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  1. I didn't realize there were two different cards. I have the Amazon Store card. It doesn't say that they're going to pull your credit to grant a CLI, but I'm always leary. Thank you.
  2. I've been searching but cannot find if it's a hard pull or soft pull? Anyone know? Thank you.
  3. You do realize that you will pay even more taking her to court. Assuming you get a judgment what then? Don't waste the time and additional money unless you know you will be able to levy something. It's not that easy to do and she may have a fair amount of practice evading creditors already. Yeah, she couldn't be bothered to pick up certified letters from the court so I had to pay extra to get her served by the Constable. I figured carry it through to the end. Her parents are rich, so assuming she's in their will, I'll pounce then. All she had to do to keep me at bay was pay me $20 a month.. until forever... but it would have been an effort. She chose not to so someone's gotta make a point to this woman that you can't screw people over, that there are consequences. BIG TIP HERE: Had I known she didn't have a bank account, that would have been a red flag to me that she's got issues. Of course, I found that out after the fact. Having the money back would be extremely nice, but it's as much as making a point to her that this type of behavior isn't okay. Like I said, because I kept this quiet for months because she asked me to, I wasn't aware of her other screwings....when she found out I had the nerve to vent to a mutual friend after months of no money from her, she decided that I betrayed her and that she was off the hook for paying me back because of MY actions. She's twisted. The weird thing is after I filed, I felt better. It wasn't the last thing I thought of before going to bed; it wasn't the first thing I thought of getting up. So although I've spent money to recoup money (all but $6 for certified mail is added to the judgement), I feel better. Much better. And I anticipate feeling even better with a judgement against her. I don't regret helping someone in need. I regret helping her. I'm guilty of not doing my homework and talking to mutual friends, but when someone asks you not to, you honor that. At least that's what I thought. Definitely learned a thing or two, albeit a little late.
  4. Thanks for all the input, folks.... Yes, I've learned my lesson, but she said she was getting evicted and has a household full of pets and I was worried about what would happen to the animals. In hindsight, I found out her boyfriend is a jailbird and I'm betting the money was for him. I can live without the money, but since I mentioned this to a few friends after months of no payment, I've found she's screwed them over as well, just not in a lump sum like she did me. So court is later this month and I just wanna have my ducks in order, if for nothing else, to make her sorry she treated me this way and lied to me. She's ticked off a lot of people by taking advantage of my love for animals, so we sit around conjuring up ways to torment her and embarrass her. Not sure I'm nasty enough to actually do any of them but at least plotting against her makes me feel better, even if it's for naught. I just didn't wanna get myself in trouble with my collection efforts if I decide to partake. Thanks for your input, everyone! It's appreciated!
  5. I lent a 'friend' money... was to be a short term loan of 2 weeks. I got one payment from her 7 months after the loan was to be paid and nothing since. So I'm taking her to court to get a judgement against her. I'm wondering if I'm a debt-collector and have to follow those rules? Or can I get creative with my collection efforts? I'm relatively sure I'm not gonna see a penny of this debt until she dies and even then it's questionable. So I'd like to make her life as difficult as possible for screwing me over, but I'd like to keep it legal. Thoughts?? Ozzy.
  6. My friend's bk was discharged in 8/10. She and her hubby both started rebuilding with CapOne credit cards shortly thereafter. They're in need of a vehicle. I told her this close after BK, if they got approved it was gonna be like 20% interest or something like that. I was wrong. Very wrong! They applied with CapOne and holy cow, I'm stunned at the interest rates offered. I asked her if she was sure she entered the right SSN's <g>.... For a 2010 or newer, the rate is 5.55% for 48 months up to 5.86 for 66 months 2009 6.87 (48 months) - 7.70 (66 months) 2007-2008 - 7.63% -8.45% For a 2003-2006, the rate goes from 8.87% - 9.70% CapOne only has certain dealers that it works with - so of course they found a used car at a dealer that isn't listed... so she wanted to apply at another lender. I think she's nuts - she should take those rates and find something at one of the approved dealers. I can't imagine getting a better rate 4 months post-discharge! Am I wrong? Or do you think she can do better???
  7. yup.. her letter was sent and signed for within 10 days of receiving their letter. Yeah, I know they just don't send you the check without some more aggravation... but I figure it's worth the cost of postage to at least get the collection off her report. One less thing to deal with after the BK. Has anyone used a consumer attorney to deal with something like this? I found some that don't require payment up front, so she thought maybe she'd have better luck getting some money with an attorney, even if it's less.
