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  1. Got my scores updated Equifax 835 (some items in dispute atm getting authorized users removed to increase my AAOA) Transunion 848 Experian 841 Fico08 from myfico.com
  2. If you have friends or family that are willing to add you to their good credit cards that they don't have to actually hand you to let you use, it'll increase your AAOA incredibly. My wife had 0 credit score and she got approved for 60k of credit limits after I added her to 2 of my amex cards with 20 years of history each.
  3. This is my history recap from Fico score from my creditboards.com journey LOL I had everything fixed then right after my family needed a lot of help, and my inlaws got into a bad accident and they discovered stage 3 cancer and having a home built in Thailand caused a lot of uncertainty. Luckily my investments in Tesla pushed me back to financial freedom LOL. In Musk we trust! i had over 10,000% return on my investments. I'm waiting to see the new score after the last lates are deleted https://imgur.com/a/rqrk6iN
  4. Yes would like to see a updated testing do you think some other board members would be interesting in retrying? We done it before long time ago with fico 04
  5. Now I will be on a 100% clean slate. my last late payment was incorrectly placed as late 30 and 30 days late on october and november of 2015. They kept giving me a run around and how it was reporting accurately. Then I blanket emailed every officer email I could find about the case, and a standard "it is reporting accurately" response came in the mail. Then I called them stating that I did talk to an attorney, and this was in fact have been reported incorrectly with both my payment records from my bank and theirs. I also stated if I had to I will file suit with my attorney and file complaints across all channels if needed. I did admitted fault on being late on October's payment, but I didn't find it fair that even if they correct the mistake. That I have lived 5 years with a ding on my report due to their mistake they refused to fix. Even if it falls off less than 2 years from my report it has cause irreparable damage and has lead to getting higher rate on my credit cards and loans for the past 5 years. I don't think it's much to ask to remove both due to the timing and circumstance. a week later they called me today and stated that everything will be removed with a email confirmation. Now my credit will be getting a decent jump I hope even though it's already pretty high
  6. I'm not too sure, i've tried that in the past and i always yielded better results with 2%. hit 826 doing this on Fico04 with $2 I was at 796
  7. do you still get approved if you freeze 2 /3? lol
  8. Why chat is the best person to talk to about medical collections. He said do not pay then that means don't pay it's a scam.
  9. 2% is optimal not $2 if you have $500 limit you want it to report $10 if you have $10,000 you want $200 so on
  10. I'm looking into Citi Diamond business, Navy Federal business, or US Bank business transfer credit cards. I have 45k limit on my Chase Ink, and looking to transfer to lower the interest rate for a while. I can pay it off at anytime, but right now averaging 8% + a month on my investments currently, so it doesn't really make sense to pay it off now. I guess I could always pay half of it off and carry the balance on the other half on a transfer. Just wanted to know which of those cards are likely to approve a 20-50k balance transfer card. I have about 150k income in 2020, and 0 debt on my personal credit cards (which i'm going to get back to 2% to optimize) and $700 car payment and no mortgage or rent payments. So I think it's probably not going to be too hard to get but just looking for options out there. Or if you guys have anything else in mind. I also have a recently increased 30k limit on my personal Navy Federal Platinum card with 5.99% so I may also go this route potentially since they do not have a balance transfer fee, where Citi would charge 3-5% . I have a current citi offer for 0.99% but it has a 5% balance transfer fee to my current card, but my Navy has no balance transfer fee so it makes little sense to use Citi, unless I plan to go the full 12-18 months of the transfer term.
  11. I have a $45k+ Chase Ink business card, so does this mean it shouldn't report the limit if I apply for another business card on my business credit?
  12. there's also a way to get in if you're a contributing member of a household and can be sponsered in by a current member
  13. The question is are you planning on coming back? if not as long as you don't have US based bank accounts or investment accounts, nothing they can really do unless you work for an American company that gets paychecks from the states. They may try to place a lien on your cheap old car which i doubt is a huge worry. So you should be safe, not much they can do for credit card debt. It's not like Korea where they literally come and take your household items. The court cannot force you to pay credit card debt if you're living overseas, but creditors can go after any money you leave behind in a checking, savings, or investment account. And if you continue working for a U.S.-based employer, they can garnish your wages.
  14. yep it was capital one, and neither is credit one listed on the credit reports. Only Macy's and TJMaxx lol my mom is a compulsive apper for 10% savings -_-; now I got mad and her and now she only apps for good cars that gets her tons of bonuses
  15. $151 collection account off my mothers account. I called in and stated that my mom really has nothing off capital one on her account which is mentioned as original creditor. My mother had no capital one account or even being reported on her credit history. Just talked to them not admitting to debt and just stated we wanted it off. They agreed to a $42 settlement and got confirmation that they would be deleting the account. Sure I could have done a DV etc, but my parents are looking to refinance the home sooner than later, so the $42 wasn't a huge deal. Seems like LVNV is open to negotiating. just a heads up.
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