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  1. So I was willing to use my phone: debt buyer NCA doesn't delete for pay. I paid off the debt, it's on my report, but I'm still researching...
  2. Got it...So this really, really disincentivizes one from paying a debt buyer. And here I thought I was doing the right thing for the family...
  3. Got it and understand. However, in this case, the first delinquency is being reported incorrectly - and it's the debt buyer who is reporting a delinquency, which doesn't seem correct as I was never delinquent w/the debt buyer. (@centex, understand about the reporting.) So shouldn't the first delinquency be with the original lender?
  4. Thanks! Will order paper reports. Received my Lexis Nexis & Innovis Reports last year; will reorder them. Also requesting a copy of Early Warning: https://www.earlywarning.com/consumer/ From the below: If there is no Amount Past Due, how is the account still being reported as being in Collections/Charge Off (C/O)? And if it's being reported as a C/O, wouldn't that be the original lender since I paid off the debt buyer and the debt buyer was not a C/O? Noticed the Equifax reporting is all messed up: reporting Date Opened: Mar 02, 2017 BUT Date of First Delinquency: Nov 01, 2016. (Have had 2 accts. w/same lender: first one paid off, so there seems to be a 'blend' of info. for the 2 accounts. First acct. was never delinquent.) Amount Past Due: $0 Date Reported: Jan 26, 2022 Date of Last Activity: blank Scheduled Payment Amount: blank Months Reviewed: 1 Delinquency First Reported: Jan 01, 2022 (so that does not jibe with the above. Again, seems to be a blending of the 2 accts.). Acct. was paid off 2/1/2018.
  5. Thanks! I need to pull more than just the past 2 years for a CR as I'm not seeing my last payment date.
  6. Sent to collections 1/14/2017; debt buyer purchase date of 3/2/2017. TU date of last activity: 2/19/2018 Experian date of last activity: 2/1/2022 Equifax date of last activity: 11/1/2016 (had prior loan w/same lender). So EQ seems to be 'mixing' the two loans
  7. Thanks again @hdporter and @hegemony! I'm going to go through CaseText/search for any precedents. One can always hope
  8. Again, really appreciate all the input/comments - and @hdporter, I'm going through the cases. Some very interesting challenges...So I looked at my CR's and reporting stopped in 3/2018 and was restarted in 2/2022. Is this legal? Almost seems like a reinsertion. - 'Date of Last Activity' is different between bureaus as is the 'Last Payment.' - Account Status = 'Closed' - Past Due Amount = '$0'
  9. Understand, agree: but the difference is that one has 'frozen' in the sense that there is nothing left to report on. When a mortgage is paid off, the reporting ends I know I'm throwing lots of stuff against the wall, and really appreciate the input/feedback/comments.
  10. Understand: I'm not trying to change the history just 'freeze' the reporting so to speak. There is no longer a collection as there is nothing to collect on.
  11. Seems New York state has a 'purge rule' for paid collections. Interesting...Hope it helps someone else. Now back to California. https://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/General-Credit-Topics/New-York-State-5-Year-Purge-Rule-For-Paid-Collections-Charge/td-p/1467660
  12. Yes on the unintended consequence. NCA responded very quickly to my CFPB complaint. I'm reading up on Witt vs Experian, the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (for California residents), etc. Logically, to me, having something being reported as in 'Collections' when there is nothing to collect as the debt has been paid in full, makes no sense: and I know logic doesn't always apply to the law, which is where I need to find 'relief' as it were. Anyone use info from the below site to dispute past debts? Some very interesting cases cited: https://casetext.com/statute/united-states-code/title-15-commerce-and-trade/chapter-41-consumer-credit-protection/subchapter-v-debt-collection-practices/section-1692g-validation-of-debts/analysis?citingPage=1&sort=relevance
  13. NCA = National Credit Adjusters. Thanks for the reply: agree on the date. So, if I paid the debt collector (in this case, NCA) off in April 2017, should it not be reporting as in collections this month?
  14. So NCA is now reporting my paid account as a collection. Decided to go with a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) about this. The account is NOT in collections; it was paid-as-agreed, so the account being reported as 'Collections' seems incorrect. (And it is 'costing me' 50+ points on all my bureaus.) Good approach/bad approach/lazy approach? Thanks!
  15. The amounts, other than balance and/or past due, are incorrect. The credit limit and/or high balance are/is incorrect. Admit to submitting online...Letter will now go out. (Now to decide what constitutes a 'well-written letter' when disputing a paid chargeoff...)
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