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  1. i finished B* in December/early Jan. Cancelled SC then and haven't pulled since. All my inq showed up on MPM this morning.
  2. This is TU and EQ. EX from Oct 2014 is the same but has the old student loan CA.
  3. Thank you. I will plan on getting her some credit in her name. We are in Massachusetts. Mortgage in 2016 would be great. We don't have a definite time line on this at this point.
  4. I am hoping to clean up my spouse's credit report. Not sure there is much I can do with this. Any advice? Score is below 600. Negative account Comenity/JJil- opened 9/11=120 days late 3/14, now current Capital One: last payment 10/08 unpaid charge off TU: remove 10/15 Capital One: last payment 7/13 paid charge off TU remove 7/20, tried PDF before paying National Collegiate- private student loan, Last payment 11/08- out of SOL? TU: remove 10/15 National Collegiate- private student loan, Last payment 11/08- out of SOL? TU remove 10/15 Swiss Colony- last payment 10/13, charge off, $87, have PDF letter ready, heard they usually don't respond TU: remove 10/20 New TU but not on EQ Transworld System: report x2 student loan above with last payment date of 11/09 and drop off date 1/16, this was previously reported from another collection agency that dropped off 11/14 when hit SOL, this CA just popped up 2 weeks ago, have not received anything from them. Positive accounts are all AU accounts. Goal is to increase her score enough that we could get a mortgage. Don't plan on getting much credit in her name.
  5. I inc. in Michigan for $50 as a LLC! Hopefairy
  6. thanks rigirl- replied to your email. hopefairy
  7. so how many times does one have to post to become a non-newbie? i'm mostly just a lurker. hopefairy
  8. I wanted to send you a PM but for some reason I am not allowed. Anyone know how I can get "permission" to send pm's? hopefairy
  9. where can I find a walmart biz app? hopefairy
  10. Thanks All- I already have accounts with Quill and Viking and just ordered something from Nebs to get me started. I don't have 411 because I don't have a landline phone. Still trying to justify the costs. thanks for the encouragement and advice. hf
  11. I did try making a purchase and then applying. Didn't work. Guess I will wait until a few TL are showing up on my DNB file and try again. hopefairy
  12. I've been denied by Dell with a EIN and DUNS number. Should I call and try applying by phone? No reason is given for the denial. I'm bummed because I really need a new computer. Hopefairy
  13. I have heard that people on this board will swap "services" with one another so that we can report to DUNS and help build our files faster. I am wondering 1) can anyone tell me how to report a business transaction to DUNS and 2) is anyone interested in working together for this purpose. would love to get a couple listings on my file. hopefairy
  14. I originally requested a number in October. got "denied" in December after not agreeing to buy their credit builder. I put in another request about a week or so ago. The 1st rep I was in contact with (back in Oct) told me I'd have to pay $69 for a expediated number. I just called and said I needed it for a grant. Government grants do require a DUNS number and the DNB people say that is the only useful reason for having the free DUNS number. I don't know if I will actually apply for a grant but it got me the free number fast and without the argument over credit buidler. Good luck hopefairy
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