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  1. I see a lot of topics where the collection agencies are attempting to "poison" credit reports when a mortgage pull is done. Is this something the mortgage underwriters are aware of when viewing credit reports? If they had more knowledge on this subject is it possible they would accept a good letter of explanation? Thoughts?
  2. Grandpointe is pretty easy tradeline. Not automatic but similiar to qualifying for Fingerhut and they report.
  3. They offered 50% off for the unlimited for 6 months.
  4. If you are trying to get an FHA or any type of federal loan you might be in CAVIRS. It is a system for defaulted federal loans. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can chime in.
  5. You can increase the limit in $50 increments. When added the increae shows the next business day. I have both the secured usaa amex and mastercard. Great product! There is even talk of possibly graduating to unsecured in the near future.
  6. Aarons will report a paid tradeline when the item is paid off. They do not report while the account is active. They will report if not paying on time.
  7. It could be people from other countries whose currency value is higher than the dollar -euro maybe? They could purchase the item for much less even though it is still over the value amount of the card. Just a thought.
  8. Welcome back!! Glad to hear all is well with your mom!!
  9. jeez, other than this poster above, I don't think anyone even bothered to answer the OP's question. This is not a board for judgment of other posters. If that's the case maybe you should move on somewhere else, because most of us are here for a reason; due to past mistakes. If you can't say anything helpful, why no pass on responding? I laughed out loud at the poster who thought it was ethical and right that "certain" things stay on your credit while others were ok if they were deleted. Doesn't any delinquency, BK, forclosure, late, repo, collection, chargeoff, etc make you a poor risk according to the Fico model and other credit models? Quite the double standard..... Well said!!! Foreclosure should stay on, but my charge-off should be deleted...double standard indeed.
  10. Did Bank of America mention the name of the loan program you are in? Congrats
  11. BTW, what is ttt short for? Not sure, but whenever I see ttt, I always tell Marv to go _ _ _ _ himself. That's funny
  12. As your accounts age your score should improve. If an account on your report does not change, age of the account is the constant most people forget about.
  13. You might want to consider DV the collection agency. I did that with a utility and they sent it back to the OC. I worked out a payment plan directly with the utility. HTH
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