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  1. So I guess I can say WooHoo! Finally got Cap-1 off my back. By the way, thanks for the great details and advice you provided. Especially also putting the tax aspect into perspective. I guess I really knew what the outcome would be, but was hoping it could be different. I hate paying any more tax than I need to, let alone deal with old debtors.
  2. Thanks! I know many have asked this before in this section, so my apologies ahead of time for asking again. But hopefully someone else reading this may gain knowledge and insight from all of it, as I am. Which dates are the dates the IRS consider with regard to insolvency? I am not insolvent now, but yes I was back in 2003/04. In fact on disability and my 1040's show that trail. Thanks again!
  3. I think I just read this one lookin at the threads on 1099-C info, trying to find info on my current nitemare. I did a search of 1099-C and it was listed as some newbie info and inbedded there. I'll try to duplicate my steps and post again if I do find it.
  4. Cap-1 debt charged off 07/2004 $498, just got 1099-C,need help understanding this mess. I've looked at every post related to 1099-C and cannot find or understand anything related to my specific situation. Cap-1 charged off this debt on or around 07/2004 and my Transunion from 2007 indicates debt balance of $498.00. But it seems Cap-1 continued to add fees/interest to this debt and it continued to grow in amount owed on subsequent credit reports. After attempting collection through several different CA and JDC, the trade line eventually aged off my reports around11/2010. Just this week I now receive a 1099-C from Cap-1, with the amount noted as cancelled = $983.70, and cancel date noted on form as 12/31/2011. Is this possible? Since the amount owed at time of charge off = $498.00, how can they post an amount $983.70 on the 1099-C. Additionally, the date of cancellation cannot be correct if charged off 7 years previous to this, can it? After all, if they charged it off their books in 2004 how can they report they cancelled it in 2011? Do I have any recourse on getting this 1099-C eliminated, what with what appears to me to be fraudulent information? By the way, in my effort to clean up credit trade lines, I did receive a letter from Cap-1 back in 2007, verifying the debt and in the letter indicating the debt was charged off (did not indicate exact date of charge off in letter, by CB reports do). All credit bureu entries indicated that date of charge off being in 2004, with the 30 day late as11/2003 (on other reports noted as 30 days late 02/2004). Obviously discrepancies on actual charge off clock, but I can't do anything about that now since the tradeline is no longer reportable, having exceeded both the SOL and time to report on CBs. Any advice and insight is most appreciated. Very close to clearing away any last negs with just a few more to go and first time home buyer here I come. I just want to finally stop this back and forth game playing. Thanks all!
  5. Jack, anyway you can repost this article? The link doesn't work anymore. Thanks!
  6. So much good stuff on this board. I know I need to be doing a lot of this work myself. But with so many wise people walking this path before us new newbies, I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained. Anyone have a good spreadsheet for tracking, as is recommended by PsychDoc? I figure there may be some very creative spredsheets used for this purpose, that some folks would be kind enough to share. If so, can this also be stored on the docs forum? Thanks again!
  7. Can anyone share directions or send the dos for the green card printing template? This information used to be available under the letters section, but now the links don't work. I'm sure others would be ecstatic to have these and you'd become someones' hero. Thanks much!
  8. For what its worth - Lost my phone. It was old, so that's not a big deal. But with so many options I was lost. About that time, my employer laid off 700. I was one of those. They wanted my work phone back, even tho it too was so old, it would only have been tossed. They disconnect the line. Again, no big deal, since it was ineveitable. However, I was able to re-activate the phone with my personal number. This served as a countermeasure to my lost personal phone. So I would think that your little sis can activate your old/new phone with one of the carriers that support that brand.
  9. Settle and GamingG - THANKS! Exactly what I needed.
  10. 2 newbie questions please. I've read till my eyes nearly bled and still no sight to the answers I seek: 1 - I've read that its always best to get one's credit reports from the big 3, hard copy over on-line version. Paid for over free annual version. Why is one better than the other? 2 - Along this topic, have also read that many subscribe to credit monitoring as a means to pull reports as needed. What are the pro's and con's to this? 3 - Were I to subscribe to an on-line service to pull my reports, would it be best to go directly to each reporting company and pay the monthly fee for each separate report, while I'm working to clean this whole mess up? Thanks again for all the wonderful wise one's who walked this path before the rest of us. We'd never find our way without all the great markers left along the way. Much appreciation!
  11. Day 6 - 1 - Still....reading... 2 - Psych Docs Beginner's Guide and everything else in the newbie section. 3 - Got my 3 reports. Printed 2 copies. Now slowing red lining them. 4 - Genned up a C&D (cease and desist), Validation and SOL letter for Portfolio Recovery Associates. Its in the envelope with the green card pasted on the back and the tracking number / receipt pasted to the front. Can’t remember the last time I was so happy to send a CMRRR letter. Oh yeah now I remember, when I sent that last letter / pymt to the IRS and CA FTB (CA FTB, the worse crooked organization ever, worse then IRS, but I digress…) Will get that letter mailed out this week. 5 - Oh yes, Opted out! ** Now trying to figure out the name and address duplicate thingy…. Question - See I have a legal name on my license, and use a "called by" name on everything else. I would like to use the name where I have established excellent TLs (called by). Do you all suppose I can produce a SSN copy (which happens to have my "called by" name listed) and send that to the CBs along with a utility bill to prove name and address? Do I need to prove who I am with some documents? My driver’s license is listing a family member's address, since I am do not want to use a rental address. Wanted that type of mail to go to somewhere permanent. All sounds messier than it actually is. Just easier for me that way.

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