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  1. I was actually thinking about paying some more of the smaller accounts off. I have about 3 accounts under 1000. I'm thinking about just paying them off and hopefully getting them deleted to hopefully boost my score a little. Also, pay my credit card down. I'm hoping that works. Do you think doing that would give my score an increase? I'll have right around, or less than 20% of 32000 by doing that though. I'm hoping i am approvable.
  2. I make 3600 a month in the Marines. I actually just checked my score again just now and it's much lower. A 514. I think it's because my credit card is almost maxed out. I can pay it back down to 0 though. Do u think a lender will think I can afford a loan like Im asking for?
  3. In your experiences, what are the chances of someone with a 550ish credit score getting a 32000 dollar new car loan with a rightside up trade and a 20%+ down payment? I have never missed a payment with my current car loan but I do have a repo in 2006. The reason I ask is because I am not sure if to pay off my old debt to try to raise my score or to just save the money for a large down payment. I have 7 bad accounts on my credit report. The ammounts owed range from 300 to 1500 dollars. Ur help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. hello all, this is my first post on this board. let me say thank you to everyone in here for helping me with my credit issues. i dont post but i do research alot! anyway, i am trying to repair my credit so that i could get approved to get a new f150. unfortunately i have a repo on my credit history from july 2008. since then, i got another car from a credit repair car lot and paid it off. i have also cleaned up almost all my collections. my credit score is up to 620-650 from 530. my question is, do yall think i could get approved for a new truck loan with the repo and an auto loan paid off? i
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