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  1. Thanks Area Man and Hit Man. Admit to being very underwhelmed by some 'prime' issuers - and understand the diff between prime issuers and NFCU/PenFed. But I also understand it's a process, and having some decent CL's, even from 'subprime' issuers will work for me. I'm hoping that Chase, etc. w/notice higher-CL cards on my CR's and offer something juicy in the future. Appreciate all the replies
  2. Thanks HitMan. To be honest, though I would like to have a CC w/a 'prime bank,' but not having a prime bank card is less important than being approved for higher CL's right now. I went ahead and applied for NFCU AmEx More Rewards card and got approved for a $7,100 CL (pulled TU). Also got approved for a PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature card w/a $6,000 CL, so happy w/my mix of cards/CL's now. I don't carry a balance so the rewards will be 'profit.' Going to cancel my small CL CreditOne card but keep the AmEx card for now. Hoping that CapOne and Discover see the higher CL's on
  3. Congrats on the new CapOne CC! I found it to be a great starter card. I also added a secured Discover card that is now unsecured. (CL on the Discover card is still only $2,000 but I signed up for the 5% cash back for the next 60 days so w/be nice to get paid while using the card .) RE: CapOne Now have 3 cards w/them: use the SavorOne almost exclusively as I like the cash back. Using the Venture card some; need to use more as I want to take the family on a trip next year. My CL is up to $2,400 on the original card; $3,000 w/Savor and $4,500 w/Venture. Not asking for any CLI's
  4. Update: Portfolio Recovery (PR) reporting a settlement/pay off. I am waiting for PR to delete the tradeline as promised via the phone call and their website. Will update after that takes place. Transunion +26: now at 725 Equifax +43: now at 731 FICO/Experian so far has placed ZERO weight on the above w/PR. Using very little of my available credit but would like to get a card from a more prime lender than CapOne/Discover. Citi out: Chase/Wells worth applying for? What about NFCU, USAA, PenFed? (Inc > $200k) Thanks!
  5. Nothing to report yet on my FICO score. PR said they will delete the tradeline in the next 30 days; I do see, on Equifax, the amount has been changed to reflect the amount I paid so expect the tradelines to be deleted, which will help.
  6. Decided to pay off 2 small collection accounts w/Portfolio Recovery. Was notified by Mint that my Transunion credit report changed w/a decrease in collections balance. (Portfolio Recovery says they delete the tradeline once paid: haven't seen my entire CR but hoping that's the case...) One more account should be shown as paid off/deleted in the next week or so. Saw a 24 point increase on Transunion.
  7. Congrats! Many of us know how something that means little to some can mean so much. It's not just the fact that AmEx approved you but that it validates your hard work and diligence. Enjoy
  8. Thanks Sidewinder: with around $12,500 in total credit, even $1,500 is a positive addition. 2 accounts in collection: will pay off as collector says they will delete from CR. (And will jettison CreditOne accounts as soon as tier 1 issuers like me ). Transunion almost 700; FICO below 600. Equifax 670, so slowly but surely. Don't carry a balance but do see lots of movement in my scores as I use for the rewards, run up to around 30%, then pay them off - so having the new CapOne card w/a $3,000 limit and $1,500 on the CreditOne AmEx card will really help. Now understand about CreditOne and A
  9. Like many, abused credit, ran into financial trouble, scores tanked. Some chargeoffs, some lawsuits - but thank God, times are much better. Still not being accepted for top-tier cards, but did get approved for $3,000 for CapOne Savor card and $1,500 for CreditOne AmEx (no annual fee). Started w/a Discover secured card: now unsecured and $2,000 limit. Baby steps... (What's interesting about being approved for the CreditOne AmEx card is that I settled with AmEx on a past debt; heard there was no way to get 'back into the good graces of AmEx' once there was a chargeoff/settlement, lo
  10. Update in my case vs. UGH: I retained local counsel. Persolve Legal Group is representing UGH and provided dozens of pages to our Interrogatories and Request For Production of Documents. (Did see JTM Capital bought the debt from CashNet then sold it to UGH-I.) Case review with counsel. Wondering what those in CA are coming up with to fight the ultra-high interest lenders. I see on the docs provided that CashNet was charging 189% interest: I believe CA now has an anti-usury law that applies to personal lenders also (which is shy CashNet no longer lends to CA residents). Anyone have succe
  11. Deep discount debt buyers such as UGH-I as getting more aggressive, even with the above from StarkRaven$ - and with all the money being thrown our way by the govt, I bet the vultures are going to get even fatter...
  12. Thanks all! Debt is 3 years and 4 months old; I'm in CA.
  13. Things starting to look up - then just got served over an old CashNet USA debt by UGH I for $4,000 in county Superior Court. (Looked up UHG I: deep discount debt purchaser.) What's my next step? Thanks - really appreciate it.
  14. Thanks for the replies. From https://www.portfoliorecovery.com/prapay/help/contact-us: Our policy is that within approximately 30 days of your final payment successfully posting, we will request the credit reporting agencies delete the PRA, LLC tradeline related to your account from your credit bureau report. We do not control the timing within which the credit reporting agencies process our requests. For further assistance pertaining to your credit report, please contact the credit reporting agencies. So they will delete THEIR tradeline but does this truly delete the e
  15. I know this question has been asked many, many times, but things change...2 Synchrony accounts in collection w/Portfolio going back 3 years. Amount is $964. CreditKarma simulator says I can add 21 - 25 points for each account I pay off/settle for less than owed. I have the $$$: this would put me over 700, so it's a big deal score-wise. Question is, should I pay/settle? Has anything changed w/COVID-19 with regard to collections/removal/etc.? (And thank you for this great site and any replies.)
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