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  1. They straight up closed mine with no warning. I had not used it much in the last year, but was not inactive.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQZmCJUSC6g
  3. In other news....grass is green and the sky is blue....
  4. I'm sure it's buried in this massive thread somewhere...but is it possible to get the Venture sign up bonus multiple times?
  5. Capital one definitely puts certain accounts on "double secret" probation like you suggested. I had an Orchard card that went Platinum when they acquired Orchard and I was never able to get the limit above 1k, even after my reports were clean and I had used the card quite a bit. Card was 4+ years old by that point with 0 lates and decent usage for the limit. I was hesitant to combine that account because it was my oldest rebuild card at the time, but I finally did and now my QS card stands at 31k from combining and using the 2fer. I have to thank them for making me a nice prybar...but dealing with cap1 customer service is usually a painful experience.
  6. I still havent got around to trying this...I was told by phone csr to go into a branch. Curious to hear if it works for you. I figured id let my accounts age over a year.
  7. You will have more luck with Discover than with Barclays.
  8. Havent had this problem...and they just tripled my limit on the first cli. :0
  9. Started the year by getting my reports clean in Jan. Went from 3k in total available credit to 113k between then and now with my highest limit at 31.5k. I also completed an auto loan and have a new mortgage in the pipeline. Many thanks to the folks here for helping me clean up the mess I made in years past.

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