  8. I wasn't sure which forum to post this on. Hopefully I made the right choice. My friend is filing Ch 7 later this month. However, she has a collection account on her credit reports and they never validated. She/We sent the request for validation (if anything just to buy some time) and they never responded and it's been several months. I found that under the FDCPA, Section 809( that a collection agency can not report a collection on your credit report if they never validated after being sent the request. So if I'm understanding correctly, she's due $1,000 for the violation and they need to remove the collection from her credit report. I know it won't make a huge difference because she's filing Ch7 anyway, but the collection account sure isn't helping anything and the $1k could help with atty fees. So what I'm wondering is: do we need to wait until she files Ch7 or can it be sent before she files? I don't want to put the cart before the horse. Thanks for any thoughts/opinions...
  9. Thanks... that's what I was wondering... couldn't find anything about paperwork being necessary - I was wondering if it was something taken for granted by having 2 names (husband/wife) on a document or if something had to be drawn up. Also... anyone know if car/motorcycles are used in judgments? Like if you have a newer vehicle that is paid for - can they put a lien on that vehicle?? Thanks,
  10. Anyone know anything about judgments and the term 'tenants by entirety'? We're in PA and I was wondering how/if this could affect a judgment on property such as vehicles and/or a home. Thanks!
  11. We're in PA, so no community property state here... but she already gave them the info on her spouse but it's bugging her that she did that. I guess she can call tomorrow and tell them that she can't make the payment amount that they had wanted her to, based on her income alone.... which she can't really make it based on his and hers anyway.... she was just stalling, I guess hoping to win the lottery or something? <G> So in giving them that info, they can't really do anything to her husband, correct? He's not on the card, even as an AU... the debt is totally and 100% in her name. Would threatening (and it's not much of a threat - it's a possibility at this point I think) BK make them consider adjusting the payment to just take her income into consideration???
  12. I've been Googling and searching here for 2 hours and I'm not getting anywhere. My friend hit some hard times and she's doing payment plans with most of her creditors. Two of her accounts are with collection agencies but the one which is causing her grief, is Chase collections - Bureau of Collections ("BCR"). Today they were trying to work out a payment arrangement. The debt is soley in her name and they said in order to work out a payment arrangement they required her spouses income information - amount he was paid, how often, etc., in order to come up with a payment plan. Why on earth does that matter when the debt (I think it's $10K +) is only in her name? They've managed to keep up to date on his credit obligations, but just barely. He is the breadwinner and I had suggested not letting both of their credit historys plummet if not necessary, so her's took the beating. I'm hoping like heck I didn't give them bad advice - I just figured from a fixing credit standpoint, one report to fix is easier than two... plus if he needs to find a new job, his occupation is much more likely to involve a credit check than hers. Anyway, is that typical of a collection agency to require information on a spouse who is not liable for the debt? Thanks!
  13. Trying to help a friend figure things out. She is on disability, owns a house with her husband, and owes a ton of credit card debt (about $70,000). They have a fair amount of equity in their house, so she doesn't think BK is an option since they have home equity. If her accounts go to collections, what can happen to their joint property? Her disability income doesn't even pay the minimum payments on her accounts and her husband's income has been slashed dramatically and they're trying to maintain his credit record since he's the breadwinner. Does she need to open up a new checking account for her disability to be deposited into in order to avoid their accounts being frozen? How will this affect her husband? They are up to date on the mortgage and everything else as of today, but that's going to change by the first of next month. They'll have the money to keep current on their mortgage and (hopefully) his debts, but not her debts (they don't have joint credit cards).
  14. Actually I'd be a sister.... but thanks anyway! LOL!!!
  15. Well, it was bound to happen. I missed my payment with them somehow. I show in my calendar that it was scheduled but I didn't notice that it didn't come out of my checking account - I'm thinking maybe I hit 'cancel' instead of submit or something.... who knows. Anyway, they reduced my CL by $1500 (was $18000).... jacked my purchase rate from 7.99% to 20.49% and charged me a $38 late charge. When I finally realized what had happened, I called and made up that payment plus made the current payment due. The payment was 3 days late. So I called today.... and I'm so very impressed. I know I goofed somewhere so I wasn't expecting much - but I figure ask for the moon and see what I get. The rep looked @ my payment history with them - saw I never missed a payment, always pay more than min due and have had the account for 6 years. He 1)took off the late fee; 2) unjacked my rate and put it back to fixed 7.99% AND 3)credited me the difference in the interest from the 20.49% I was charged this month back to the 7.99%. I forgot to ask about the CL being put back where it was but I'm not worried about that all that much and after what he did for me, I'm not bold enough to ask for that too! I'm beyond impressed with Am Ex. I know some people have had dramatically different experiences with them but IMHO, if you're looking for a great card, this is it. I started with a $2k cl 6 years ago and was up to $18000 until I goofed and they reduced it to $16500. Happy, happy, happy! (and feelin' really lucky!!!)
