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  1. I have about 7k in revolving debt...I'm about 80% maxed out. I will have this paid down to 0 in about 10 months. My Fico 08 is 645. Does it make sense or can I even qualify for a 0% balance transfer card? So I could pay it down even faster. I know...you don't have to state the obvious that I maxed out LOL What does the brain trust say?
  2. Thanks guy;s...I was slammed at work when this guy called so he caught me off guard. He must have said at least 5-6 times..I'm here to lower your interest rate...don't you want that?? Annoying AF... Anyway, I'm a pretty sharp and he had me going...well maybe for about a minute lol PSA...for everyone. I've never gotten one of these. What do they want..my cc number to run charges?
  3. I received a call from "card member service" earlier today. Guy was pushy..first red flag..about lower my Cap1 accounts from 23% to 6.. OK I'll bite. He then wants my card numbers and balances. I said you called me dont you have that??? I said what company are you with... Card member services Ma'am. So we go round and round and I tell him he's pretty damn pushy. He says are you so and so I say who??? He hangs up on me. Wtf...lol Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  4. Call not via chat... SP not a hard this is my second statement....do I ask now or what for the 3rd to cut? I thought I had read to ask and ask often... Thanks!
  5. DOFD on the Orginal default never changes for charged off and sold accounts. paying doesn't reset a paid collection is just as bad as a not paid collection what state are you in > I'm in California... but at least that paid collection age's. I'm getting hit on my TU as a BRAND NEW every month. They literally update something and it's keeping my score from going over 600. Like I said earlier I am well aware of the consequences and rather have this thing just age. Just looking at it every month with the dreaded ...updated on xxx. Kills me. I've dvrr them, I've tried to negotiate a pay for delete...nothing. I also have searched and read and read on here and I am clearly not alone with LVNV. That was part of my reason for just paying the lousy 400.00 settlement. If there was any success on CB with these guy's I'd never pay them. I never found one thread with any success. So it has boiled down to pay and let it age vs. unpaid and they keep updating the tradeline monthly and the stress of that... Unfortunetly I defaulted with the wrong card LOL
  6. DOFD was back in 2013..I can look it up exactly. So they will be on my report for awhile. Mendelssohn- my thought is..Take the hit now and let the damn thing age. I completely understand it will report as a paid collection but at least it won't update EVERY SINGLE MONTH. It showing as a fresh hit. Again...I'm looking at it just aging off and I also realize the implication of dinging EX or EQ. I'm with you... I am extremely hesitant but on the other hand..literally and figurately putting this account in my rear view. I'm sick of seeing this as an open account. I dunno..I'm so torn
  7. I have read thread after thread on these rat bastards and came up with nothing...well no good resolution. I have an outstanding 800.00 balance they keep updating on my TU every month. It's literally sinking my ship. My score is 599. They have not reported to Ex since 2014 and don't report to Eq. They are willing to take 400.00. I can't keep this open every damn month. I recently took out a car loan and got some new cards. So my thought it take the damn big hit NOW since I'll be gardening for the foreseeable future. Thoughts???...bash away. Trust me I'm sick just posting this.
  8. riverlover10


    Huntington Beach
  9. NFCU is a no go as I BK'd them back in 2011 I'm pretty happy with Schools First FCU. Big CU here in Orange County. My goal is to really build a solid foundation with a CU and with their stellar reputation and the fact that they are local is great. I had a great relationship with NFCU... until I didn't LOL. So I know the value of a good local CU. I'm sitting tight on my cards. Cap 1 will increase again in January and every 6 months..Soft pull. Wally card will increase at a nice tick and hopefully Schools First will grow too. I also just got a car loan and that will hit my reports next week when my first payment is due. So I will now have an installment loan in there. My scores are in the toilet....600 FICO 08. So I feel I'm doing pretty good LOL I think I'm sitting pretty for awhile I appreciate the feedback
  10. Thanks! I just called it...denied. That's alright...I'm rebuilding right now. Again, I'm not complaining. At least I got a card that will grow and that was the whole point. I'm trying to strategically grow. This is actually my first store card LOL. Per the boards advice I got in on the 2fer Cap 1 back in February and got in with my local credit union with a Visa. <<<<<<not going to get stuck in toy card hell LOL..I pinky swear
  11. I'm rebuilding and just got my Wally card for 500.00. I've been reading it'll grow pretty quick...which is good. This is why I app'd it and I shop there alot so I can show some good history out of the gate and PIF each month. Do I recon instantly and call in for CLI? FWIW I app'd a Amazon Prime Store Card and called Sync to recon and...no dice. So....call in?

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