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  1. 768 so down about 6 pts which is great. I thought it would tank based on my decreased AoAA and the 7 INQs I've racked up with the 11 new lines of revolving credit I racked up in the last month. The decrease on CreditKarma was much greater. Which once again shows that FACOs are terrible indicators of your FICO.
  2. It's OK. They absolutely don't unsecure. The customer service people are quite nice. I was very happy they agreed to the good will removal. The card was simply to build credit for me and came in handy when I needed to rent a car. No rewards so I only use the card now to keep it active - which I don't think I need to realy worry about since it's a secured card.
  3. OK, so this is so weird. I'm on the phone with Macy's because I applied and was approved for a CC over two months ago but STILL haven't received the card. So I'm on the phone and I found out that I've got a $1k Macy's CL AND a $3k Macy's Amex CL. So there you go. Weird.
  4. Congratulations and thanks for posting this. Tobyhanna is now on my list and I'll be applying when my TU INQs fall off.
  5. So I signed up for free FICO with DCU a couple of weeks ago and still haven't gotten my score. Are they just toying with me? I've read that the FICO is supposed to show up in your inbox but as of yet, nothing. Does the score report once per month at the same time for everyone or is it different for each member depending on when they signed up - anybody know?
  6. Congrats and great job on your utilization. Thanks There's no doubt that the additional CLs have helped tremendously with that. I think a lot of people struggling with their credit don't realize how much of an impact having a low utilization makes in your scores. It's nice to be able to charge all my monthly expenses, get cash back, and still keep my utilization under 3%.
  7. Thanks! I'll be holding off on applying for anymore until my INQs are down to 1 again. Next on my list are Tobyhanna and DCU.
  8. bravegirl


    New York
  9. OK, this is HILARIOUS! And an unexpected pleasant surprise. I just got a Zappos Visa in the mail with a CL of $4,000. I remember applying but got the 10 day message so I though that was a no-go. It's a CHASE card! Chase has hated me up until now. What do you know about that?
  10. So, FINALLY! The Capital Bank 30-day late has been removed from EQ. It was RE-removed from TU and has stayed off EX so my only negative left is a single paid charge off that's reporting on EX and EQ. Still waiting on the NYAG for their response.
  11. Congratulations! I'm waiting 6 months for my next apping spree. I'll be applying for this CC FIRST!
  12. So EUREKA! It took a 3-way phone call with EQ and the kind credit lady from Capital Bank to get EQ to comply with the law and delete the 30-day late from my report. Finally! Boo CFPB for their BS process that doesn't require a legitimate investigation as a first step. Tried the same with TU but they refused to speak to the two of us on the same line. Incredible. The credit lady from Capital Bank called back to let me know that it looked likely the TU rep knew what she was doing and would delete the item. I haven't looked at EX yet but now I'm beginning to wonder if it got added back to theirs as well.
  13. Still battling with EQ over the deleted 30-day late from Capital Bank. And this morning I woke up to find the 30-day late had been added BACK onto TU !!!! (Which, by the way, dropped my CK score by 20 points.) Argh! Called Capital Bank and was told that absolutely the 30-day late is not in their system. I'm really frustrated at this point because someone is lying. Cap Bank told me they needed to see a copy of my most current EQ report and so I thought I'd attempt to get a free report by being turned down for a Barclay's card but lo and behold, when I applied for the Barclay's card I was approved for $3.5k. So then I took the next logical step which was to call and ask for a CLI. Asked for $8k, got $5k. So now my total CLs are over $30k. I'm definitely on the road to $100k. I suppose I can just go ahead and order a hard copy of my EQ report and pay for the darned thing. Sheesh! I want that 30 day late removed on principle.
  14. This was MY expectation initially as well. I was SEVERELY disappointed!! They must have designed their website on a Commodore 64. You'd THINK so, wouldn't you? I think CBers should start up our own bank with free FICOs from all CRAs, high limit cards and an incredible online experience. What do you think?
  15. Finally got the card in the mail and it is NOT a visa but in fact, a plain old red card, nothing fancy.
  16. Still waiting on the CFPB to make EQ remove the 30 day late from my report but it seems to result in nothing more than another EQ "investigation" with EQ interminably passing the buck back to the OC saying they updated the incorrect information. EQ also seems to have adopted EX's take on the NY 5 year rule, telling me that federal law supersedes state law regarding my WF paid charge off. Would really like to know what my EQ FICO is so that I can see how much a 5 year old paid charge off is hurting my score. Signed up for DCU's FICO score but have yet to find out what my score IS. Evidently - from other threads I've found - they don't provide a handy link, a la Walmart, but send an internal message to one's inbox. Weird. Their website is extremely wonky as well. So far each time I've logged in their services don't seem to be working. Lame. After all, they are the DIGITAL credit union. You'd think their website would be extremely functional compared to their non-digital competitors.
  17. Wonderful! I wish I could get into Navy. From $600 to $6k - that's quite a jump!
  18. Since I'm going to have a procedure done in the next 12 months I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and apply for Care Credit. I asked for $30k and got $10k. So considering that one month ago I had TLs totally about $2,250, I'm very happy with my current CL amount. Not bad for a day's work
  19. EQ is sooooo close to being clean. But I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. They still show my Wells Fargo CO as simply Charged Off with no mention of Paid in any way. The account was paid in settlement. I need to make sure it states PAID (in some way) so that I can invoke the NY 5 year rule. I'd called WF a month ago to ask them to do this but as of today it's still not showing up as Paid on my EQ report. So.... Just got off the phone with Jeff at Wells Fargo. He said that they forced an update back in May when I'd called telling EQ the account was PAID (woohoo) of course EQ is lagging. Jeff said he'd force the update again and is also sending me a letter that I can use to dispute the TL. One thing I've learned about credit repair is that if you understand the law and get your steps straight, you have a much better chance of success. Overall a clean EQ report is taking longer than I expected. They still haven't deleted the 30-day late for Capital bank despite the CFPB complaint and and the documentation that proves it. When I receive the letter I'll do a written dispute. When EQ is clean I can live with freezing EX for 2 years (but I'd reather the NYAG comes through for me and deletes the WF TL). Overall mood today - pretty great! TU FICO is 774 and my updated CLs come are now $14,850. I intend to take the crown for CLI Queen.
  20. yes, with GECRB you always ask for at least 25k. esp with a 775 FICO. I'll ask for that when I do my regular CLI request in August.
  21. Then I have yet to experience the elusive shopping cart trick.
  22. Because all of you getting your CLIs have inspired me, I hit the love button. No love. But dang it, I don't give up that easy. Called the Customer Service number. Got the automated CLI request. Got no love. So I asked for a CSR and ended up routed to the complaint department. Spoke to a guy in the Philippines. He couldn't upgrade me to a Walmart Discover - but put through the CLI request and told me to hold while he transferred me... Got the Kenny G cool jazz interlude Ended up in India. AND FINALLY GOT SOME LOVE! The guy then gave me an increase to $2k up from 600. I should have asked for more!
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