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  1. Discover Secured shot me down, too. Oh woe is me! LOL *sigh*
  2. Lol! It's (Massey's) some random online catalog I got an offer for and yes, since I'm rebuilding I was wondering who the heck they were, but couldn't find too much info on them. They have a bunch of random crap that I would've just toyed around with had they actually been a beneficial company. I even asked the customer service rep if they report and they sound as dumb as a doorknob. I'll just toss it!
  3. I just got a preapproved offer from Masseys in the mail. Does anyone know if they report to the credit bureaus?
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the second chance account from Wells Fargo!
  5. I have a couple of old entries in chexsystems as well and went with TCF since I know they dont check at the branches, but after reading this will definitely go for Regions soon. my guess is that they will close the account but they have been approving some that are reported regardless of chexsystems, I am not sure about EWS
  6. I am going to try this and see if it works. I had a credit card company close my account after it being one month late, then tell me they were sending me back the deposit I made on my card to open it, AND THEN tell me that I never needed to make a deposit so I had no money coming back to me.
  7. Wow! I have something in chex as well. So even if I pay it off, which I was planning to do asap, its still going to linger around? Ummm this is a tricky one... Paying for it won't remove you on Chex Systems or EWS. I know for a fact that Wamu Reports to Chex and EWS. Chex will remove you at in five years and EWS in seven years. Have you tried to DV the Collection Agency?
  8. Hello all!!!!! Ive been lurking around for awhile after being referred here by a friend from work (bless her lol) and need to get more active. Ive come a long way from having horrible credit, but its not the best either. I am in the low 500's (and yes thats after being in the mid 400's! yikes!!!) and am obsessed with getting it as high as possible. Thanks so much for everything on here!!!!

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