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  1. She got approval for a Chase Southwest Visa! It came with 50,000 miles (and we travel quiet frequently). Any thoughts/feedback on this Chase Card? I haven't had luck with with many other Chase accounts, so maybe a foot in the door. Limit is $3,500
  2. She has 5 inq's in the last 2 years. 2 of which are for a mortgage.
  3. All the derogs are paid in full and are all medical. 2 from 2006 and the rest from 2009 She has a Cap 1 = 600/1500 (just bought new carpet) Childrens Place = 0/500 Fred Meyer = 0/800 GE Brand Source = 3000/3500 (bought new appliances, have 4 more moths of 0% interest) Gap = 0/700 JC Penney = 0/124 (didn't even know this was open) Sears = 0/500 Menards = 0/1000 Kohl's = 0/2000 Target = 0/1000 Dell = 0/3000 Slumberland = 2300/3100 (0% interest until 2014) Maurices = 0/500 We just remodeled our kitchen, which is where the charges came into play. Here AAOA is 4 years HTH
  4. We are turning the corner on our CR's. My wife has a 726 FAKO on Experian. She has a few medical baddies on her account, but nothing else. Where should she apply for the best limit and approval chances? Not looking for a store card. Utilization is about 28% (about 25% of that is at no interest for several more months) THANKS
  5. I want to be a story like this!
  6. framed_one


    my first barclays in 2005 IIRC was one I responded to a pre-screened over via US mail for a non-rewards card. I was denied but then approved for $750 after asking for recon. My denial was for BK (from 2000). by the time I closed that card the limit was $4750. in 2006 I was approved for the US air card (30K miles sign up bonus) for $3500. in 2007 I was approved for two card, emigrant direct (36K limit) and barnes and noble (I forget what the initial limit was, 10K maybe?). in 2008 I opened another barclays card, ameriprise world elite MC. in 2009 I was approved for the priceline visa and, after reallocating, have a limit of 40K. This card has a $29 annual fee (offset by $50 worth of sign-up bonus) but earns 4% cashback on priceline opaque purchases and 3% on regular priceline purchases. all of these approvals were during my rebuilding period with a BK on my TU report. so from $750 and no rewards to 40K and decent, if specialized, rewards. I would call that growth. way to "Stay thirsty my Friend"
  7. According to my CR, they should drop off in January 2013. Do they ever drop off early? Like a month or two?
  8. My goals for 2012: Financial Goals Pay off all credit cards for both myself and my wife: $7,000 ($6,000 is at 0% interest) and the other is new charges. Pay off our HELOC about $10,000 (tax return will cover 1/2) Pay off our van ($10,000 this will stretch us) Credit Goals AMEX Blue Cash Pefered one card...any card with a 10k or higher limit Current Credit Sesame FAKO is 666, would love 720
  9. Be patient...and remember that if you do request a CLI it WILL be a hard pull. I went thru a rough stretch in life about 5 1/2 years ago. Had great credit before, then a separation and child custody battle did me in. I am trying to be patient, but it just sucks with my credit portfolio at the time. Give me 18 months and things will be better. I just would love to have a card that I can book more then just flights on when we travel before I have to pay it off.

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