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  1. Long story short, have an old judgement, that while it isn't showing on my credit reports, shows up as public record when the mortgage company pulled my credit. I have to get it paid/settled/removed in order for them to approve my mortgage loan. How can I best protect my assets while I try and settle with them? So far I have been able to fly under their radar as I am self employed, have a different bank account and don't have any auto loans. I know since the judgement they have tried to get information in court from companies I have done contract work for, so I know they are diligently try
  2. I am literally at the end of my rope =( I have been repairing my credit for 1.5 years now. I started with 540 average FICO- and now am around 570 FICO. Blah. I have gotten as much as I possibly can off my reports. I've spent so much money on certified mail etc.... I've gotten 1 of 2 judgements gone. I've gotten rid of over 1/2 my medical collections (some CRA's showed 30+ accounts in collections and now only show 3). I haven't had a late payment on a loan since 2007. I went out and purchased a "new" car (because my old car died) at an ungodly interest rate and payme
  3. Let me share this about CBCS-- fiance and I had seriously 45+ medical collections- about 8-10 of them where from CBCS. All we had to do was send the pre-HIPAA letter- and EVERY SINGLE ONE was deleted was ALL THREE REports- from CBCS- only ones that came immediately off all three reports- nothing with them that we've ever 'disputed' has ever been verified- it's always just deleted... =)
  4. nevermind- it's EXPERIAN not EQ. sorry, typed the wrong name.
  5. ahh, but it's been deleted off my CRA's already- so basically at this point- I kind of don't really care what their letter says- it's not being reported anymore- CRA sent me a letter saying it was deleted. LOL
  6. The ONLY time I ever disputed anything- was old addresses over the phone when the CRA's wouldn't delete them online. That's it! I wasn't "making my own letters" or amending them- all I did was move around wording in the PRE-HIPAA letter, so I could have it make sense to list ALL of the collection accounts I was disputing- so I didn't have to write 40+ separate letters in handwriting to each CRA. It was ONE sentence- I just changed it to say this, "From my report #XXXXXXX from DATE, I have no knowledge of the following accounts:" and that is all I "re-arranged". As far as any le
  7. I have not been able to log into mine for MONTHS- it ALWAYS comes up with this error. FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sent a pre-hipaa letter and one of my medical collections was Deleted. However about 2 weeks ago I received a letter in the mail from the CA- stating that they received notice I was disputing the account- and to please contact them and send them documents to show I am a victim or identity theft or else send them documents showing the original hospital bill. (lol basically they wanted me to prove it?) Anyways- Do I need to do anything else? It's been deleted from all 3 CRA's- so do I just ignore the letter the CA sent me? I'm assuming I do....
  9. Is this something new? When I checked Experian tonight- I was checking on status of some pre-hipaa letters I sent. This time they all came back verified (sigh- but the battles not over yet LOL). However, I noticed when I sent my first round (last september) any that came back verified just said - verified from your dispute sepetember 2011. Now it shows a legend next to the ones I recently disuputed. It shows a RED "C" for collection- on the date it was originally placed for collections/reported- then every month shows a black "ND" for "No Data"- but then the month they processed the Dis
  10. Is this something new? When checking on my pre-hipaa letter progress, I noticed that Equifax now shows this (see below) on all of the accounts that came back as 'verified'- aside from student loans, I've never seen anything like this on them before- is this something new they are doing now? ayment history legend OK Current/Terms of agreement met30 Account 30 days past due60 Account 60 days past due90 Account 90 days past due120 Account 120 days past due150 Account 150 days past due180 Account 180 days past dueCRD Creditor received deedFS Foreclosure proceedings startedF ForeclosedV
  11. I just need some encouragement. I am feeling so overwhelmed tonight. There has been a lot going on with family, and I needed to take a good 2 weeks break from credit repair to help my aunt and her family get moved out of their house. During this time, I received a bunch of letters in the mail, about items I am doing the HIPPAA process on. Now mind you, I started with over 34 medical collections- and that's not including all of my husbands. I've got letters from all over the place. I'm so glad I have made a spread sheet to track stuff.. LOL Just hard to "jump back in" but I know I need t
  12. I did mine separate- but only because of my timing. I started first with DV's for regular collection accounts- because I was in a place in life I could handle it. HIPAA was over my head, and I wanted to get a grasp on the basics first. Didn't take long between DV's and GW's, and PFD's (funny story on those at the bottom) that most of them were deleted. In October I felt I knew enough and had enough personal time, to sit down and tackle my medical. I started with something like 34+ medical collection tradelines- so as you can see it was super daunting. Here is what I did. Also- some say
  13. It is next to useless to do any kind of dispute on line or by phone. Send a letter, ( hand written preferably) stating that the following addresses on your report # xxxxx are incorrect and you are concerned about ID theft/fraud. Include a COPY of your drivers license, a COPY of your SS card and an ORIGINAL recent utility bill as proof of your current correct address. MAKE SURE YOU OPT OUT BEFORE DISPUTING ADDRESSES http://www.whychat.5...OPTOUTINST.HTML While I believe your method will work, It is not true that it is "next to useless to do any kind of dispute on line or b
  14. Background Info: -opted out, deleted all addresses, sent PRE-HIPAA letters to CRA's - in "special font and paper" -Most of them were deleted- except for this one collection agency- which none were deleted from Equifax report (even though Ex & TU Deleted them- we're talking 10 tradelines) Per WhyChat's Instructions (Because there had been no relationship established- just a letter with acct numbers from Equifax saying "verified")- I sent this letter to the CA with all of the different account numbers appearing on my credit report.. After I received confirmation of Delivery- I the
  15. ONLY the INITIAL dispute letter is done in "funny font" ALL other correspondence to anyone, including the CRAs is properly typed and "courtroom ready". The follow up dispute to the CRAs ( after the medical DV is sent to the CAs) is sent as soon as you have proof of receipt of the medical DV by the CA. Ok thank you so much. I received proof of receipt on the Medical CA's Friday- so I will get the letters ready and mail them out to the CRA's tomorrow.
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