what my family needs along with keeping the employment part that I've been building on the past years. Appreciate the advice on keeping my income the same. This would be my first time buying a home so I didn't know they used your average income, something else to keep in mind too.

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