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  1. I can confirm it did report to dnb for one of my businesses recently after signing up for subscription. FYI overall experience with nav has been mostly good and helpful but i think their app and website has some bugs. I have several business llc that are real estate and investment asset holdings that i started with different partners in the past 5 years. The companies have been using just bank debit cards to pay for expenses as they're not that many transactions and would use personal credit cards and reimburse as well. However recently we have wanted to expand and start some new things and rather than finance on our personal cards felt it time to get a business cc and research loans. It was easy to see on nav which cards i qualified for and which ones not and why. However, some of the info on the website was inaccurate so i got accepted by one it said i wouldn't be likely to and declined by one i had a 95% chance i would. I liked that i could see the criteria nav thinks the credit card compony is looking for but that is what wasnt quite accurate or didnt have enough info on my biz. So at least that helped somewhat. Also the website doesn't seem to like when i put a second llc into the profile to keep its data separate and why some inaccuracy in its recommendations (problem with cookies i think?). Ive also been working to establish our business credit so that when/if we need it and found their blogs very helpful but Im still a newbie with business credit so lurking in this forum ....
  2. Well it appears to have been deleted so my questions are mute. But some food food for thought... Interestingly the CA called me that next day after i posted here and while i generally dont answer calls from numbers i dont know i just happened to answer theirs not knowing it was them. On the call i asserted wanting doco on the debt as my insurance had paid it. When the CA person said it was my portion and named the insurance company i reacted without thinking saying but my primary insurance is medicare not the one she mentioned which is true today but not true as of the date of this so called bill. I dont know if there are different collection rules for medicare versus non medicare insurance but i believe it may have made think the CA think they needed an medicare ABN signed form as i have seen some recent medical providers ask me to sign these . Also the CA stated they had sent the debt doco to my new address (temp address) though i have been careful as i dont want my credit reports or other things to use this address so i have never used this address for anything so evidently i need to check my lexis file i think. Anyways ... the medicare abn i think is also something to keep in mind for medical collections. And it makes me wonder if my CR that had updated the collection to closed when i disputed it was just because of my action and it was about to be removed from my report or because of the missing ABN medicare the CA decided to remove it than risk the problems with that. Dont know ...
  3. Whychat ... i learned alot from you many years ago and still come here for guidance. Thank you for giving to others. Donation made by kitty pictured in my profile
  4. Sigh ... been reading posts about medical collections and whychat but have a question. When i read the linked doco to the compliance rules for medical debt on pg 12 it states that medical bills paid or being paid by insurance may not be reported. In my case the bill was paid by insurance so it it seems thats all that needs to be said to transunuion for them to remove it? Is that correct? If so i may have erred by disputing as no knowledge if account and it seems the CA is reporting it as a closed collection but it should have been removed? I did contact the clinic where i had the bill and its from 2015 and likely just a small 20 dollsr charge for my portion of the bill and but when i called they said they sold the account and have no records so it seems working with them is useless. Advice appeciated....
  5. Im new to building biz credit and i was able to open amex 12kand home depot 9k with a PG back in may. Today i figured I'm overdue to try to have net 30 acct reporting so i followed advice for uline quill, and uline didnt approve my $100 order. They called said not enough info about my company yet and i would have to pay by credit card which is useless i think for this purpose. My llc has a dnb number etc. and was started 5 years ago. Any ideas? Are they changing their openess and ease of getting net 30 accts?
  6. Quick question ... TU deleted within hours??? Is this a normal response time these days?
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm new here and just beginning to rebuild. I just got this offer and was suspicious and did a quickie search here and bingo! thanks for sharing all the good info! The letter is a bit shady in that it has the Visa and Mastercard logo's mentioned as per a shady comment about have you been denied from them and tries to fake being a platinum card. Very misleading....

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