  16. I did 4 searches and didn't see anyone mention this... so hopefully I didn't miss anything. I've had an Umbrella Bank card since 2002 when they were givin' 'em out like candy for a soft inquiry. 9.9% fixed, 5k limit. Now I got notice (and a new card) that they're now Elan Financial Services... I checked my CR and lo and behold, they're reporting a NEW flippin' card with a date opened of 3/07. I'm so mad. My last inquiry was due to come off in July - I'd be inquiry free and my newest account would have been 2 years old then. This just torques me. *I* didn't open the account... but yet it looks like I'm seeking new credit. I think this may have something to do with BofA lowering a CL on me by $1k (from $8800 to $7800)... happened in the same month.... right before that WAMU gave me another CLI. Weird thing is Umbrella is still reporting as open as well. I guess I'm just venting. I almost made it to the 2 year mark to be inquiry free with no new accounts...... the finish line was in view... and now this. It was just a personal goal I had - no more new credit/inquiries for 2 years... and while I know I didn't do anything to deviate from my goal, the paperwork shows otherwise. Just bummed.
  17. No experience with checking accounts with them, but as far as the US Bank/Harley card - they are wonderful! Hubby got approved for $10k in Sept '03. He's been given CLI's and now his card has a $20k CL. He went to a convention a month or two ago and the guy he bought something from took credit cards but did it the old fashioned way... remember putting the card and paper in those thingies that you have to slide to make an imprint of the card? Well that's the way he did it. Within about 6 hours they had called to make sure he made the purchase since it was unusual activity. I'm not sure anyone else on the planet still runs credit cards the old fashioned way anymore! LOL (I assume, since it was only hours later, that he then did something electronically to run it through afterwards). The amount was only a little over $100 and the amount wasn't unusual but just the way it was submitted was unusual. He repeatedly received CLI's in the amount of $2k each time. The only thing I don't like is you can't schedule payments ahead of time or have them deducted automatically, like you can with Chase and WAMU. Quite happy with them.... although the interest rate of 16.xx% sucks, but that's just incentive not to carry a balance.
  18. When I got a cell phone about 7 (?) years ago, it was through AT&T. Then it was Cingular. Now it's going back to AT&T.
  19. Hubby and I both opened accounts in late 2004, both received a $2,000 CL. We've gotten CLI's quite regularly without asking, and are both at $14,000 now. Quite happy with Prov/WAMU. Sometimes $1500 CLI, sometimes up to $2500.... Ozzy.
  20. Fashion Bug asked for mine for a $3 purchase, I complained, the clerk told me it's for my protection, blah blah, blah......... I complained to Visa and got a letter from them today and it plainly states that they can't refuse a sale if you don't show ID. So I'm adding this to my wallet so when they start to annoy me by saying it's for my protection, I can show this to the store manager. I had the merchant agreement print out in my wallet but this is on VISA letterhead, so I figure it might be taken more seriously. I also put Visa in my cell phone to call from the store. I'm tired of everyone saying every invasion of our privacy is for our protection.
  21. If those E-Mails and cancelled checks contain LOAN and are within a certain amount of time (@2yrs.) in many states, you are good to go. That's what I'm wondering... 2 years since the loan was made ... then I'm outa luck. I was looking @ statute of limitations information and havent' found anything relating to a debt that was made personally - meaning no bank or whatever involved. So I don't really have a DOLA other than the last loan to them. We didn't set up a payment schedule, so it's not like they missed a certain payment due on a certain date. So I'm confused. I want to give them time but I don't wanna give them too much time so that I don't have any recourse. Thanks for all your help!
  22. If this person was acting like family, I might view it differently. But she's turned into not a very nice person and I really don't consider her family anymore... except for that pesky blood line....<g>
  23. I have emails and cancelled checks. Emails indicate knowledge of debt and instances where a payment will be made by a certain date. Some emails from personal email account, some emails from work account, which is her name@wheresheworks.com... so at least those would be hard to dispute as not hers. So, no, no actual signed contract. It's family. And I was doubtful that there would ever be a problem. Famous last words, eh?
  24. I believe so - that's what I did. It only took a few minutes... PsychDoc is quick!

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