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  1. The big four? Lol, I didn't even know of a 4th one. Yes, it's from real paper reports from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.
  2. Basically, below are the baddies on my reports. I know I can't do much for the lates, but I'm hoping I can work on the other ones. I’ve been lurking and researching, but not sure what to start with. Any help is appreciated. Equifax Lates: Auto loan – 10x in past 2 yrs. 8 Navient Accounts – 7x in past 2yrs. (although was in forbearance) 2 Utah Higher Edu Accounts – 6x in past 2 yrs. (must verify if was in forbearance or deferment) 1 ACS Group Account – Sold in 2016, shows as closed and current status of 120 days past d
  3. Interstate Freight Transport - Flatbed and Refridgerated Trailers Small start-up fleet of 3 Trucks and 3 Trailers Based out of South Florida
  4. Pardon my ignorance but, if you can use the WM card at Sams, why is the WM card useless?
  5. Greetings. I've been a member of the board for many years, but almost never post. I have learned so much here and I'd like to contribute where I can. I'm in the transportation industry. Incorporated in 2012 but didn't start pursuing credit until now. I have a website, added my info on 411, Google maps, & have a business voip line. I'm not sure if any of that matters. Here are my No PG approvals: MultiServices Fuel Card Net 7 - 10k Pilot/Flying J Direct Bill - $50k (basically Net 7 ) Amazon Net 55 - $2k I'm new to business credit and am still trying to figure things out.
  6. Thanks Jusrlost. I'm going to try that first!
  7. Thanks SBA. Well, it's for a student loan, and they don't do it by credit score. They just look at the actual accounts on your report. Odd thing is that when I pulled my report (same day as they did), that old ATT collection was not there. How is that even possible? Justlost, did you actually owe a balance or was it actually Bellsouth's error? I think I'm going to try to call ATT, and then (if unsuccessful) do a PFD.
  8. I applied for a student loan and was told that I need to resolve an old collection account before they will approve the loan. It's an old ATT utility bill for $93. It's an old balance that was never forwarded to my new address after I moved. I never received any notice from ATT. All I received was a letter from a collelction agency (a few years ago). I want to pay it off, but do not want it to stay on my credit reports. I read about PFD and want to try it. I did a brief search on here, but I'm still a bit unsure. Who should I send the PFD letter to? Should I call them first? Does anyone
  9. Can someone please clue me as as to what C* and B* (mentioned in this thread) stands for? Pretty please? Feel free to PM me if necessary. Thanks.
  10. Can someone also PM me the info? Thanks.
  11. I just tried this with Avenue.com and got the "pre-approved" message for $250. Just an FYI...
  12. I'm a newbie and just wanted to say "Hello". I'm excited about cleaning up my credit and building up my score. For now, my goal is to get my FICO into the 700s.
  13. Thanks for responding. Actually, I do have documentable income -- I have a part time job, I just happen to work from home. I'm not too worried about the POI aspect. I need a dependable vehicle for school and for my upcoming internship. When I purchased my current car, many years ago, I planned to use it until I graduated. Unfortunately, this did not pan out. any vehicle I purchase now must be suitable for my forthcoming career and should be able to last me for many years to come. Whatever I purchase, I do not plan on changing until I start a family (many years from now). I should have ab
  14. Hi all. I'm new to this forum and have been soaking up so much information. I'm currently a graduate student in MI, but am a FL resident with a FL DL. I pretty much drove my old car to the ground (which I intended to do). Now I need another vehicle (financed). Can I purchase a car and finance it at a MI dealership? Or can I only finance at a FL dealership? Can I obtain an auto loan from a MI credit union? If I just recently opened an account with a credit union, how soon can I apply for a loan with them? Background Info: I'm a graduate student set to graduate this December, and I h
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