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  1. They actually completely removed it. It shows 30 days late changed from 1 to 0 as in never been late period. There is no evidence of it whatsoever.
  2. I just wanted to share my nightmare/success story. My credit was in the toilet many years ago. It took me a while but last year I finally made it into the FICO 800s across the board no lates and low utilization. Happy as ever. Then I bought a gift for a wedding on my Macys card online in April. Forgot all about it as I rarely use that card. Long story short, my bill is emailed but goes to my promotional gmail folder that I never look at and somehow they had a very old phone number for me so I had no clue. I got a notification from myfico.com stating your score dropped 69 points due to 30 day late. WTF??? I was in a panic pacing tears in my eyes, Me late? Not in over 15 years have I been late on anything. I called Macys twice...sorry your fault you need a valid reason etc. I paid my bill in full immediately ($119) then decided to write letters which I never had the chance to send. I kept getting credit notifications and refused to look at them because I felt sick. I finally looked yesterday and ......WHAT?????? Credit scores jumped up 69/65/63 on all 3 bureaus and stated my status went from 30 day late>pays as agreed! OMG! Not sure how or why but I will NEVER let that happen again and signed up for auto payments on everything. I thought getting late removal was very low chance but it can happen!
  3. You are correct. I ended up doing an app for Citi Simplicity to get the 21 mo BT offer...got it. Shocked they gave me 14,300 since my other Simplicity is stuck at 9600 and would not give me more LOL. Thanks again never occurred to me to have 2 of the same card.
  4. Which balance transfer cards (Not Chase Slate nor City Simplicity already have) that have a minimum of 15 months 0% balance transfer tend to give higher credit limits? Discover It? Citi Diamond? Others? I need to move over about 5k and getting less than 12k credit limit would be a waste for me. All 3 Fico 8 scores are between 765-772 I have one card with a higher balance. Most of my cards are in the 9k range with 1 at 15k and one at 24k. Thanks Guys.
  5. The platinum card. From my phone I can't seem to edit my post I meant to say they pulled equifax not experian.
  6. I wanted to thank everyone for their help. I applied online today and within 15 minutes I was approved. I called and found out I have a $24,000 credit limit and 8.49% APR. Extremely happy beyond my dreams. Highest limit to date for me. Ex score 767.
  7. Wow joining was easier than I thought. I emailed PDF's of my NFCU membership application, a copy of my Navy League (San Diego) membership and a copy of my drivers license last week. Hadn't heard anything, got someone really nice on the phone, next thing you know...BAM I am a member! They could not have been nicer. I funded my $5 deposit while on the phone as well. I was in my car and the people next to me didn't understand why a grown man was crying tears of joy LOL. I am going to wait a few more days then will apply for a credit card. I am hoping for a minimum of 15-20k. We shall see. Thanks to everyone for the tips/advice on joining. You guys rock!
  8. Citi Diamond or Discover It? Need that 21 month bal transfer!My overall utilization has gone from 74% to 28%. This would put the final nail in the coffin to pay off the rest of my debt faster. Need a minimum of 12k as I would like to transfer over about 5k. THANKS! All 3 FICO scores are in mid 760s. Overall util. at 28% highest single card at 88%.
  9. Why would getting NFCU products be settling? I am curious about your position. They give nice starting limits with low APR's. (yes I know APR doesn't matter). But again where is the settling? Also, what products should they be aiming for then? They give nice limits when your credit blows chipmunks. That's their niche. Once you're prime you can get great limits AND great rewards from the mainstream issuers, and there will be a line of companies around the block willing to do cheap BTs. I see your point. Kinda. It seems that the cashRewards, GoRewards and Flagship products while not industry leading are still competitive. But back to your point about having prime FICO's; I wish at least in my case that was the only measuring stick. Granted I am only 4.5 months into this but even when I had an 833 TU 2 months ago I wasn't getting 5 digit limits likely due to my thin report. Also why I likely didn't get a better SL with NFCU. In GIJoe's case I think that he needs to supply some more details before solid direction can be given. For instance, how many accounts in the past six months? How many cards over 30% utilization? Which lenders? What is the high limit? How do lenders look at 28% total utilization? etc.. Okay so you know my scores. I have 10 credit cards, many with 0 balance. My current credit union credit card has a high balance ( 8.6% APR) has a 11k balance with a 15k limit. I have 60k combined credit limit among all cards of which I am using 15,500 to give you a better idea. No lates..average age of accounts is 7 years. I have no inquiries whatsoever in the past 2 years. I still have to pinch myself that I am in the 760s. Never thought I would get there from the 610s a few years ago! What a mouse that was LOL. Thanks to all for your comments/advice. My highest limit is the 15k card. I just want an additional card with at least 15k if not 20k. I figured NFCU was my best option unless someone has another opinion? Not looking for rewards really. Low apr with a high limit that allows balance transfers.
  10. My understanding is NFCU is generous with credit limits. I would like to transfer some of the balance over from my high utilization card to them helping my utilization. I dont want to take a chance applying for a regular card getting some lame limit that won't allow me to move over 5k without killing utilization on a new card. Thoughts?
  11. gijoeboxer

    NFCU App

    I am thinking of joining NFCU to get a credit cards and wondered what your thoughts are on me getting at least a 20k credit line? Overall utilization at 28%. I have one card at 86% due to it being a low APR not that it helps with my score. I have attached screenshots of my latest scores as of today.
  12. Congrats! This is one of the cards I dream of having in my collection. I've been denied once already. I sympathize as I was turned down over and over and it was so discouraging. I have 6 cards with the largest credit line of $1800. That's why I was shocked when I found out today Delta Amex has given me a $10k credit line. I am just shocked. This will help my utilization SOOO much! Right now its only at 11% so it's not too big of a deal. I hope you get approved one day soon. Again I feel your pain. Joe
  13. One thing I found out that Amex did was do a hard pull from all 3 bureaus. I was like...really Amex? But hey no problem I am happy with getting the card. I had zero inquiries on Equifax and only 2 on Experian, and a damn 4 from Transunion though 2 of those should fall off be December. Guess my unpaid charge off from 2007 got old enough not to matter anymore. At least with Amex. Good luck to all the pull the trigger. Joe
  14. For 5 years..2x a year I have applied for a Delta American Express card. I pulled trigger yesterday, got a 14 day message, regretted it immediately. Today I checked the status....APPROVED!!!! I have no idea of my credit limit and I don't care I am just so happy to finally get this card being I fly Delta often plus get 30,000 skymiles. They pulled Experian at a 717 credit score. 5yo charge off. All other accounts 24) in good standing with 16% utilization. Sorry had to share in my excitement! J

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