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  1. Me too! It may not work out entirely but at least they are willing to see if different options work.
  2. Hi All, Thank you so much for your responses! I have sat down with three mortgage companies and have had interesting feedback. One of the three is willing to help me with a plan of sorts, the other two only suggest credit repair agencies. I'm working with the willing mortage company to see what I can do and will wait it out to see. I'm hopeful but realistic. Super appreciative!
  3. Ok, a bit of a long winded post but I would love any advice/suggestions. Ultimately, my goal is to boost my FICO score to qualify for a mortgage. FICO 5,4,&2 is currently 589 EQ/534 TU/556 EX according to MyFICO FICO 8 is currently 604 EQ/618 TU/587 EX *I made some poor choices about two years ago and really damaged my credit. I am pulling up my big girl undies and conquering this once and for all Here's my scenario: I recently sold my very first home that I purchased. I am paying off my debt with my proceeds. This includes five collection accounts that total approx $15k. This is a must. I moving to a new state and REALLY want to buy another home and avoid renting. I am also going to pay off the remaining items on my credit that total $24k - these are all negative accounts that have not appeared as collections YET I paid off all my credit cards that are reflecting as positive on my credit, with the most recent one paid off today so it's not reflected in my above scores. I will charge very little going forward (gas, and then pay off etc) Will this impact my scores enough to qualify? Should I also pay off my student loans ($16k) and/or my car loan ($16k)? As for other items that I could possibly do that may or may not make a dent: Dispute Affirm on my EX credit report - it's not showing on the other two Dispute two accounts from original creditors that are paid off. Showing on all 3 bureaus, will this make a difference or wait? Discover is paid off and showing as paid as agreed but with significant lates, I'm thinking I cannot do anything about this. On positive items, I have a few lates. Would it be worth sending a letter? These are Honda (1 late), Chase Freedom (1 late), Chase Slate (1 late), Chase Rapid Rewards (1 late). All lates happened in later 2019. So the big question is can I make the score bump to where I need it by the end of 2021? Or do I have pie in the sky dreams? I'm highly motivated and want to make my mistakes right (and never repeat). The lender recommended I go through a credit repair company but that has never panned out for me and I usually do a better job myself (thanks to Credit Boards really). Thank you so much! If this should be posted in another section, please let me know. soverb
  4. Hello all! I've been a member for a few years but never really posted. This forum has been a life saver and has helped me to clean up quite a bit of my credit. I started here a few year's back when my student loans went into default and I royally screwed up my credit. I sadly had never really been serious about my credit and never really paid attention to my APRs or anything. This has all changed dramatically in the last few years. I rehabbed my student loans and cleaned up my credit from approximately a 570 FICO to currently a 696 (myfico). I bought my first house in 2012 and I am continuing to try to make better credit decisions. This year I hope to break the 700s and clean up my weird collection of store credit cards and low limit cards. Thanks to everyone for posting their success stories and advice, it makes all the difference in the world. Onward and upward!
  5. I found the website during a google search on student loan rehab. It's been such a great resource! Long time registered person, first time poster
  6. How long did it take to reflect on your credit report from the time you made the last payment? I'm about to make my last payment and I'm nervous about how long it will take to show up on mine.
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