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  1. Ok, so actually this is the reason I'm holding off with refinancing the car... I'm currently renting my Chevy Camaro out on a Ride Share Platform ( maybe not the nicest idea of owning your dream car, but it's a way to make the are pay for itself and drive your dream car for free 😉 ... since this looks like it's going well ..(just rented the car out for a week for my first car note) I'm probably scaling this "Business" up a little bit and will probably buy another car soon. (If somebody is interested how it works feel free to contact me or I will share it here .. if possible)
  2. @cv91915 wow ist the your score in your signature !? Respect !! What exactly or maybe in an example do you mean by " Don't perpetuate high-interest debt for short-term score impact without an overwhelming reason. " you seam to now what you are taking about... on that note: Do you thing adding my girl friend to the auto loan will help here score ? ( If thats even possible with an ongoing loan ( kind of like a co-signer ... similar to a credit card)
  3. I was able to finance my 2. car for 2.99 % with DCU after I sold my car that I had financed with Capital One for 5,5 % and was able to pay of my credit cards which helped me alot with boosting my score. Since my credit score went up to 750 It was real easy to finance with DCU .. instant approval ... all online ... after I chose a car and send them the Purchase agreement, they overnighted the check to me. .. and the best, all with a super low 2.99 % APR ( not an all time low, because I remember them advertising a 1.99 % APR before but I'm still very happy especially since th
  4. Here is a sample letter that I sent out to all 3 bureaus which worked for Transunion and Experian: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qbaeb2vs626xqea/Sampleround1.pdf?dl=0 but Equifax didn't remove the item. I want to follow up with this 2. Round ( Sample) letter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4qji6hjr8k62sh/Sampleround2.pdf?dl=0 I'm not to sure if I should take a different approach or just change the wording, which is kind of the case with this 2. round letter.
  5. How do you go about a 2. round letter? Do you change the verbiage or approach if the first letter wasn't successful ( for a late payment )?
  6. Do you remember what your credit score was when you got your Amex? I can't wait to get an Amex Delta card, since we really only fly Delta. My credit score was around 740 ( with Credit Karma) before I applied for the Amex Gold and has since goin up to 750. If I may plug this very good website here.. Us Credit Card Guid has a good blog and newsletter updating when Delta raises the sign up bonus which I was able to take advantage off. with 60k miles after 3k spend ( in the first 3 months) then an extra 10k miles with an additional 1k spend ( in the first 6 months) so watch out for those o
  7. Update : I mixed up the names of the Credit Bureau ... Tranunion and now Experian deleted the Item but Equifax states the debt is verified. I actually just posted about how to go about a 2nd round : https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=614571 if anybody is interested to follow or maybe has an idea about 2nd round attempts.
  8. I have been successful with my 1. dispute letter at Experian and Transunion, but Equifax did not delete the bad item ( which was a late payment) Any suggestions who to go about round 2 with Equifax? Do I do ask how the item was validated ? Contracts, Recordings , Signatures .. how the Data is Collected / Stored or similar like I would with the Collection Agency ?
  9. I doubt it.. its for about 170 bucks from Time Warner who is out of business now..
  10. Update: Just got the 1. letter / report from Equifax : Item deleted ! I also got a little success for myself .. I got my first Amex ( Delta Gold when they offered the 60k bonus points ) I will send the next update asap..
  11. @mush1077 I'm assuming the law is different from stat to state but you can look it up under the dmv website of your state.. these are the general infos about the law in California : https://www.dmv.org/ca-california/automotive-law/lemon-law.php but as I said, when you get in contact with the corporate office ( after you go back to the shop / dealership to get your recored of the repair attempts printed out / of cause without telling them the real reason you need them for) , the corporate level is more concern with keeping a reputation for the brand and customer satisfaction, which are
  12. @bigbear I'm assuming PIF Lifestyle means .. Pay In Full .. thats defiantly a principal I will apply .... grateful I learned the lesson before I was to late. I don't really have any loyalty towards any Hotel / Brand but I use hotels dot com which gives you the average of the 10th night free so pretty much 10% is pretty good since the prices are mostly one of the cheapest in comparison ( it's owned by expedia ) But $49/year and a free nigh sounds great !
  13. .. i feel you I didn't want to listen to my girlfriend... bought a Chrysler ( which is pretty much the same as a dodge) ... nothing but problem.. even when I had a brand new one as a rental car.. mush1077
  14. @mush107 I was able to pay off around 80% of my Credit card balance and my Girl added me as a consignee to a credit line of about the same amount which I had in credit before, so the score shot all the way back up to where it was. So that lets me know that the Credit/debt ratio is the most important factor ( if you don't have any baddies on your record) The Lemon Law kicked in, because I keep bringing the car back to the Dealer/Service with the Problem ( minor noise coming from the department). So the Lemon Law kicks in, when there is a problem and you keep bringing the car back for the
  15. Yes @cv91915 it sure was .... live changing! I was fortunate to be able to return my beloved Chevy Camaro under the Lemon Law and was than able to pay off my credit card with the balance. During that time I had 2 auto loans. Not sure if the payoff of the auto loan had an impact on may sore, but the 36 months good payment history for the low sure has. I got approve for a 2.5% refinance with DCU verses a 10.5 % current auto loan with Alley. So yes currently still 5 credit cards , 1 car loan and cosigned on 1 credit card. I will pro probably shoot for 4 more cards. The current ca
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